What is a Static Frontpage?

The main address to your WordPress site loads something called the front page. And, just as you might suspect, a static front page is one that remains constant.


When you first install WordPress, the default selection is for a dynamic or evolving front page. The most common type of dynamic front page is a blog where new content is displayed in reverse chronological order (i.e. the newest content first). Since this content is always changing, it is referred to as dynamic.


A static front page, on the other hand, remains the same even if you’re operating a blog and continuously creating new content. Some people like to refer to a static front page as a “splash page,” a “landing page,” or a “custom home page.”


The main reason for using a static front page is if you are operating a website with a lot of different sections. The static front page can then contain links to the different sections such as “blog” or “photographs.” A static front page, therefore, can make your website look more full-featured instead of just being about the latest blog post or newest photograph.


In order to activate a static front page, first, you have to create it and publish it. Front pages are just like normal pages and created in the same way. Once you’ve both created and published the page that you want to be used as your static front page, you’ll need to activate it.


From your administration area, click on “Settings” in the left-hand column and then “Reading.” From there, you’ll see a section that says “Front page displays.” Click on the radio button next to “A static page.” You’ll then be prompted to choose which page will become your static front page.


Note: You must publish the page first before being able to select it as your static front page!

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