Jimdo Review – 2022

Have you been delaying implementing your website idea due to a lack of time or fear of the complexity involved?

If so, then be informed that there are plenty of options available to assist you in the creation of your website from scratch.

You may have thought about adding several features to your site, but may not have the necessary budget to get it built by a professional website developer.

Also, you may find it a tedious task to identify the right website builder for your requirements.

In such a case, let us help you out by sharing an honest review of a popular site builder tool like Jimdo.

If you have been longing to have your own photography blog, a simple business website or even an online store to sell products from home, then Jimdo could potentially be your ideal tool!

The best part about Jimdo is that it is available as a free platform.

So, you can try it out for as long as you want and realise your dreams of having your own website.

You can read further to know if the costs involved for the paid plans are within your budget and whether this will give you all the required features of Jimdo.

Also, you will come to learn whether Jimdo can be used to build the best possible website, without writing any code.

In short, this article is aimed to provide you answers to all your queries related to the development of your website using a tool like Jimdo.

We will look at the Jimdo website builder features, its pros and cons, plans and pricing, and so on.

Jimdo Company Background

This company was founded just eight years ago in 2007, by Matthias Henze, Christian Springub and Fridtjof Detzner. Compared to some other popular site builders, this company has relatively less experience.

However, it has managed to successfully develop more than 15 million websites and that is quite an incredible achievement for a company that is only eight years old.

The company is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany. Also, it has other offices located in San Francisco (USA) and Tokyo (Japan).

Jimdo has expanded its reach globally with around 200 employees in a very short span of time. As a company, Jimdo offers free as well as premium web hosting services, along with its site building platform.

A small part of the company history also involves a liaison with 1&1 for the initial website builder.

However, they parted ways as Jimdo realised that the 1&1 team had different priorities in terms of the features for the website builder.

So, it is obvious for you to notice the similarities in the Jimdo site builder tool as well as the 1&1 MyWebsite tool.

Jimdo Customer Support

You can go through the various steps-wise articles listed on the Jimdo support page to help you get started, choose a template, register your domain name, set up your Jimdo online store and so on.

You can even check out the Jimdo FAQs section, where you will find answers to several common questions about Jimdo accounts, SEO, website design and more.

You even get access to the various video tutorials from the FAQs section and to some free live webinars to learn useful tips to handle the Jimdo site builder platform.

The Jimdo community forum is also quite comprehensive and you are likely to get useful suggestions from other Jimdo users.

If you are unable to find solutions for your queries or issues from the resources available online on the Jimdo website, you can contact their support staff using the contact form.

The Jimdo contact form is available for different categories, based on the plan or package that you have selected. Additionally, you can even contact the support team via social media, for example, Twitter.

Jimdo User Interface

This tool is extremely easy-to-use, even though it is not a pure drag-and-drop site builder.

The user-friendly interface allows you to place elements on your page as per the design of your choice.

You can start using this tool almost instantly, without having to spend the time to understand its interface for a few days.

If you are not someone who has the habit of using the preview feature for any editing work that you do, then you will like Jimdo’s simplicity.

This is because, with Jimdo’s easy interface, you are able to see how the actual site looks even when you are editing the site without the need to switch back and forth.


Jimdo Website Templates and Designs

Earlier, Jimdo offered limited templates for your site’s design. However, they have now added a large number of new layout options which can make your website look great.

The modernised themes are also likely to satisfy your desire for creative designs of your site. Also, it is quite good that Jimdo allows you to access its HTML and CSS editor to customise the look of your site.

So, if you know a bit of coding or have someone who loves playing around with a website’s code, then you can personalise your site as much as you want.

Jimdo keeps working on the feedback that users provide and thereby comes up with visual improvements for the design of your website.

A useful feature it has added in recent times is the availability of the full background slideshows for adding creative visual effects to your background image.

Similarly, another useful design feature is the full background video that can be played in the background of your website.

This is indeed a rare feature that you may not see among other top site builder tools.

