What is: Backend?

One of two terms that are commonly used on the World Wide Web referring to the area utilized to manage the content on an individual website. As opposed to the front end, or the client-side of a web page, the back end is the server-side of a web page. When someone speaks of being a web developer or web designer, they are letting you know that they work on the back end of the web.


On the back end of your web page, you are able to change your overall web site design and layout. You can also add, remove or edit content that you intend to present to clients, potential clients, friends, family, associates or anyone else who might have an interest in your web page.


The structure of a house or building is a good illustration of what the back end of your web page is. Though you don’t see the foundation, structural steel members, studs, conduit, plumbing, ducts, nuts, bolts, screws and concrete, these are all essential components in the finished product that you are able to see and that make a building or home functional.


The back end is made up of components like servers, databases, and security protocols. Also included are the programs and elements that make the web page function either in a static or interactive manner for front end users. Those who work on the back end utilize various forms of coding or programming to create the necessary components to have a functional web page.


The back end is an essential element in the creation of a web page and making it appear the way that the owner of the page wants it to be presented to the users on the front end.

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