What Is A .io Domain Name Extension

The .io domain name extension was originally the top level domain name ( TLD ) for the Indian Ocean region. But over the past 10 years, these domain name extensions have become attractive to businesses and brands worldwide and not just used for Indian Ocean countries.

One area of business that have taken to using the .io domain name is the tech community. The letters IO appeals to the tech and IT firms as it refers to the acronym of (input/output). Because of this, .IO has been adopted by tech firms and used to front their brand online, even more so than the .com domain name extension.

The .IO domain name is now seen as the domain name extension for forward thinking, tech-conscicous and innovative companies.

Why use a .io domain name?

If you’re a tech start up, software company or innovative in the world of tech, then a .io domain name will show your audience that you are a player in this sector. Everyone has a .com or .org associated with their brand, so why not stand out in the crowded market and get yourself a .io domain instead. If your business is focused towards software development, tech, AI or IT, then a .io domain name will be perfect for you.

Another reason to buy a .io domain is the huge number of domain hacks that you can achieve with this extension. Any word with the letters “io” at the end, can be made up with this domain extension. Example: portfol.io pistach.io and cheer.io, although these ideas will probably be taken by now. ;)

Where can you buy a .io domain name?

Most domain name registrars will have .io domain names available to buy.

Here are a few that you might want to check out..

Namecheap.com – .io domain name price:
$32.88 per year.
Renews at $34.88 per year

Domain.com – .io domain name price:
$49.99 per year. ( Use Domain.com coupon code “sitehub” to get 25% off your .io domain name )

Hover.com – .io domain name price:
$49.99 per year.

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