Duda Website Builder Review

Building websites has come a long way since the dawn of the internet when you would have to learn HTML and CSS.

Today, many people are turning to website builders to save time without overspending when designing a website or portfolio of their own. Duda is a website builder that is optimal for both individuals as well as small businesses that are in need of a personalized website of their own or for one of their clients.

Using the Duda website builder is one way to get started with an online presence of your own even if you are unfamiliar with programming, coding, and designing yourself. Comparing the pricing, features, and even the drawbacks of Duda is one way to determine which website building solution is right for you and your website’s needs.

Easy to Use Drag-and-Drop Builder

One of the biggest appeals of the Duda website builder is its built-in drag-and-drop tools.

Avoid feeling confused and overwhelmed by traditional programming languages such as HTML, PHP, CSS, and even JavaScript with an all-in-one drag-and-drop website builder. Simply drag and drop elements of your website to rearrange them and save them in their designated spots, helping to save time while allowing you to focus on other facets of your brand’s online presence. Quickly copy your customized templates and develop new pages within seconds without the hassle of manually programming and formatting each new file individually.

If you do have experience with programming and coding and you want to integrate designs of your own, it is also possible to do so with the Duda website builder. Not only is it possible to implement your own coding, but it can be done within seconds and with a few clicks of the mouse. Customizing your website’s layout and design has never been easier or faster than with the Duda website builder.

Responsive Templates

Another major appeal that the Duda website builder offers is its responsive templates. Responsive website templates are essential when you want to maximize your online reach without alienating an entire prospective audience. Responsive templates will automatically readjust to the size of the user’s screen, whether they are browsing using their home computer, a smartphone, or even a tablet device. When a website is not responsive, it may not appear properly, causing users to leave or unable to properly navigate the content you have available.

In addition to an ever-growing template library, Duda also allows users the ability to save custom templates and layouts they have created. Create your very own template library using elements from premade templates along with snippets of your own code. Each template available from Duda is extremely versatile, allowing users the ability to change and update elements of the layout they have chosen as they see fit. Use Duda’s template library to determine which overall style and aesthetic are right for your business and brand’s online presence.

Navigation Style Variety

Choosing the optimal format for your website’s navigation is not always easy, as both vertical and horizontal navigation solutions work well for most sites. With the Duda website builder, take advantage of multiple navigation styles that fit with traditional web browsers, mobile phone browsers, and tablet devices. Test your website on various devices with Duda before launching your site live to the public.

Import Content

Duda offers a patented content importing tool that is unavailable with any other top website building competitor. With its content import tool, quickly import any content you have saved and uploaded to another website or blog platform of your choice. Importing written documents and online content has never been easier or quicker than with the Duda website builder. Simply choose which content you would like to import and direct it to its appropriate location to implement the information within seconds to your new Duda website.

Multilingual Solutions

Building a website in only one language can drastically impact your online reach and your ability to appeal to a much wider audience. With the Duda website builder, implement multiple languages to appeal to users from around the world, regardless of the origin country of your website and the purpose of your business or brand. Having multilingual solutions available at the touch of a button is a great way to broaden your horizons and reach millions of other users from different areas around the globe.

Duda Website Builder Pricing

When you are in search of a website builder that is optimal for you and the type of website(s) you intend to build, it is important to research packages and pricing. Not all website builders operate the same, as some charge much higher monthly rates than others while providing different features or unique services. With Duda, there are currently 3 plans available to choose from, with the option of contacting the company itself for a premium or fully-customized solution. Most custom solutions are used by individuals who are scaling their business or brand online and require additional resources to showcase their products, content, and information.

The three plans currently available from Duda include:

  • Basic: Duda’s Basic plan runs $14/month and allows one user and one website. The Basic plan also provides email support and allows up to 10 products in a user’s eCommerce shop.
  • Team: Duda’s Team plan will run you $22 a month, but will also implement your brand’s logo and color scheme throughout the admin panel of the platform. In addition to all of the features the Basic plan offers, Team plan members will also gain access to client and team management tools.
  • Agency: If you run a design agency or if you provide websites for clients, consider Duda’s Agency plan. The Agency plan will cost approximately $74 a month, but provides you with up to 8 websites that are hosted on the site itself. With the Agency plan, gain access to client and team management tools, priority support, and additional widget builders with robust API features. This plan is optimal for anyone interested in building a design agency or working with clients in need.

