I’m Hiring a Freelance Reviewer


I am looking for an experienced web designer to write reviews for this website. Pay is $65 per hour.

There are (literally) hundreds of website builders, web hosting providers and themes. We write in-depth reviews of them. Those reviews help thousands of people every month choose the best way to start a website.
Your experience of web design will be critical to writing reviews. See my comparison of Shopify to get a sense of how important that is to the reviews I publish here.
To apply send a short (less than 200 words), informal email introduction to hello@makeawebsitehub.com. In your email try to talk about what makes a great digital product (without using the phrases easy to use or intuitive). Be sure to include any relevant background you have (especially if it’s a background in WordPress development or design).
This website currently receives over 400,000 visitors per month so it is a great opportunity to build your writing profile and personal brand.
I look forward to hearing from you!