Ecwid Review 2021
Adding E-Commerce
To Any Website

Written by Jamie Spencer – Updated 22nd August 2021

Have you at any point thought about whether you are utilizing the privilege web based business platform for offering products on the web?

Do you, some of the time, discover another service that is more useful and less expensive than what you’re utilizing now?

Beginning an independent venture is tied in with keeping your costs low, and finding an internet business platform to assist you with that is a large portion of the fight.

Shockingly, when you maintain an independent company site it regularly ends up dubious when you need to expedite another online business platform or even simply alter your web page by any stretch of imagination. Numerous arrangements intentionally make a closed framework, which is hard to move far from once you begin. Be that as it may, with a platform called Ecwid, you never again need to stress over this.

The whole objective of the organization, which began in 2009, is to rapidly and reasonably make an online store framework on your current website.

What is Ecwid?

Ecwid is essentially a shopping basket gadget that consolidates into any site with only a couple of lines of code. Utilizing Ecwid, you can offer products over various sites, informal organizations, and commercial centers, all while dealing with your growing online business domain from one simple administrator.

Brief Background of Ecwid

Ecwid’s beginnings reach back to 2000 when CEO Ruslan Fazlyev built up the first PHP online business stage, X-Cart. In any case, when Fazlyev understood that numerous dealers as of now had sites that they needed to adapt, he adopted another strategy and made the Ecwid module. Over the previous decade, Ecwid has developed to serve more than 1.5 million shippers in over 175 nations.

With new highlights discharged each month, its unmistakable that Ecwid is fast developing. In case you are thinking about adding a store to your flourishing site, or beginning an online store from scratch, Ecwid might be the e-trade arrangement that meets your requirements. You don’t need to make a radical new site. Simply execute Ecwid on any platform, blogging platform, CMS or interpersonal organization (in five minutes) and you are ready.

Ecwid Features

Ecwid gains ground in the market by obliging organizations that would prefer not to begin a pristine site. The essential element is that you can take your old site and rapidly incorporate the Ecwid framework inside a couple of minutes. You can likewise reflect the framework onto different sites in the event that you plan on offering somewhere else on the web. Deal with these locales from one place as opposed to exchanging between numerous dashboards. Any changes on one of the sites are automatically mirrored across all sites.

Another decent element is the ability to adjust between various gadgets. Offer in a hurry with your cell phone. This implies that you can go to a tradeshow to make a couple of offers and these deals are considered the backend of your site. Ecwid also includes upgrades, security and SSL-certificates that you never have to worry about since the platform does it for you. Additionally, the Ecwid platform will do server configuration and hosting for all its clients. All you need to take care of is selling; the platform will take care of all the rest.

As if that is not enough, Ecwid also features a responsive design to suit different types of gadgets that are visiting your site. Whether your users are using smartphones, tablets or desktop computers, they are guaranteed to have the perfect design that makes their experience smooth and increases the conversion rate. Ecwid has no transaction or set-up fees and you do not need a credit card to initialize the platform in your sites. At any stage of your business, Ecwid offers four plans. The platform will let you streamline your profits before you can opt to pay for the premium plans.

Visit Ecwid

Here are some specific features available in Ecwid depending on the plan you pick:

Sales Channels

• Sell your products Across Numerous Websites: Manage every site from one administrator.

• Social media Incorporation: Sell on a Facebook page, Instagram, and the sky is the limit from there. Note that a Facebook shop is no longer included as a major aspect of the free Ecwid membership for new clients.

• Commercial center Integrations: Current choices incorporate Amazon, Yahoo! Shopping, eBay, Google Shopping, PriceGrabber, Shopzilla, Nextag, and Yandex.Market.

• In-Person Selling: Use Ecwid together with Square, Clover, Vend, NCR Silver, or PayPal to acknowledge payments that have been made on a face to face basis.

• ShopApp: Create a self-marked application for your store for the two iOS and Android customers.

• Store Management

• Offer Digital Goods: Make beyond any doubt to indicate that your computerized items don’t require shipping.

• Item Options and Attributes: Create variations for your items, for example, sizes and hues.

• Stock Management: Track stock levels in your administrator.

• Request Management: Create, alter, and track orders.

• Advancements and Discounts: Set up special estimating, markdown codes, and volume rebates. A few rebates (e.g., Buy X, Get Y) require expansions.