Duda Website Builder Features

Lets run through some of the key elements of the Duda Website builder:

Storage Space

Storing photos, graphics, and content can quickly take up space, especially if you intend to launch a media-heavy website with plenty of traffic. Storage space is imperative when you intend to share graphics, images, and other types of files with your visitors and target audience.

With Duda’s website builder, never worry again about your current storage space. Duda offers unlimited storage space for all users who are currently paying for a premium plan. Additionally, Duda currently offers unlimited bandwidth for all of its paid subscribers, preventing any issues from arising if you receive an unexpected spike in web traffic.

Data Backups

Duda provides users with the ability to back up their data each day and manually if desired. Each time you save or upload a new file to your Duda storage, your website is automatically saved and backed up. Worry less about the safety and security of your website and online presence with a reputable and trustworthy service such as Duda.


Blogs are available with the Duda website builder and only require one-click to get started. Once you add a blog element to your website, you can quickly add new content within seconds by importing content you have already generated or by drafting fresh new content to share with your visitors.

Unfortunately, while blogs are useful and a way to encourage online engagement, Duda’s website builder only allows Facebook integration for a commenting system. If you are interested in utilizing an alternative comment system for your website, it may not be possible with the Duda website builder. All users who wish to comment and share their thoughts on your blog must do so by logging into their own Facebook account via your website.

Contact Forms

Contact forms are extremely important for eCommerce websites and sites that wish to maintain communication with their followers and loyal customers. When you have a contact form on your website, you appear professional and reputable. Contact forms also show visitors that you are willing to listen and want to hear the feedback of your users.

Adding a contact form to the website you build with Duda is simple and only requires a click to get started. Rather than coding and formatting each individual contact form you want to implement on your website, choose from a wide variety of available customization options within the Duda website builder. Simply click to change and update the format and design of individual contact forms while adding your own subject lines and messaging boxes for users to complete.

eCommerce Integration

Having your very own eCommerce storefront is possible with the Duda website builder. The Duda website builder is compatible with Ecwid’s online shop module, which is readily available for all Duda users upon registering and paying for a service plan. The Ecwid online store currently allows basic members up to 10 products in their eCommerce shop. If you are in need of additional eCommerce products, it is also possible to upgrade your plan to 100 or even 2500 products, depending on your needs and the size of your online eCommerce store.

While it is possible to launch an eCommerce store immediately after launching your Duda website, it is not possible to utilize alternative eCommerce solutions. Currently, the only working eCommerce solution that is compatible with the Duda website builder is Ecwid’s online shop. Using tools such as WooCommerce (with WordPress) is not possible at the time with Duda’s website builder.

One-Click SSL Activation

An SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer certificate, informs users that a website is encrypted in safe by appearing as a lock icon in the upper left or righthand section of your browser’s URL bar. Without an SSL certificate in place, you run the risk of leaking or exposing personal and private data of your users to hackers and online thieves. Without an SSL certificate, you may also be held liable if the information that has been leaked is used illegally or inappropriately in any way. Ensuring your website has a valid and working SSL certificate is imperative before launching online, especially if you request personal information and password details from users.

Keeping your website safe, secured, and encrypted at all times is essential whether you are running a small eCommerce shop or if you have an international brand you want to scale. Duda currently offers a one-click SSL activation button, ensuring your website is encrypted while protecting the information and sensitive data from any of your users or customers.


The Duda website builder is SEO-ready, especially with its one-click SSL certificate installation feature. Websites that are properly coded, responsive, and properly formatted are much more optimized for search engines than those that have been put together on a whim. Using the Duda website builder, ensure each of your website’s pages are properly programmed and suitable for top search engines such as Google, DuckDuckGo, and Bing. Additionally, Duda promotes fast-loading pages, which is also extremely important when you want to boost your rankings within top search engines.

Data and Analytics

Keeping track of your website’s stats is imperative, whether you are promoting a personal portfolio website or if you have an eCommerce store that has just been launched. Duda currently offers a built-in analytic solution, allowing you to monitor incoming and recorded traffic at any time. Additionally, it is also possible for customers of Duda to utilize Google Analytics if they prefer to implement an existing data monitoring and tracking solution.

Monetization Capabilities

Do you want to make money from your website but you are unsure of where to begin? Duda’s website builder provides a monetization feature to all subscribers of the service. Duda allows users to integrate banners and other forms of advertising on their websites regardless of whether they choose to host individual banners or if they are interested in using a third-party ad system. Monetizing your website has never been easier than with the drag-and-drop tools provided by Duda.

