Weebly Site Builder Review 2017

Weebly Review Scores

Here’s how we scored Weebly’s web builder.


Thoughtfully designed, easy to use and a powerful web builder.

Themes - 90/100

Large variety of exceptionally designed themes.

FEATURES - 93/100

Weebly has loads of awesome features that set them apart from the rest of the competition.

SUPPORT - 90/100

Excellent support.

What is Weebly?

is one of the most popular website builders amongst people looking to start their own website, reportedly with 40 million users back in 2014. It is a very robust website builder, easy to use and aimed at business, professional or personal websites. Let’s get to know some short facts about Weebly:


  • Founded in 2007
  • Based in San Francisco, USA
  • Uses USA servers
  • Has 100 employees
  • Founded by David Rusenko (CEO), Chris Fanini (CTO) and Dan Veltri (COO)
  • Has four plans, charged monthly: Free ($0), Starter ($4), Pro (8$) and Business ($25). The free version features a small advertising link in the footer, but the subscription of any premium plan is sufficient to remove the link.
  • Available in Portuguese, English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Dutch, Chinese, Japanese, Polish, Turkish and Russian. In addition, has a specific tool that helps users creating a multilingual site.


Weebly is a platform that I personally have been using for over 4 years now and I just love it. Traditionally my skills in design, so as a designer this platform is perfect, as I can execute my concepts into beautiful reality fairly quickly. The great thing about Weebly is their understanding of peoples’ needs when it comes to creating websites and the thoughtfulness behind the product.
They understand that not everyone can code, or wants to code. This is what is special about this platform. You need no coding experience and can get your website live in a matter of hours. Ease of use coupled with power makes Weebly the best website builder on the market.



The Editor


Weebly is very stable, robust and its tools are extremely reliable. Their interface is fully packed with essential features to create a professional website. In the Editor, the user designs the site by dragging elements within a preset area (which means that the dragging is not entirely free) and dropping them within that area so that they automatically snap into the right place. Those elements can be text, images, galleries, slideshows, maps, forms, embedding codes and several other useful applications. The builder also allows you to edit  the HTML and CSS source codes of your website and pages.


weebly editor


The Editor is, relatively speaking, the weak point of Weebly. For those seeking “creative freedom”, Weebly may not be the best choice because, as stated above, the editor itself delimits spaces and organizes where in the elements may or may not line up.



Weebly Templates


There is a wide range of modern and well-designed templates to choose from. For those who have expertise in design and programming, Weebly allows for the editing of source code, making it easy to customize the template via CSS. Another positive thing is that a template can be changed any time, even if the site is ready and published. When choosing a template, a mobile version of it is automatically generated. The mobile version of the site can also be edited at any time. Here are some of my favourite Weebly Examples.


SEO, Adsense and Publicity


Title, keywords and meta descriptions are allowed and fully customizable, both in the general configuration of the site, as in each page individually. Weebly also allows the inclusion of codes in the site header and pages, which is a major benefit since as it makes possible for the user to add scripts or other external tools to Weebly, like as online chats, payment buttons, and so on. This allows also to monetize sites with publicity or Google Adsense blocks. A while ago, Weebly retained 50% of the generated Adsense revenue, but now the site owner gets all its revenue (100%).

This website builder does not have its own email marketing tool, but can be used along other marketing tools like Mailchimp, E-Goi, Aweber, and others.



Weebly App Center


This is what sets Weebly apart from other website builders. Their app center is just stunning!
This is the place that lets you install “apps” that add a cool new feature or functionality to your website, without the need to hard code it into your site. For example, Team Cards allows you to easily create a team page of your company and to showcase individuals in your organization. Or Schedulista allows visitors to your site to book appointments, which is handy if you own a service business such as beauty salons or dentists.


weebly app store


Widgets and Navigation


Weebly offers the possibility to directly add widgets to a site, like galleries, videos and music players, polls, forums, files, documents, flash and others. In terms of navigation, it provides unlimited levels of submenus, meaning that a menu can have several submenus.

The favicon of a site can be changed, but only for users subscribing a premium plan. Weebly has its own tool for statistics, but allows for the integration of Google Analytics.

Weebly features a very easy way of creating contact forms, forums (needs integration with Talki) and support for site and pages password protection, even though this latter feature is only available in paid plans.


E-commerce and Blog


Weebly provides a very complete e-commerce system, which is easy to configure and features SSL encryption. Payment methods are somewhat limited, though: Authorize.net, Stripe and Paypal, as well as major credit cards.

It also features a flexible and practical blog creator, with almost all the common features of a Content Managing System (CMS) – for example, comments from a moderator. The structure follows the same pattern of the major blogging platforms, like WordPress and Blogger.





This is a place where Weebly is really innovative: it has a very rare feature in site builders, which is allowing users to download their sites to be hosted on any server, if so they desire. There is also no storage or bandwidth limits in the premium plans, which is also a truly impressive feature. However, each individual file can be up to 10MB in the free plan, and up to 250mb in paid ones.



Weebly vs Others


If we compare Weebly with other builders Weebly with other builders, we have a technical draw, since Weebly has features that others lack, and vice versa. But Weebly really stands out for having better performance with editing the header codes and the possibility of migrating an entire site for any other hosting service.




Weebly is, without a doubt, one of the best website builders currently available, with a set of excellent tools that help users to create complete and professional websites. It features a modern editor and supports multiple languages, which is a very strong positive aspect of this builder.


However, users with limited technical skills or without any knowledge in web design and programming, Weebly may prove somewhat hard to work with. First, because it has a somewhat big learning curve (which is the time and effort to be held for a person to learn how to move in the editor). Nothing extremely hard, though, but it can really be an inconvenience for people with little to no coding knowledge or used to other builders.


Another positive aspect is the consumer support which, despite the fact that most users should not have any big problems when creating a website with Weebly, gives professional assistance very easily, that can be contacted via email or chat. Another way to get in touch is to post your question on the Facebook fanpage or via Twitter.


All and all, Weebly is great for creating simple websites with pleasant design and basic functions, portfolios and powerful online stores, making this a great choice for people looking for website builders & overall it comes out on top in many site builder comparisons




Weebly Features

  • Blogging

  • Excellent blogging platform. Drag and drop functionality and elements help you to create your own blog posts. You can use text, galleries, maps, videos, quotes and lots lots more. Just like WordPress, create categories, schedule posts to be published later and add featured images.

  • Form Builder

  • Very good form builder from Weebly. Lots of options available such as file uploads, check boxes, text boxes, addresses, dropdowns, emails and much more. Forms that are submitted are confirmed either with a message or redirecting the user to a confirmation URL. All forms & data are stored on a database as backup.

  • Ecommerce

  • Weebly over the past few years have drastically improved their Ecommerce capabilities by creating an exceptional online shop management solution, as well as designing some pretty amazing Ecommerce themes. You can now track your cash and manage your store with ease. With a single click you can track the health of your business and manage orders.

  • Newsletters

  • Weebly’s own newsletter system called Promote and it’s a huge part of Weebly’s overall website building, eCommerce and Marketing offering. Weebly’s email marketing is very comprehensive and includes lead capture, newsletter design and marketing automation. It is not possible to use a 3rd party newsletter provider like awebber or MailChimp. This is the only downside. You have to use Promote fully and exclusively.

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