Jimdo Website Editor

The site editor is relatively easy-to-use as you can add site elements or building blocks right onto the page that you want.

You can also add most of the popular content types, including text, galleries and Google Maps. The “Add Element” model that is seen while hovering over any section makes it really convenient to add content.

When you initially start using the editor, your site will be pre-loaded with some dummy content to give you an idea of what some of the elements will look like.

So, you get the chance to experiment with such content elements for your site.

Once you select the elements of your choice, you can move them around the page till you get the perfect look. The inline editor helps you modify these elements inline as well as modify the layout from a higher level.

This tool also gives you the freedom to change the general font size, actual fonts, and colours and so on. So, you can style the site till you are totally happy with the results.

Other Features of Jimdo Website Builder


Most of the templates offered by Jimdo are mobile responsive. Also, the Jimdo mobile editor makes sure that all the websites created using this tool are automatically converted to mobile-friendly sites. This means that your site pages will dynamically adjust to the varied screen sizes of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets.

So, you need not worry about creating a separate mobile version of your site for mobile users.

If this was not enough, you can even experiment with the CSS code of your site, if you like coding, and add some additional design or styling features, specifically for your mobile site.


If you want to add an online store to your website or if you want to have a small eCommerce website of your own, then you can completely rely on this tool.

It has a pretty comprehensive eCommerce platform that supports a variety of payment options. You get access to your own order management system with the ability to track product inventory, pre-set official email responses to your customers and so on.

There is also the possibility of generating discount voucher codes as well promoting your products and increasing sales.

You will also be able to bring certain categories of products to the forefront, if you wish to highlight them more for particular festivals or occasions. 


There is some amount of SEO done for all webpages designed using Jimdo.

However, with the paid plans, you get advanced SEO features for meta tags, image ALT tags and so on.

You can also exclude certain pages from search engines by using 301 redirects and thereby ensure that the overall site ranking is not impacted due to a couple of pages.

Jimdo Plans and Pricing

Jimdo offers a free plan and two paid plans. Some of the common features included in all three plans are listed below:

  • Automatic mobile optimisation for all sites
  • Website editor app (Android and iOS)
  • No transaction fees for online shopping transactions
  • PayPal integration
  • Unlimited bandwidth

We will now compare the distinctive features of these plans below:

  Storage Ads Number of Email Accounts Custom Domains XML Sitemap Number of Store Items Statistics Number of Password-Protected Areas
JimdoFree 500MB Yes None None No 5 No 1
JimdoPro 5GB No 1 1 Yes 15 Yes 5
JimdoBusiness Unlimited No 20 2 Yes Unlimited Yes Unlimited


Jimdo Website Builder Advantages

  • It is possible to design multi-lingual websites using this tool. It extends full support for about eight international languages at the moment.
  • You get access to Jimdo iOS app and Android app to build your website from scratch. Such a feature is very rarely available in any other popular site building tools.
  • Unlike Jimdo, not many website builders offer a free plan. Also, you do not require any credit card information to register for the free plan which you can continue to use for an unlimited period of time.

Jimdo Website Builder Disadvantages

  • The design templates offered by Jimdo are decent enough, but you may want to see a little more from a popular site builder.

Especially when you compare the great templates offered by its competitors, such as Weebly and Squarespace, Jimdo falls behind a bit in terms of its design layouts.

  • The Jimdo editor is very user-friendly, but you may get stuck at few places while adding elements for your blog or while editing the styles.

There is no clear guidance available to help first-time users’ deal with a few advanced functionalities in such cases.


The Jimdo site building tool offers you a comprehensive all-inclusive package with a domain name, hosting, blog, email account, site builder, online store, and so on.

You need not look elsewhere to build a simple website for personal or business use without having any programming knowledge. The user-friendliness and the free plan option from Jimdo make it a must try for you! Then, after you have used it, you can decide if it is apt for your site development needs.

We hope that the aforementioned review of the Jimdo site builder tool helps you to make an informed decision about Jimdo. Do you have any questions? Please feel free to leave your comments below and thanks for reading!