• Relinquished Cart Recovery: Contact clients after they leave items in their carts to help complete deals. This element comes at a higher membership level on some contending trucks, so Ecwid scores some points here. The deserted cart saver device is accessible on the least expensive Ecwid plan, implying that you can profit from this helpful usefulness by just $15 every month. In contrast, you must be subscribed to the $29 ‘basic Shopify’ or advanced arrangement to gain admittance to a deserted cart saver.

• Portable Store Management App: Manage your administrator anyplace from your cell phone.

• Examination and Reporting: A straightforward revealing device comes in your dashboard, yet it updates with a paid Ecwid membership.

• Search engine optimization Tools: Customize meta information for your items and pages.

• Starter site option: This is a new and very promising feature in Ecwid that allows users to create a one-page site to feature your online store. You can also map this to your domain if you are on a paid plan.

• Ecwid is designed to integrate smoothly with all WordPress sites with the aid of a dedicated plugin.

Client Experience

• Language Capabilities: Your store naturally translates 50+ unique dialects in view of your clients’ program settings, and your control board is accessible in 20+ dialects. Ecwid eclipses the vast majority of its rivals on the interpretation front.

• Ongoing Shipping Rates: Ecwid utilizes your clients’ IP address and delivers to figure shipping costs with significant mail bearers, including UPS, USPS, FedEx, Australia Post, and Canada Post. Also, make customized dispatching tables, level rate delivery, and nearby pickup alternatives.

• Programmed Tax Calculations: Charge the right rate in view of where both you and your client are found.

• Checkout Options: Let your clients look at as visitors or make a record.

• Top pick Button: Give clients the alternative to “Top pick” things to monitor them later.

• Item Reviews: Customers can leave surveys and remarks with the expansion of an audit application, for example, Disqus.


Ecwid accompanies four plans, one of which is totally free. They showcase the free arrangement vigorously, and specify that numerous different stages drag you into a free preliminary, where you will inevitably need to pay. This is where Ecwid emerges stronger, and you can see that the other installment designs are genuinely reasonable

Each of the plans has different features, and according to the level of your business and budget, you could choose which one best suits your business needs. It is important to note that in all the plans, there is no transaction fee charged by Ecwid.

Free plan

The first plan comes free of charge. It does not offer much in terms of features, but it is a great place for small businesses to start. You should note that this is a free plan not a free trial, so you could change to the venture, business or unlimited plans whenever you feel it suits your business. This plan’s features include:

• Online store (sales channel)
• A mobile responsive shopping cart
• Unlimited bandwidth
• A free starter site
• Add store to any website
• Sell on multiple sites simultaneously
• Chat support
• Able to work on platforms such as, WordPress, Wix, Weebly, Squarespace, Joomla, Blogger, Adobe Muse, Tumblr, and more.

The Venture Plan

The monthly price of the venture plan is $15 but the monthly price can also be paid annually at $12.50.
In terms of sales channels, the plan features:

• Online store,
• Facebook Shop,
• Mobile Point-of-Sale, and
• Instagram store,

In mobile experience the venture plan on Ecwid offers:
• A shopping cart that is mobile responsive,
• iOS and Android store management app

The plan also has features such as;
• Unlimited bandwidth
• A free starter site
• Sell on multiple sites simultaneously
• Add store to any website
• Discount coupons
• Automated tax calculations
• Access to app market via extensions
• Inventory management
• Social media tools,
• Advanced SEO tools,
• Google shopping
• Facebook pixel
• It also includes chat support, and as many platforms as the starter plan.
• Up to 100 products support with 100MB size per file.

The Business Plan

This plan offers you advanced ecommerce solutions to help you expand your business. Ecwid charges $35 per month on the business plan, which can also be paid annually at $29.17 per month. On top of all the features offered by the free starter and venture plans, the business plan offers:

• Market places (sales channel)
• Abandoned cart saver
• Wholesale pricing groups
• eBay integration
• Product dimensions
• Create orders
• Staff accounts
(up to 2 on Business)
• Automated abandoned cart recovery
• It also supports chat and phone with free customization available on annual 2 hours basis)

In addition to all these features, the business plan supports all platforms just as the free and venture plans. The plan also supports a large storage for your files with a limit of 1GB per file and 2500 products.

