An Introduction to A/B and Multivariate Testing

It’s hard to admit we’re not always right. It’s sometimes difficult to be honest with ourselves and realise our years or even decades of knowledge and experience still has the potential to bring about decisions that don’t work in our favor, or indeed, the customer’s favor. As a result, as digital marketers, as web designers … Read more

How to use GTMetrix to Speed up Your Website

Consider for a moment the last time you were browsing around online and encountered a slow website. What kind of reaction did you have? You probably experienced mild irritation – and promptly clicked “back” to continue your search for answers elsewhere. The load speed for your website is one of the most important metrics for the success … Read more

The Best Resources to Learn Ruby

If creating web apps is your kind of thing, then the best language to learn is Ruby, and its partner Rails. Ruby has been used to make very popular web apps such as Hulu, Groupon, and AirBNB, and as luck would have it, it is a rather easy programming language to learn. In fact, it … Read more

The Best Resources For Learning Python

If you want to learn an easy programming language, which is in high demand by employers, then you can do no wrong with Python. Knowledge of Python can potentially get you a gig at Intel, Amazon, Dell, Google, and LucasFilm (makers of Star Wars). A lot of well known apps were made by Python. Examples … Read more

The Best Resources For Learning PHP

PHP is perhaps not one of the sexiest programming languages that someone might rush to learn, but it still has one big claim to fame. It is the programming language upon which the blogging software WordPress was constructed. WordPress powers 5% of the sites on the Internet, as well as supporting HTML5 and CSS. So you … Read more

The Best Resources For Learning Java

These days, if you want to be in demand in the job market, it pays to know how to code. Some people find it as easy as riding a bike, while others struggle with it. But if you are determined to learn, there is an abundance of free resources online if you know where to … Read more

An Introduction to Frontend Frameworks

Frontend frameworks have seemingly taken the Web development world by storm in recent years. Anybody operating as a Web developer, designer, programmer or architect, especially those new to this game and even more so those just working Web design as a hobby rather than a full time role, will know all too well the pace … Read more

The Best Resources For Learning C++

C++ is rather a difficult language to learn, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it becomes a rather impressive qualification to boast about at job interviews. C++ is used for anything from search engines to operating systems to video games, and is compatible across the major smartphone platforms. And you can be sure … Read more

Codecademy review


Codecademy is an education company devoted to creating the best environment for the online education experience of the future. Rejecting the efforts of some companies to improve education by “disrupting” it and bringing everything online, Codecademy claims to be rethinking education from the bottom up, taking cues from the real world. Codecademy is free and … Read more

Udemy Review


Udemy is one of the larger private online course providers. They have managed to aggregate and educate 6 million students over the past several years, proving that their system and philosophy is worthwhile to their clients. With over 25 thousand courses available to site visitors, there is also no shortage of subject matter for those … Read more Review

If you’re interested in learning to code and want a helpful resource that can teach you all about JavaScript, PHP, CSS, and much more, then may be just what you’ve been looking for. As PCMag’s Editors’ Choice for online learning, online developer training doesn’t get much better than Established in 1995 by Bruce … Read more

Learning to Code – Team Treehouse Review

Team Treehouse is a fairly new entrant in the field of online coding skills courses. The goal of Team Treehouse is to provide a learning environment for people to learn about coding, with a focus on web development tools and languages. Team Treehouse is building connections to companies that are looking to hire developers and … Read more