What is Black Hat?

A term used for unethical SEO practices. Any type of unethical SEO practices can be classified as “black hat.” Some examples of black hat practices include keyword stacking, keyword stuffing, using keywords unrelate to a product or spammy blogging techniques. These types of practices could result in negative rankings from Google and other search providers.

The goal of any affiliate marketer is to produce conversions and earn commissions. However, to achieve that goal, they must have an audience who is willing to click on their affiliate link. There are many ways to generate traffic. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is one of the most popular.

SEO involves crafting content that performs better in search engine result pages for relevant queries. While there are plenty of effective SEO techniques that are honest and effective, there are also unethical methods. These unethical practices are deemed to be “black hat” techniques.

Essentially, black hat techniques trick search engines into thinking that the website has something to offer people who are searching for a specific type of content. Black hat practices include keyword stuffing, using unrelated keywords, and spamming content to make it appear higher up on search engine rankings.

Black hat SEO techniques should be avoided. Not only do they make the website look dishonest and shady, but most search engines strictly forbid them. Using black hat practices can actually have a negative effect on a website. Some of the worst offenders can be blacklisted, preventing the site from showing up on result pages at all.

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