Yola Web Builder Review

Do you like to have complete control over the way your website is being built or developed?


Do you hesitate to build the site yourself because you do not possess any coding knowledge?


If your answers to both these questions are “yes”, then a website builder tool like Yola is probably what you need!


It is a simple drag-and-drop website builder that empowers you to create a professional looking website in no time at all.


You can build a simple blog or a business website or even add an online store to your existing site using Yola. And all this is possible with just a few clicks to drag and drop the right kind of features that you plan to incorporate in your website.


You can also customize your site to your liking, get a custom domain or even avail the hosting services from Yola.


In this article, we give in-depth information about the Yola Company’s history, customer support, template designs and styles, various other features and pricing plans.


Our objective is to provide you with an honest review of Yola website builder.



Yola Company Background


This website builder company was founded in 2007 in Cape Town, South Africa, by Vinny Lingham and Brent Viljoen. So, it is a pretty young site builder and web hosting company.


Initially, it was named “SynthaSite” and was renamed “Yola” in 2009. It is headquartered in San Francisco, and the servers offered by Yola as part of its hosting services are situated in the US too.


It has grown in popularity because of its Yola site builder product which serves as an extremely easy-to-use drag-and-drop website builder tool. The tool is based on the use of plenty of widgets.


In fact, it allows you to incorporate widgets without requiring you to have knowledge of HTML. Yola also acts as a domain registrar along with offering you services to integrate e-commerce and blogging.


Thus, over a considerably short time span, Yola has built a strong array of reliable services. It has grown rapidly to be able to survive against tough competitors like Weebly, Wix and Web.com.


Yola Customer Support


Even though Yola is a pretty young company, it manages to offer high-quality customer support. In fact, it treats customer satisfaction as a top priority and offers all possible ways to quickly get in touch with their support staff.


You can avail their chat support, telephone support or email assistance services at any time of the day.


The Yola Help Centre is full of documentation and useful tutorials that will guide you while you go about making your own website. You can even try out their community forums for timely tips and noteworthy discussions.


The best part is that you need not to wait long before the Yola support team responds to any of your queries or issues. Of course, to get the quickest response, it is advisable to contact them via telephone or chat.



Designing Yola Webpages


Yola relies a lot on the use of widgets for building the webpages of your choice. These widgets comprise blocks of text, images, forms, videos and other powerful content, such as PayPal buttons or Google Maps.


The widgets are pretty flexible to use as you can adjust them to any part of your page even after you have dragged them. You can adjust the margins and you can group widgets within columns or containers. When you hover over a widget, you even get the option to modify complex content types.


For complex content types, like image galleries, you can edit the widgets in a modal view. It offers you multiple options to customise the look and feel of your site.


All in all, using the widgets is a piece of cake and does not require any kind of programming knowledge or expertise. You will be surprised to see how quickly your webpages can be constructed with the easy-to-use widgets offered by Yola.



Yola Themes and Customisation

You get a wide range of professionally designed themes to use as the base of your website. Once you select the theme of your choice, building the rest of the site is easy.


You can customise the style of your site as much as you want and Yola gives you the liberty to take complete control of the website that you are building.



Yola Editor

It provides you with a pretty unique horizontal bar editor at the top of your screen. With this, you get access to all the editor settings and even a sidebar with customising options for your site.


The sidebar provides options to customize just about everything, such as fonts, element colors, spacing, padding and button styling.


It even has something for you, if you love programming and have the required expertise. It enables you to easily edit images online or add JavaScript, HTML and sitewide CSS.



Other Yola Features 

You will definitely get the built-in responsive feature for your website so that it can be viewed with ease on the smaller screens of mobile phones and tablets. In addition, you are also offered with a specific mobile version of your website, which costs extra.


The online store feature for Yola is developed and maintained by an external company, Ecwid. You are entitled to get the shopping cart along with various payment gateway alternatives.


