5 Best FTP Clients For Bloggers – 2022

In this post we will show you our Top 5 best FTP client software for bloggers. The products we have listed have been tested by myself over the years, and I truly do recommend them.

A file transfer protocol (FTP) client is a must for anyone who works on websites or runs a server. An FTP client is also useful for fast downloads and is a convenient way to update files without having to directly log in to the server.

There are many different choices when it comes to clients, and finding the perfect fit can be challenging. Whether a user decides on freeware or shareware is a matter of personal choice and needs. Freeware is free to download and use without a license or a fee. Shareware requires a payment but offers a trial version before purchase. The following list outlines the five most popular and best FTP clients on Windows, Mac and cross-platform.

The Top 5 Best FTP Clients


filezilla best ftp client for bloggers

FileZilla is an open-source, cross-platform FTP client that runs on Mac, Windows and Linux. Available for free, the client is very easy to use and is often the choice for those who are just starting out with FTP.

It is fast and packed with features, such as secure transfer and remote file editing. FileZilla is also stable, reliable and constantly releasing new versions, which are provided through a message inside the program. The client is available in a portable version that can run on a thumb drive and may be used on Windows to build a home FTP server. FileZilla is the most complete free FTP client.


This FTP client is unique because it runs in the Firefox browser rather than being a desktop program. While this provides convenience for the user, it does have a drawback.
FireFTP best ftp client for bloggers
It doesn’t have as many features as other clients, such as encryption or folder syncing. It works best when used as a simple way to download and upload files.

Those who use Firefox will appreciate the familiarity of the interface and the flexibility to run it on any platform that supports the browser. FireFTP is free and can be used as a portable program. The client is available as an add-on from Mozilla.org.


For those using a Mac computer, CyberDuck is a free and open-source client. It supports all the usual protocols plus Amazon S3 and WebDAV. Many of the client’s features are Mac-centric, including Growl notifications and Quick Look.
CyberDuck Best FTP Client for bloggers
Cyberduck allows for remote file editing, which is a must-have feature in any FTP client. Cyberduck was built exclusively for the Mac platform, ensuring it will perform flawlessly. Users who aren’t satisfied with FileZilla or do not want to pay for a client will find Cyberduck fits the bill perfectly with its speed, versatility and security.


Transmit is another Mac FTP client that is fully loaded for power users. It is capable of all the standard and secure protocols and provides folder syncing between the local and remote servers. Like Cyberduck, Transmit has several features that can only be used on a Mac. Such features like a widget on the Dashboard, droplets for drag-and-drop upload, support for Automator, inline previewing and .Mac bookmark synchronization. Transmit also has the ability to conduct transfers between servers through the use of tabs. This client is so feature-rich, it is well worth the $30 price, although it does not come in a portable version.


WinSCP, which is also referred to as Windows Secure Copy, is a free client that is open source. It supports the SCP and SCTP protocols, which allows for safe, secure transfer.

The client is extremely lightweight and easy on system resources, which is very important for older or underpowered computers. It also allows for the editing of remote files, making website updates quick and simple. WinSCP will open remote files in the local text editor for easy updates that are automatically uploaded to the server after each save. This client has a portable version and comes with synchronized browsing.

While the top five FTP programs listed above will provide an excellent experience for the majority of users, other clients are worthy of consideration. Smart FTP for Windows, which costs $59 for the pro version, offers the ability to sync files with Google Drive, while Cute FTP allows file sharing between a computer, smartphones and tablet. FlashFXP is a no-frills Windows client that offers lighweight transfer in nearly every language.

The WS_FTP program is a sophisticated solution for power users, with built-in encryption and government-level compliance for security.

Individuals and businesses alike are building thousands of websites every day, many through the use of FTP clients. While some appreciate affordability and ease of use, others may require high security or other important features to complete their projects.

What it comes down to is convenience and how the features of each client fit a particular workflow. There are many choices for an FTP client and a perfect solution for every person and every job.

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  1. Good list, but unless you absolutely need something free, I personally recommend against Filezilla. WebDrive would also be a good addition to this list. Price is more reasonable than some (like SmartFTP) and like you mentioned above, Webdrive actually offers strong security AND ease of use, so you don’t have to pick just one.

  2. A good list of FTP clients. However, I think FTP clients are definitely losing ground to other options such as web rtc. This is likely due to issues of security and speed. Businesses and confidential doc related transfers also tend to seek out other solutions. For work related large file transfers I’d take a look at Innorix DS.


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