Practical Programmatic SEO Course Review – From Novice to SEO Automator

I bought the Practical Programmatic SEO course.

I paid the $197, knowing that I was about to get served some knowledge bombs!

And that’s exactly what happened.

A masterclass from someone who’s work I’ve admired for a long time.

Ian Nuttall has created one of the most comprehensive and well thought out courses I’ve ever seen!

I’ve learned things with this course that I never thought was possible! Seriously.

I’ve always been interested in data driven websites, with the intent on monetizing the traffic with affiliate offers, but just didn’t know where to start.

Ian’s course was a revelation for me.

It has enabled me to up my game with content sites, simply due to the fact that I can produce them a lot quicker and rank them faster. And you can do the same too

Let’s dive in deeper so I can explain why I’m so grateful that I parted with my cash for this course.

What is Programmatic SEO?

First up, if you don’t know what Programmatic SEO is, then you should at least get the basics in your head.

Programmatic SEO is simply a method of using automation to create large numbers of web pages that are optimized for users to be easily able to consume the data and for search engines to index it.

This approach is particularly useful when a website has a lot of content or data that can be organized into multiple pages based on certain templates.

In Practical Programmatic SEO course, it tells you exactly how to get started with creating your own PSEO site from start to finish.

Nothing is left out.

Why Use Programmatic SEO?

PSEO is one of the best ways to scale a digital product, a content site and even an ecom business.

For me personally, I really like the idea of being able to easily throw up websites that will rank and eventually make me money, without the constant need to update the content.

This can be very labour intensive as well as expensive. With PSEO sites, you can just update the datasets, press publish and it’s done.

Also what I like about pSEO sites is the fact that you rank for keywords that on ahrefs says there isn’t traffic for, but when you look at your GSC, you can clearly see this isn’t the case. Ranking for the longtail is where the cash is. pSEO exposes you to this.

The Pros of The PSEO Course

Here’s some Pros of the Practical Programmatic SEO course that I personally found while going through the course content.

Comprehensive Content: Covers multiple aspects of programmatic SEO, essentially offering several courses in one package.

Next.js Focus: Includes a masterclass on building programmatic SEO sites using Next.js, taught by an expert (@zg_dev).

Credible Instructor: Ian Nuttall, the course creator, demonstrates practical experience and “walks his talk.”

Ethical Marketing: No misleading tactics used in promoting the course, suggesting transparency and authenticity.

Cost-Effective: Minimal additional expenses beyond the course fee, providing ex excellent value for money.

Bonus Material: Includes a solid amount of bonus content, enhancing the overall value proposition.

Practical Application: Likely focuses on real-world implementation rather than just theory.

Scalable SEO Techniques: Teaches methods to efficiently optimize for numerous keywords and pages.

Potential for Automation: May cover ways to automate repetitive SEO tasks, saving time in the long run.

Cutting-Edge Approach: Programmatic SEO is a modern technique, potentially giving students an edge in the market.

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Who Created Practical Programmatic SEO Course?

Programmatic SEO Course

Practical Programmatic SEO Course was created by serial web entrepreneur Ian Nuttall, who I know personally.

He’s one of those guys that just know how to create digital products that resonate with his audience.

Ian has been creating profitable websites and tools for years. I have actually purchased a few from him in the past that still earn money for me till this very day!

That’s why whenever he brings out a new course to share his knowledge, I’m his first customer!

I know that he’s the real deal. Whatever he teaches, I know it comes from experience and actually walking the walk. This is a rare attribute nowadays with course creators.

Ian is 100% legit, and I know what he teaches in this course will net me lots of cash earned through the sites I build using his pSEO tactics.

Who is Practical Programmatic SEO Course for?

Practical Programmatic SEO is for everyone from developers, publishers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers to beginners who are comfortable working with WordPress, has some knowledge of how websites work and want to learn more about pSEO.

If you own a content site or a business owner and want to scale your traffic even more, this course is for you, as you’ll learn how pSEO tactics can help to massively increase traffic to your site.

Practical Programmatic SEO would also benefit affiliate marketers and e-commerce owners.

What People Say About The Course

Practical Programmatic SEO course has many happy students, as you can see below.

How much does Practical Programmatic SEO cost?

It costs a mere $197 one off fee.

Bargain if you ask me!

It’s definitely up there with the best money I have spent. In my first month, I created 3 PSEO websites with one of them making their first $95 from an Amazon commission.

And this is just the start.

With Ian’s method, I can publish PSEO sites every month and just wait for the traffic to come rolling in.

Get Access to Practical PSEO Course Today

What’s In The Course?

It’s the most comprehensive course in PSEO that I’ve seen. Nothing compares to the level of detail that Ian goes into.

In total there’s 17 hours 6 mins of content for you to go through at your own pace.

Here’s what’s in the course.

