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At we aim to provide our readers with web hosting reviews that are honest, valid, helpful and that supports you in your quest to find the best web host for your blog or website. We compare web hosting companies based on their speed, up-time, customer service, performance and price – but we know that there’s more to the story than just what we think.  To get the whole story we need you guys. Real-life experiences of customers who have signed up to web companies like Bluehost, Hostgator and Hostinger.

Here’s your chance to be heard – We need your side of the story

We want to know your experiences of these web hosting providers.

  • Are you getting an awesome service from your web host – or do you pull your hair out every month waiting on the phone for hours?
  • Have you got an unbelievable price for your hosting – or do you think you’ve overpaid for a inferior product?
  • Do you rate your web host – or are you counting down the days until your contract runs out?

We want to hear the good & bad. Don’t hold back!

The only thing we require is that your web hosting review is REAL!!!

Take a look at our list of web hosts below. If you have a web hosting account with any of these listed or have been a customer in the past, then we want to know about your experiences with these hosts. Take 5 or 10 minutes to write a review and send it over to us. If published we will send you $30!!!

Your review could help someone find the right hosting service and avoid the hassle and disappointment of choosing a bad host.

What should your review include?

Please write an honest account of your experience with any of the web hosts listed above. We want to know about the service you received when you signed up to the hosting provider, was the customer service helpful, what type of hosting plan you purchased, how much it cost, was it easy to set up, did you have trouble with their user dashboard etc etc..

You can write anything you want when it comes to your hosting review. It’s completely up to you. Keep it unique, valid, helpful and honest.

You will be credited and rewarded

If we publish your review, we will send you $30 via Paypal. We will also enter your review into the yearly prize for the best user web hosting review which has a cash prize of $250 (Winner will be announced on December 1st 2019)

You will also be credit for the review. Send in a photo ( optional ) along with your name and we’ll add it to the hosting review.

Share your review with us. Fill out the form and you could be getting $30 for your efforts!

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