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UPDATE:  15th February 2018

In today’s world of known privacy invasions, unwanted snooping, and heightened online security risks it is important to take the right steps to protect yourself. One of the simplest and most effective ways you can do so is by using a virtual private network.

A VPN is a simple tool that is used to mask your IP address so that you can surf the web in a private manner without having to worry about anyone collecting your data. A good VPN will also serve as an added layer of security from hackers and unsafe connections.

Choosing an affordable, smart, and effective solution for your online privacy needs can be a challenging task. That is where IPVanish comes in. IPVanish is a VPN service that focuses on securing your connection through private networks while not breaking your bank. Below you will learn about why IPVanish is a top choice for anyone looking for a new VPN provider.

Overall Rating of IPVanish

Let’s take a look at some of the key features that have made NordVPN a top VPN service provider.



IPVanish guarantees consistent up-time levels of no less than 99%.



9.5/10 for support and assistance. Excellent levels of support.



Very good compatibility with most platforms, features and plugins.

Features and Benefits of IPVanish

Zero Logs

Logging is a huge problem that every VPN user faces. In fact, getting around internet service provider logging is a big reason that many people choose to use a VPN in the first place.

Some virtual private networks will keep logs because the country that they are based in requires them to do so under that particular nation’s laws. This is not inherently a bad thing. Every country is facing a different set of challenges. Keeping logs of connections can be useful to fight the growing threat of global hacker groups or to monitor extremists who wish to do harm to a country.

However, connection logs can also be used to limit your personal freedoms when they are saved and shared with little to no oversight. For better privacy it is a great rule of thumb to choose a provider that does not keep logs.

IPVanish states that it does not keep any logs of user activity on their servers. In theory this means that your connections and what sites you choose to visit will not be saved to any physical location while using IPVanish. This maximizes your absolute right to privacy.

Remember that if a VPN provider keeps logs it is not the ideal choice!

Encryption Is King

It almost goes without saying that encryption is as important to a good VPN as air is to breathing. Without the proper encryption your data is open to whoever chooses to snoop. The fact that you are using a VPN would make little to no difference if someone wanted to steal your data.

The modern world faces a plethora of cybersecurity challenges. Encryption is a standard that looks to battle those challenges. It ensures that data is kept behind impenetrable walls in order to protect the end user and their information from unwanted eyes.

By default IPVanish uses 256-bit AES encryption. This encryption protocol is the leading standard that is used by governments around the world. Your connection will be near impossible to hack while flowing safely through the AES encrypted tunnels.

If you do business, banking, shopping, or any other sort of online financial transactions a strong VPN will guarantee that your data is safe. This also holds true for those who deal with sensitive information through email.

For a non-business user strong encryption should still be the standard that you look for and use when making a connection at home, at a cafe, or in a hotel. You never know who you are keeping out. That is why is is wise to encrypt your data by default. IPVanish will do so thus leaving your free to surf the web without fear of data being stolen.

Server Choices

A good VPN company will host many different servers in many different locations around the world. This is another area where IPVanish succeeds.

IPVanish owns servers in over 60 countries. No matter where you are you can use a connection in a location that is best for you. Sitting in Berlin but want to stream your favorite show in English? No problem. Fire up IPVanish, find an appropriate server, connect, and you are ready to enjoy your streaming.

If you happen to be in an area that favors censorship or geoblocking IPVanish will allow you to circumvent this because they offer over 1000 private servers for you to choose from, thus eliminating the need to stay locked out of sites that are otherwise open to everyone else.

It is good to remember that having tons of server options by itself does not guarantee privacy by default. Look at where the servers are located. IPVanish has options in countries with a varied take on privacy. Remember to choose the server that favors your operational security threat model before connecting.

Why Choose IPVanish

The most obvious upsides to using IPVanish are that it does not keep logs, has plenty of server options to choose from, boasts little to no down time, offers secure encryption, has great pricing tiers, and provides you with great customer service.

IPVanish also boasts to never limit P2P traffic. This means that your torrenting will not be limited at any point no matter the amount of data that is being transferred on your end. This makes IPVanish a great choice if you do a high amount of peer-to-peer sharing.

With IPVanish can have five simultaneous connections running at once when using IPVanish. This will keep all of your devices connected and secure at the same time.

You can find clients for almost any platform. IPVanish will work on Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire TV, Windows Phone, Linux, Chromebook, and on routers. Having a wide range of platforms is key because you never want to be limited because of the device that you choose to use. IPVanish will ensure that no matter the device you will be covered.

Customer service reviews are good across the board. Quick response times, helpful answers, and availability in particular are highlights of IPVanish customer support. Help can be found 24/7 through their support page. This is great if you are an active VPN user and you come across an issue. Included in the support resources are frequently asked questions, setup guides, troubleshooting, and email support.

Disadvantages (cons) of IPVanish

No VPN is perfect. There are always cons to consider when choosing any product. A VPN is not immune to criticism. On the contrary a VPN service should be looked at from all angles before it is considered as a viable choice.

US Based
IPVanish is based in the United States. For a certain amount of users this is not an ideal situation because the United States has invasive privacy laws and is a leading example of a government that is great at finding new ways to monitor citizens’ online habits. Some companies – while stating that they do not keep logs on their servers – might be doing so if they are based in the United States. This is a risk that comes with choosing a VPN company that is based in the United States.

Keeping Logs?
IPVanish does state that they keep no logs, which if anything must be taken at face value. You as a user must make the decision to trust whatever company you choose to put your money behind. If you need the utmost privacy for your personal threat model IPVanish is more than likely not for you. Look for a service based in a country known for respecting privacy.

Be sure to check the privacy policy for yourself if you are concerned of any lack of data protection that a US-based company might grant you.


It is smart to consider pricing before going with any particular private network company, and IPVanish offers three different pricing options to maintain a reasonable position as a fairly priced option.

Paying per month will cost you $10.00 per month. Paying for three months at a time drops the per-month cost down to $8.99 while paying per year will drop the price even further to $6.49.

In the world of VPNs this pricing structure is about average while still being low enough to compete with other pricing models. This coupled with the fact that IPVanish an all-around great company will save you the time and trouble of trying out too many VPN services and wasting your money.

IPVanish Advantages

  • High number of locations
  • Great VPN performance
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Strong encryption leading to high-security levels
  • Torrenting is allowed on the VPN

IPVanish Disadvantages

  • Company Transparency
  • You can’t always access geo restricted content
  • The session logging policy is unclear
  • Company lacks transparency
  • High prices for monthly plans

Virtual private networks are becoming a standard utility in the modern era of whistleblowing, snooping government agencies, marketing gone wild, invasive social media, geo-restricted content, and the overall deterioration of online privacy. Self-censorship is happening more often, but it does not need to because there are easy ways to protect your rights. A VPN is a great start.

As liberty is being trampled you can take the simple step of subscribing to a trustworthy VPN service to regain that feeling of comfort that comes with knowing that you are private, secure, safe, and alone to do your business without someone looking over your proverbial shoulder at all times.

Take the initiative, do your research, and make the decision to put your privacy back under your control with IPVanish.

IPVanish VPN Review

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