This enables you to start selling online by using the simple drag-and-drop functionality to place the online store widget on your existing site. It even allows you to start selling on Facebook.


One of the great features Yola has on offer is the SEO Scan. It easily crawls through your website’s content and gives scores on multiple aspects of the site in terms of search engine optimization.


So, you will have a good idea about your keyword density, meta descriptions, and broken links.


Certain Yola plans even allow you to publish your website to Facebook, which is probably the best place to promote your website among all the available social media options.



Yola Site Builder Plans and Pricing

Yola offers four pricing plans, one of which is absolutely free of charge. You can add the online store functionality to any of these plans at just $10 per month.


The following are some common features enabled for all the Yola packages:

  • Trustworthy hosting with 99.9% uptime
  • Google map integration
  • Password protection facility
  • Search engine friendly design
  • Tumblr blog application
  • One-click web publishing
  • Social sharing functionality along with embedding YouTube videos

The various features of the four Yola site builder packages are compared in the table below:




  Price Bandwidth Storage Free Custom Domain Number of Websites Number of Web pages Maximum File Size Yola Branding Email Support Mobile-ready Website SEO Scan
Free Free of Cost 1GB 1GB No 2 3 5MB Yes Standard No No
Bronze $4.17 per month (annual subscription) or $5.95 per month (monthly subscription) Unlimited 2GB Yes 5 Unlimited 5MB Yes Priority No No
Silver $8.33 per month (annual subscription) or $12.95 per month (monthly subscription) Unlimited 5GB Yes 25 Unlimited 100MB No Priority Yes No
Gold $16.66 per month (annual subscription) or $24.95 per month (monthly subscription) Unlimited Unlimited Yes 25 Unlimited 150MB No Priority Yes Yes


In addition to the above plans, you may also opt for the Yola Premier Service in order for Yola’s team to handle the complete development and design of your website.


You simply need to share your requirements with them and you will get your website ready. The pricing for this service starts at $499.95 and it entitles you to all the benefits of Yola Silver plan for a year.


Advantages of Yola

  • You can create your desired website for free with the Yola site builder. Once you are happy with the look and feel of the website, you can upgrade to any of the premium features of Yola, such as Yola Silver package, or get a custom domain.
  • It is possible for you to create websites without third-party advertisements with this tool. This ensures that your site visitors do not get irritated by any unwanted ads.
  • With Yola Premier you can leave all the headaches of creating your website to Yola’s highly qualified team of site developers or designers. So, if you have been delaying your site development due to lack of time, you can now avail this service from Yola.
  • The Yola Editor is strategically placed at the top of your screen and offers you all the customizing settings as a sidebar that pops out. This makes it easy for you to control the editing of your site from one place.
  • This site builder offers unique features, like SEO Scan and Facebook publishing. These prove to be useful in today’s age where search engine ranking and social media promotion are very important for the success of any professional website.
  • You can monetize your website as the widgets allow integration of codes for various advertising companies. For example, you can incorporate the code for the highly popular Google Adsense.
  • Yola offers a 30-day money back guarantee option for all its premium packages. This shows that they consider customer satisfaction as the highest priority and are fully confident in their services.


Disadvantages of Yola

  • It takes a lot of effort to make your site look like the preview as shown in the Yola site builder tool. In other words, the site themes are not designed appropriately to match the examples shown on the Yola site.
  • Even though you get plenty of options, as far as site designs are concerned, there are not enough attractive themes to satisfy your requirements for a complex website look. They are best suited for simple websites and blogs.



Yola is an ideal drag-and-drop website builder for simple websites, which can be designed without any coding.

It also offers plenty of unique features that could make life really easy for you as a website owner. The only glitch is the lack of great website themes, which may be necessary if your business plans to build a site on a grand scale.

So, do you use any website builder? Have you ever explored Yola or plan to use it? Do you have any questions for us? Please feel free to leave your comments below and thanks for reading!