The Unlimited Plan

This plan allows you to sell everything you can sell online, mobile and at retail. This is the highest plan in Ecweb’s four-plan offer. It features the most advanced qualities and is only charged at $99 per month, which can also be paid annually at $82.50 per month.

In addition to all the features listed for the three previous plans, the unlimited plan also offers:
• Point of sale (sales channel)
• Your own branded Android and iOS shopping app
• Up to 10 GB/ file size and an unlimited file storage for you
• Square POS integration only available in the U.K, U.S., Australia and Japan)
• Priority support, and
• 12 hours of free customization

The plan also supports all the platforms just as the previous plans.

Payment Options

With Ecwid, you can process MasterCard’s ‘out of the container’ utilizing PayPal, with no additional charge other than PayPal’s bonus. There are additionally 50+ ‘payment doors’ you can utilize (outsider apparatuses for preparing Visa payments. These incorporate Stripe, Sage, 2Checkout, Authorize.Net and numerous others). Other online store arrangements, for example, Shopify gives a few more choices in such fashion. However, the scope of payment integrations accessible with Ecwid is at the more extensive end of the range.

Keep in mind obviously that utilizing these payment entryways frequently implies paying a month to month expense. You may think that it’s best to begin with PayPal and include an installment portal down the line, if and when your volume of offers legitimizes it.

Ecwid and site improvement

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Ecwid is a truly clear issue. You can alter the Meta depiction of your page and its title; the applicable fields are pre-populated for you naturally, yet you can change them to suit your SEO goals. However, to the extent I can tell, you can’t physically change the URL of an item; you need to manage with the one that Ecwid produces for you. This isn’t perfect since catchphrases in URLs are utilized by some web crawlers to order content amid indexing. In any case, the URLs that are naturally created by Ecwid incorporate the title you’ve given to your item. This means that on the off chance that you incorporate a few catchphrases in your item title (not a terrible thought anyway), your URL will incorporate them as well. This fills in as something of a workaround, yet I’d lean toward full control over URLs.


In case you’re pondering adding a cart to a current site that doesn’t have one (with Ecwid or another truck module), you may need to up your security. Sites that fuse web based business require more security than sites that just deliver content, since you’re presently gathering touchy charge card data from clients.

Remember that there are a couple diverse ways Ecwid shopping baskets work, and this effects how wise buyers will see the security of your site all in all:

• Free Starter Site: Because you’re simply utilizing a one-page site from Ecwid that additionally capacities as your shopping basket, your whole site utilizes HTTPS and is shielded by a SSL testament from Ecwid.

• Incorporating Into An Existing Website: While the store segments of your site are secured by Ecwid’s SSL endorsement, you’ll likely need an SSL testament for whatever is left of your web page too. Check with your particular site-builder to discover how to gain one.

• Ecwid is additionally Level 1 PCI DSS consistent and utilizes Amazon Web Services for secure facilitating.

Positive Reviews

This is what clients like about Ecwid:

• Low Price: Compared with other shopping baskets, Ecwid is sensibly valued by most of the customers. The way that you can begin offering without contributing a penny is a noteworthy advantage.

• Simplicity of Setup: With a startup wizard and a natural dashboard, it’s anything but difficult to begin offering rapidly.

• Facebook Integration: Merchants love having the capacity to offer on Facebook; clients never need to leave your Facebook page.

• Multi-Lingual Capabilities: Don’t give a dialect boundary a chance to cost you a deal. Ecwid’s dialect capacities (which are accessible even with the free arrangement) outperform those of numerous other shopping baskets.

• Persistent Improvement: Ecwid consistently discharges new highlights, expansions, and updates.

• Some popular applications are missing from Ecwid’s run-down, however, I’m expecting that Ecwid halfway depends on the outside site manufacturers its customers use to help fill in holes.

Negative Reviews and Complaints

Ecwid clients for the most part don’t have a great deal to gripe about. However, the negative audits tend to center around the following factors:
• Inaccessibility of customer service: Personal client bolster by means of telephone and live talk is just accessible with paid plans. This is genuinely ordinary of most shopping baskets, yet it is yet a bummer to not have the capacity to bring in for help with the Venture plan.

• Restricted features on the free plan: There’s a reason that the free arrangement is free. You won’t approach rebate creation, stock administration, and other genuinely “essential” highlights. The free arrangement additionally restricts you to 10 items. Luckily, Ecwid’s paid plans are exceptionally reasonable and accompanied by numerous highlights.

