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Vistaprint Website Builder Review

[/vc_column_text][vc_separator type=”normal” down=”10px”][vc_column_text]Do you work for a business or do you perhaps own a business?


In either case, you are most likely to have heard about Vistaprint which provides high quality printing services. It is one of the rare companies that established the trend to get online printing of different materials related to businesses.


Well, Vistaprint is not just restricted to printing services and it even offers tools for website design and hosting.


Yes, that is right!


It is possible for you to create a website from scratch using the Vistaprint website builder tool without having any programming skills.


However, before you opt for it, you may want to know whether the website design and website building services offered by Vistaprint are as good as their printing services.


You will get an answer to such queries during the course of this article, which aims to provide you with an honest review of the Vistaprint website builder software.


One thing is sure which is that Vistaprint could serve as an ideal foil for your business as you can avail a variety of services at one place. You need not run after different companies or service providers to build your website, host it or get business material printing done.


In this article, we will take a look at the detailed features of the Vistaprint website builder, its pros and cons, various Vistaprint plans and their pricing, and more. The aim is to understand the utility of the Vistaprint website building tool.


Vistaprint Company Background


Vistaprint (now also known as Cimpress) was founded way back in 1995 by Robert Keane. The objective was to provide companies of all sizes with the opportunity to market them professionally by making use of their customised material printing services. The headquarters of Vistaprint are situated in Venlo, the Netherlands.


During the course of the last two decades, ever since its establishment, Vistaprint has managed to acquire several customisations and printing companies in different countries. They have often lived up to their claim of maximum customer satisfaction, which they believe is “absolutely guaranteed”.


The good thing about Vistaprint is that it did not stop after establishing itself as a leading player for professional quality printing services.


Vistaprint continued to expand its product and service offerings and thereby allows businesses to get more out of their offerings. This is where they came up with their website builder tool that we will review in detail in this article.


It is said that the Vistaprint website builder resembles the Web.com site builder tool, so we will also try to analyse the similarities and differences between these two website builders.


Vistaprint Customer Support


As Vistaprint has been in existence for more than two decades, they know a thing or two about keeping their customers satisfied. In this regard, they offer solid customer support for any technical issues you may face while using their site builder tool.


You can get in touch with the Vistaprint customer support staff via telephone or email. You will realise that their support team is proactive in getting your problems resolved quickly.


Additionally, you can browse through their online tutorials or resources and get valuable tips and guidance for using the site builder tool effectively.


Vistaprint User Interface


You will find that the Vistaprint site building software is easy to use. Things have been kept pretty simple so that you will find it really easy to navigate across this tool as you go about dragging and dropping the elements of your choice.


You also get your preferred choices since most of the elements and features can be placed by you at the suitable spot of your choice on the webpages that you design.


An important thing to note here is that Vistaprint allows you to create a website that matches the templates used for your business cards and similar stationary items.


As a business, it helps you maintain a consistent look across all your products as well as online. Thus, the user interface on offer is not only simple, but also quite smart.


Vistaprint Templates and Website Design


If you are someone who likes to have a variety of choices for website templates, then you will be left disappointed. The templates on offer by Vistaprint are far from impressive.


However, their editor is pretty simple and allows you to design your website without having to write any code. You can start off by selecting a template from the Vistaprint template library and then use its point-and-click interface to select the appropriate elements, such as images, text, and buttons and so on.


But, the editor is only suitable for non-technical people. If you are someone who likes to have some leeway to play around with the code (HTML or CSS), then you will disappointed to learn that you will not get the opportunity to do this with this site builder.


In other words, you are not allowed to access the HTML or CSS code of your website. So, even though it is extremely easy to design your website using the Vistaprint editor, you will not like the restrictions that are being imposed on you.


Other Features of Vistaprint


It is possible to start selling your products online by building or adding an online store to your business’s website. You get the shopping cart feature with the highest package of Vistaprint, which entitles your site visitors to carry out seamless purchases of products which you offer. The payment options available to your users are PayPal or Google checkout.


The majority of the plans allow a mobile version of your site to be created. So, you are likely to keep your visitors pleased since, in this age of the mobile revolution, most of them are likely to access your site from mobile devices, such as smartphones or tablets.


