What Is Base Rate?

In affiliate marketing, the base rate is how much money that is going to be paid to the affiliate each time they generate a conversion. Whether the required payable action is a click-through, purchase, or lead generation, the base rate is the bare minimum that the affiliate will be rewarded.

The base rate can be set by the affiliate, affiliate network, or advertiser. In most cases, the affiliate network and advertiser will work together to determine a suitable base rate based on many different factors. It’s usually only seasoned affiliates with solid track-records of success that can choose their own base rate.

It’s important that you don’t confuse the base rate with the commission rate. They’re very similar, but the commission rate may also include bonuses and incentives for high-performing affiliates. The base rate is the guaranteed minimum commission that the affiliate will earn from conversions. It doesn’t include any extras.

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