• Trouble with SEO: previously, clients have pointed the finger at JavaScript documents for poor SEO rankings. That should no longer be a problem since Google locally files Ecwid store pages, yet clients are as yet rebuking those documents for their diminished activity.

Utilizing Ecwid with WordPress

WordPress clients may discover Ecwid an especially helpful method for offering items on the web. On account of WordPress, there is an Ecwid module accessible, so adding an Ecwid store to your WordPress site is exceptionally direct. You simply agree to sign up for an Ecwid raccount and afterward install the free plugin.

Options in contrast to Ecwid

In case you’re beginning an online store starting with no outside help, at that point you’re spoilt for choice; there are numerous stages accessible that enable you to fabricate an independent online store and the huge hitters incorporate Shopify, Bigcommerce, Volusion and Squarespace.

In any case, in case you want to integrate a store into a current site, of the previously mentioned, just Shopify will give you a chance to do this, by means of its Buy Button.

This works also to Ecwid in that you add a bit of code to your site to highlight Shopify items or accumulations on it; nonetheless, though Ecwid enables you to adequately put an entire, completely working store on a current site, Shopify’s offering is more simplistic.

With Ecwid, you’re getting a total store on your site (one which grants client account creation, item search, web-based social networking, sharing of items and so forth.); yet the Shopify ‘Purchase Button’ basically just encourages essential ‘add to cart’ and the checkout functionality.

WordPress clients may likewise be keen on taking a gander at Woocommerce to add an online store to their webpage.

Advantages and disadvantages of using Ecwid

• Ecwid speaks to an extremely basic approach to add online business to any current site.
• The store outlines are responsive.
• Purpose of-offer usefulness is accessible, and there are many approaches to execute it.
• The free arrangement is very liberal.
• It underpins multi-dialect adaptations of your store.
• Modules/applications are accessible for significant stages (like WordPress, Drupal and Wix).
• The ‘starter site’ choice is a decent stopgap measure for vendors who require a store rapidly, yet still can’t seem to build up a full site to add the Ecwid gadget to.

• The PayPal Here POS framework is constrained to the US and UK.
• The PayPal Here POS framework is constrained to iOS clients.
• Utilizing Ecwid is impressively more costly in the UK and EU than in the US.
• Telephone bolster is just accessible on the more costly plans.
• There is a set number of applications/reconciliations accessible in the Ecwid App store.
• You can’t change item URLs, which is somewhat irritating from a SEO perspective.
• The free form doesn’t give you a chance to get to any of the SEO apparatuses whatsoever.


In spite of the fact that Ecwid is maybe not perfect for large organizations, it’s perfect for littler “e-trade” organizations. Memberships are very moderate and the by and large the expectation to learn and adapt is little. You can begin with the cheapest plan named “Starter Site” for nothing in the event that you have 10 or less items to offer. At that point, in case you’re burrowing it, you generally have the alternative to keep the Starter Site setup everlastingly and just update Ecwid designs as you require more highlights and applications.

Then, even the free Ecwid plan enables you to connect your Ecwid store to the same number of different sites as you like. Simply know that when Ecwid says you can connect to “any webpage” on the free arrangement, they signify “typical” sites. Posting your Ecwid cart into the social networking platforms like Facebook or synchronizing with commercial stores like eBay requires a paid Ecwid membership.

Anyway, you have the option to keep your starter Ecwid store operational as long as you need while you build up an all-out site as an afterthought. The fundamental issue you’ll likely keep running into is the restricted free topics (there’s only one), and in addition the requirement for additional applications or CSS altering to roll out vast scale improvements to your store plan.

Then again, on the off chance that you as of now have a vibrant site with an expansive after and just need to start offering items, the Ecwid module is unquestionably justified regardless of a shot, particularly as opposed to beginning without any preparation with an across the board eCommerce site. I’d propose investigating what your current site builder offers as far as highlights and additional items and search for cover (or non-cover) with Ecwid’s contributions.

To put it plainly, I’m beginning to believe that Ecwid is extraordinary compared to other approaches to sell on the web, as long as you actualize the best strategies to enhance your deals online too. Ecwid is a smooth framework, with super simple execution steps, making it ideal for the independent companies.