What is Beta?

Beta is a term that’s used by companies that are offering a product or service. It’s most commonly used with software and digital media. It refers to a very specific testing phase. The beta version of a product or service is almost finished and ready for the final release. However, there may be kinks to iron out.

So, companies will offer the beta version of the product to a group of customers. Depending on the product, the beta version may be available to a very small group or open to all customers. Either way, the goal of offering the beta version is to get feedback. In many cases, customers don’t pay for the beta release. In exchange, they provide honest feedback about using the product or service.

During the beta testing phase, companies may make small changes to their product or service. Releasing it to customers in the real world gives the company a chance to fine-tune the user experience. They may find that the product is ready for a full release or they might go back to the drawing board. It all depends on how the beta release does.

In the world of affiliate marketing, beta programs are available. Many companies who aren’t used to offering affiliate programs may test the waters with a small group of affiliates before they open the program up to others.

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