What is QuickPress?

QuickPress is a built-in functionality of WordPress that allows you to more quickly create and publish new content.


If you’re operating a blog and want to quickly add content, you can use QuickPress to open up a simplified text editor screen. From this screen, you can write a title, create some content, and then add tags, if you use them. The difference between the QuickPress text editor and the standard text editor is that most of the formatting features are missing from QuickPress.


Furthermore, using QuickPress, you can also create a draft so that you can later go back and add more details using the standard text editor. This allows you to quickly jot down some content or add some media files to a post that you want to further develop at a later date.


To access the QuickPress function, navigate to your administration panel and click on Dashboard in the upper part of the left-hand column. On the right-hand side of your screen, you’ll see the word “QuickPress” as well as the small editing window used to create content.


With some versions of WordPress, the QuickPress option may be entitled “Quick Draft.” If you only see the title for this section but not the mini text editor, click on the downwards-facing arrow to the right of “Quick Draft” or “QuickPress.” If the title says “Quick Draft,” then your only option is to save the post as a draft, meaning that you’ll have to go back later and complete the post using the standard text editor.


Note: There is a theme named “Quick Press” and widgets named “Quick Press” that bear no relation with the QuickPress feature which is available for all themes, and no special plugin is required.

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