What is an AdBlocker?

An ad blocker is a piece of software that’s designed to eliminate disruptive digital advertisements from the browsing experience. The software can come in a number of different forms. The most common are plugins and browser extensions.

The technology powering ad blockers has evolved significantly in the last decade. When they were first introduced, ad blockers prevented pop-up adverts. However, today the software is capable of video advertisements, interstitial pages, and banners that are displayed on websites.

As a website owner, ad blockers can limit potential income through ad revenue. Any banners you place on your website will be automatically blocked by users who have the software installed. Will fewer people seeing those ads, your AdSense revenue is affected.

One type of advertising that’s not affected by ad blockers is affiliate marketing. Ad blockers utilize complex filters that scan a website’s scripts to detect advertisements. With affiliate marketing, you’re integrating marketing techniques and purchase links directly into your content.

Affiliate marketing is not disruptive to your visitors. Instead, you’re providing high-value content and giving your visitors the opportunity to make a purchase if they are interested. With more and more Internet users choosing to adopt an ad blocker for browsing, affiliate marketing is becoming the go-to form of advertising.

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