What is Media Settings?

Pretty much everything besides text that can be used as content for a WordPress site like digital images, audio files, and video recordings is referred to as media. Media settings are adjustments you can make to determine how that media is stored and displayed.


To access Media Settings, log in to your administration page. On the left-hand side, click “Settings” and then “Media.”


Every time you upload an image to WordPress, it will store the original image as well as many copies of the image in different sizes. The “Image sizes” section of Media Settings allows you to customize three different preset sizes for how WordPress will store and display copies of your original image.


Note: The larger the various “Image Sizes” that you select, the more storage your WordPress site will require to keep all the copies of the image.


You may also see a section that allows you to determine which file directory is used to store your uploaded media.


You may also see a section such as “Image Gallery Carousel” which allows you to make adjustments to how images appear in a carousel on your site.


You may also see sections about how videos are displayed as well as settings for podcasts that you produce. These settings are important because they determine how your podcast will be downloaded or accessed via third-party sites and present in an RSS feed.


The Media Settings that are available to you depend on the version of WordPress that you are using!


Note: You can make changes directly to individual media files by clicking on “Media” on the left-hand side of your administration page and then “Library”. Click on the individual media file and make adjustments there, including cropping, renaming, and deleting the file.

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