Reseller Options

For anyone who has an interest in selling website builder platforms and hosting plans, Duda has a solution for you. Duda currently offers reseller options for individuals who want to showcase the website builder itself, or even for those who wish to build websites for clients using a branded platform.

Pros of Using Duda Website Builder

Before choosing a website builder that is right for you, it is important to conduct adequate research on all of your options. Comparing both the pros and cons of using the Duda website builder is one way to ensure you are making the right decision the next time you plan to build a website. Some of the pros and advantages of choosing the Duda website builder for your next website include:

  • Ease of Use: Duda’s website builder is extremely easy to use and its user interface works for both experienced designers and newcomers. Whether you have built websites in the past or if you are building a website for the first time, the Duda website builder delivers all of the tools necessary to get started immediately.
  • Personalized Templates and Themes: Duda’s vast and ever-expanding library of templates and themes is extremely appealing to customers who are unfamiliar with programming their own or those who simply want to get their website up and running in less time. Browse through hundreds of templates, edit various elements, and import your own content and coding for a truly customized website design. Save templates for later use or to quickly create a new page with the desired look on a whim.
  • Element Editor: Duda’s element editor makes editing and updating your website easy and simplistic. The element editor is available while selecting new templates, adding new blog content, and even implementing widgets you want to share on your website. Use the Duda element editor to make swift changes on your website without manually scrolling through all of the code that is currently in place.
  • Automatic Backups: Duda provides automatic backups for every website it hosts. Any time you create a new page, update a current page, or implement a new template, your website is automatically saved and backed up, protecting your hard work and data immediately. Never stress or worry over losing your work with Duda’s website builder.
  • Analytics: An analytic tool is available with the Duda website builder, making it easy to keep track on your visitor stats and website traffic. However, if you are seeking a more robust solution, it is also possible to integrate Google Analytics into your Duda website.
  • Support and FAQ: One of the biggest advantages of using Duda as your website builder and host is the support you are provided with immediately. A robust FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section is readily available to all users, registered or not. Additionally, Duda also provides chat, email, and telephone support for all users, regardless of the plan or package you have chosen for your website. Getting in touch with Duda only requires a few seconds, ensuring your website is tended to as quickly as possible.

Users also vouch for Duda’s customer service and support, which is extremely important when you are building and launching a website without prior experience.

Cons of Using Duda Website Builder

As always, it is also equally as important to review the drawbacks or cons of a website builder before choosing a solution and plan that is optimal for your needs. Some of the most notable cons of using the Duda website builder include:

  • Pricing/Packages: Unfortunately, one of the drawbacks of using Duda is its package pricing along with the limitations users have. The pricing for Duda is more expensive than alternative solutions on the market. Additionally, Duda restricts the number of websites each user is capable of building and hosting based on the package they have selected. If you are running a large-scale agency and need to host hundreds, if not thousands of websites, it is advisable to contact Duda directly to learn more about pricing options available for a custom plan you have in mind. If you are a single user looking for a simple website, Duda may be out of your price range with more affordable solutions available as an alternative option.
  • Blog Comments: Although Duda does allow users to create a blog section on their website with just a few clicks, there are limitations when it comes to receiving comments from users and loyal visitors. Currently, the only way for users to leave a comment or share their thoughts on a blog that is hosted by Duda is to do so with their Facebook account. Even if you have registered customers who browse your eCommerce website, they are required to leave a comment using their official Facebook account. If you are interested in expanding the ways that your users can interact with your blog and leave comments, Duda’s website builder may not be the right choice for you.
  • Lack of Newsletter Tools: Unlike many other website builders available, Duda does not currently provide users with an integrated newsletter tool. If you are interested in building a newsletter to gain followers and interested readers, it is not currently possible through the Duda website builder. While Duda does not include a newsletter tool itself, it does allow users the ability to implement a newsletter from a third-party, such as MailChimp. Consider the type of email marketing system you are in need of and determine its compatibility with Duda before choosing a Duda plan for your site.


Although Duda can rapidly become expensive as you scale your agency and take on new clients, it is one of the most versatile and robust website builders available on the market today. The Duda website builder is not only ideal for those without web development and design experience, but it is extremely beneficial for design agencies and corporations as well.

With the right website builder, you can craft websites, portfolios and digital portals that are sure to leave a lasting impression on your visitors and prospective customers.