Section 1: Fundamentals of Programmatic SEO (19 lessons)

There’s 19 lessons in the first section, which consist of both video and text formats. This outlines the basics as well as delving into the mechanics of pSEO such as “keyword research”, “datasets” and using pSEO within different web building platforms like Wordpress and Webflow.

Here’s the contents of this section:

Chapter titleFormat
What is programmatic SEO? (Text)
Developing the programmatic SEO mindset(Text)
What you can do with it (Text)
Use case scenarios(Text)
Keyword research(Video)
Finding datasets (Text)
Page templates(Text)
Automation program (Text)(Text)
Images (Text)(Text)
Technical SEO (Text)(Text)
Indexing your site (Text)(Text)
Common pSEO problems (Text)(Text)
pSEO for SaaS (Text)(Text)
pSEO for affiliate marketing (Text)(Video)
Programmatic SEO in WordPress (Video)(Video)
Programmatic SEO in Wix (Video)(Video)
Programmatic SEO in Webflow (Video)(Video)
Programmatic SEO in Duda (Video)(Video)

Section 2: No Code Case Study 1 – Population Data (7 lessons)

Another great feature of this course is the fact that you can learn by actually seeing a PSEO site being build. An over the shoulder view point you could say.

In this section, you will see a case study of a no code programmatic SEO website that is automatically generated with content and statistics on the population of all US states and cities.

This will give you inspiration and the confidence to be able to create your own data driven PSEO website.

Contents of this section:

  • Introduction and keyword research (VIDEO)
  • Setting up the import (VIDEO)
  • Writing the template (VIDEO)
  • Building the site (VIDEO)
  • Indexing tips (VIDEO)
  • Caching WordPress (VIDEO)
  • Non-WordPress Example (VIDEO)

Section 3: Golf Courses – Low Code WordPress Build Site

In this case study, Ian shows you how to build a low-code programmatic SEO website in WordPress to help users find golf courses in the US, with lots of data around each course.

Again, its an over the shoulder style lessons which is incredibly easy to follow.

Unlike many other digital courses, Ian actually builds out a PSEO website from start to finish, so you get the full picture of how its done. No fluff and no BS, just the full blueprint to PSEO site building.

Contents of this section:

  • Case study introduction (VIDEO)
  • Keyword research (VIDEO)
  • Data cleaning (VIDEO)
  • Importing golf courses (VIDEO)
  • Importing states (VIDEO)
  • Designing the site (VIDEO)
  • Indexing the site (VIDEO)

Section 4 – Building a Programmatic SEO Website with Webflow

Chapter titleFormat
Course IntroductionVIDEO
SEO Research – Programmatic SEO OverviewVIDEO
SEO Research – Framework – Head TermsVIDEO
SEO Research – Framework – ModifiersVIDEO
SEO Research – Framework – ViabilityVIDEO
Data – IntroductionVIDEO
Data – Collect Data with OctoparseVIDEO
Data – Collect Data from Multiple PagesVIDEO
Webflow – SignupVIDEO
Webflow – Style GuideVIDEO
Webflow – HomepageVIDEO
Preparation – Nobull Sync SetupVIDEO
Preparation – App Data ImportVIDEO
Preparation – Data CleanupVIDEO
Preparation – Summarizing with OpenAIVIDEO
Preparation – App Category DatabaseVIDEO
CMS – Webflow TemplatesVIDEO
CMS – Category TemplateVIDEO
CMS – Single App TemplateVIDEO
SEO – Mobile OptimizationVIDEO
SEO – Google Search ConsoleVIDEO
SEO – Google IndexingVIDEO
SEO – Google AnalyticsVIDEO
Bonus – ChatGPT Part 1VIDEO
Bonus – ChatGPT Part 2VIDEO

Section 5 – Building An Affiliate Product Review Site With Python

Case study introductionVIDEO
Building the framework in PythonVIDEO
Writing the page templatesVIDEO
Making the site look better with CSSVIDEO
Creating XML sitemaps with PythonVIDEO
Deploying the site to VercelVIDEO

Section 6 – Using AI to Build Programmatic SEO Websites

Google Sheets + GPT3 APIVIDEO
Google Sheets + ChatGPT APIVIDEO
Google Sheets + GPT4 APIVIDEO

Section 7 – Setup Showcase – Real Programmatic SEO Sites

Overview of CarSpecs.orgVIDEO
Programmatic SEO setup for pSEOosVIDEO

Section 8 – Programmatic SEO Masterclasses

Sam Partland: Advanced Programmatic SEO with WordPress and Google SheetsVIDEO
Zach Gollwitzer: pSEO + Next.jsVIDEO

Section 9 – Explore the Information Library

  • 60+ Example websites
  • Case study #1 (failed project)
  • Case study #2 (successful project)
  • 30+ case studies from others
  • People to learn from
  • 30+ cool pSEO resources
  • pSEO tweet wall
  • Toolkit
  • 100+ useful datasets
  • 40+ dataset search engines
  • 50+ Keyword ideas
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