What is Branded Sign-Up?

Branded sign-ups are a unique form of marketing where the advertiser does most of the work. In affiliate marketing, advertisers will usually only provide an affiliate link. They may also provide some of their own marketing materials to supplement the link. Aside from that, the affiliate is responsible for creating content that promotes their product or service.

With a branded sign-up, advertisers are the ones who are creating content. The affiliate will then publish this content on their website. A branded sign-up can be one of many different things. It may be a blog post, interactive media, and more. Typically, it’s an application that’s meant to generate leads. The application might include a form where users can input their personal information. Whatever the case may be, advertisers design the content so that it doesn’t look like an obvious advertisement.

The point of a branded sign-up is to generate more leads by using the reputation and credibility that the affiliate already has. Advertisers will pay affiliates for publishing the content and may even provide commissions for every form that’s filled out.

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