.se Domain Name Extension

With cybercrime at an all-time high there are plenty of reasons to beef up website security. One way to help prevent becoming a cyber victim is to register a domain name using the .se top level domain (TLD) extension. To help you understand why you might want a .se domain name, we’ve compiled some questions and their answers.

What is a .se domain?

A .se domain utilizes the country code domain extension for Sweden. It was established along with the original country codes at the outset of DNS registration. Initially, this TLD was extremely restrictive and had some very strict requirements for registration. Prior to 2003, it was very difficult to register a .se domain name, even if you lived in Sweden.

Since 2003, those restriction have taken a drastic turn. It is now possible for companies abroad to use the .se TLD with few restrictions outside those that are reserved for specific entities in the country. The relaxation of those restrictions was due to .se being the first and only TLD in the world to implement Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC).

What is DNSSEC?

The original DNS did not address domain security. It was designed to be a scalable distribution system. However, DNSSEC was designed to address domain security threats. “DNSSEC was designed to protect applications (and caching resolvers serving those applications) from using forged or manipulated DNS data, such as that created by DNS cache poisoning,” according to Wikipedia. DNSSEC protects site data and is a system upon which additional security measures using cryptographic certificates can be built.

Why choose a .se domain extension?

At first glance, there isn’t that much appeal to the .se domain extension. Other extensions like .car, .io, .edu, .biz, .art, etc. have a more obvious connection to particular interests, businesses or organizational applications. Unless you live in Sweden or something in the products or services you offer is in some way related to the letters SE, it might have no appeal at all. However, those who want to protect the data included within their domain will be interested in a .se domain, because it is the only domain extension that utilizes the security features of DNSSEC, which we just discussed.

Are there any restrictions on buying a .se?

Initial name registrations using the .se TLD extension have few restrictions beyond those of being able to find a name that has not been reserved or is already in use. There are few .se domain names available on the open market due to the fact that the vast majority have been scooped up by domain name speculators, so you will likely have to purchase those which fit English words that end in SE.

Where can you buy a .se domain name?

You can purchase a .se domain name through any recognized ICANN registrar. If you are lucky enough to get your hands on a domain name in the open market, it can be had at the same price level as most .com or .net domains, but you will probably pay in excess of $25 to purchase your domain name in most cases. Here are some locations where you can purchase a domain name with the .se extension:

101 Domain
NTC Hosting

These sites make it simple to search for unused .se domain names or domain names that might be for sale. They provide the necessary registration for you and make it easy to get setup with your new .se domain name.


With cybercrime in full force, it pays to protect yourself in every way possible. You can provide protection for the data that is stored within your domain with a .se domain name. In addition, .se domain names allow you to build your own security system upon their secure foundation. If you want great security and happen to have a website for which the extension .se will also help set you apart and draw attention, then you will want to consider registering a .se domain name.

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