What is a Backlink?

A backlink is a link or hyperlink on another web page which points users on the other website to your website. They are most important when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO). In general, a backlink helps to determine the ranking of your web site by demonstrating the popularity of your web site.

One way to think of a backlink is to think of it in terms of a cheerleader or class favorite election. Those who are the most popular have others talking about them and sharing everything they say and do with their friends. Every time someone shares these things in a favorable light, the popularity of the person increases and they move up in the ranks among their peers. Backlinks do the exact same thing by showing that you are popular among other web users.

Here are five terms that are typically associated with backlinks:

• Link Juice. Link juice is like a power-up in a video game. Whenever someone links to your web page, it adds extra power or “juice” to the ranking of your site.

• Do-Follow Link. All links that you or someone else adds into their web site is a do-follow link by default. These links all pass along link juice to increase web page ranking.

• No-Follow Link. No-follow links do not carry juice to help with web page ranking. These types of links are often used when a web master links to an unreliable site in order avoid something akin to guilt by association which might lower his own web site’s popularity.

• Root Domain Link. Another web site can link into your page dozens, hundreds or thousands of times because your site relates well with their content. Regardless of how many times they link to your site, they only count as a single root domain link.

• Low-Quality Link. These are links that come from automated sites, harvest sites, porn sites or spam sites. These links actually do more harm than good when it comes to SEO ranking.

A backlink is a way of increasing the popularity and subsequent ranking of your sites in search engines. Having a lot of quality websites linking to your site is a very healthy thing for your web page.

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