As a business, your aim should be to grow constantly and that is only possible if you get noticed by new people. With Vistaprint, you can make use of the Search Engine Optimiser which will make your site easy to find by potential customers in popular search engines.


If this is not enough, you also get detailed reports about the number of visitors your site gets and which pages of your site generate more traffic. Such statistics will help you plan better strategies to target more customers.


You will furthermore be glad to learn that this tool offers support for creating and maintaining blogs. So, you can have a separate blog created to enhance your business reputation or you may add a blog section to your existing website. With blogs, you can target your customers with interesting articles for reading.


All of these features are very basic and you may find you are better off with another site builder or building a website yourself with a platform such as WordPress.


Vistaprint Website Builder Plans and Pricing


This site building platform does not offer any free plans, but it gives you the option to select any one of its three paid plans or packages. With all these plans, you get the following common features:


  • Unlimited pages and bandwidth
  • Support for contact forms and maps
  • Ability to embed YouTube videos
  • One-month free trial period
  • Music player


Let us now compare the features and pricing of the three Vistaprint plans below:


  Price Email Addresses Site Activity Reports Number of Domain Pointers Other Features
Basic $5 per month 1 Basic 1 ·        Choice of basic web address that ends in .vpweb.com



Standard $18 per month 12 Premium (more detailed) 1 ·        Choice of premium web address that ends in .com, .net or .org

·        Submitted to search engines, for example, Google, Yahoo and Bing, for enhanced visibility and more traffic

·        Mobile landing page that resembles your desktop website to quickly provide contact information and directions to your site’s visitors using mobile devices

Premium $30 per month Unlimited Premium (more detailed) Unlimited The same as the Standard package, plus you get the following:

·        Shopping cart for an eCommerce store

·        Search Engine Optimisation

·        Social media marketing, for example, building effective Facebook business pages


Vistaprint Website Builder Advantages


  • You can use this site builder for a one-month free trial period. Such a large trial period helps you check out the features of this tool in extreme detail. If you are not happy with any of the features, you can cancel your package at any time during this period without paying a single penny.
  • You can create a unique and consistent look for your business by matching the templates for your website with that of the other business materials, such as business cards and brochures.
  • This site builder is very similar to the Web.com site building software. So, if you have previously used the Web.com site building tool, you will find it very easy to start using this tool.



Vistaprint Website Builder Disadvantages


  • Vistaprint does not have its own site builder tool. It has partnered with Web.com to offer you its site building services. However, you are never sure whether you would always be using the latest features of the Web.com site builder tool.


It completely depends on the partnership renewal terms between Vistaprint and Web.com. Otherwise, you may end up using an older version of the Web.com site builder tool, while direct users of Web.com use the latest version.


  • The basic features, such as mobile friendliness and eCommerce compatibility, are available only with the Vistaprint premium package. Most website builder tools (including Squarespace or Shopify) offer these features with every plan. It is likely that you would want these features and will get them only if you pay higher prices compared to the basic or standard packages on offer.
  • With Vistaprint, it is difficult to make global changes across the site. This means you need more time to make individual changes in the various webpages of your site.
  • You are not offered the complete freedom to customise the Vistaprint site templates. You cannot do a lot of formatting and the editor works only in certain areas of the webpage.




It is clear that Vistaprint offers you a comprehensive business solution with a website builder tool, hosting services and professional quality printing options. Also, the unlimited bandwidth that it offers can prove ideal for the growth of your business.


However, for the vast majority of professionals, this option may not be as attractive as some other website builders. At the same time, not all large-scale businesses may like the restrictive user interface and site customising abilities offered by the Vistaprint site builder tool.


For us this product is very inferior when compared to other solutions on the market such as Weebly or Sitebuilder.com.


We hope that the above Vistaprint site builder review proves beneficial to you and assists you in selecting a site building tool that meets your requirements.


Do you have any questions? Feel free to drop us a note below and thanks for reading!

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How does Vistaprint Rank?


16th out of 16 – Overall

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Wix (Best Overall)
Shopify (Best eCommerce)
Weebly (Best WYSIWYG)
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Why not give Vistaprint a go!

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