What is: Subscriber?

If you operate a publicly available WordPress website, anyone can visit and read the content that you’ve produced. But for visitors who want a more comprehensive experience, they can choose to become a subscriber.

Subscriber is one of the different WordPress user roles and comes with the fewest privileges. Subscribers cannot write, delete, or edit posts and pages, delete comments, or modify the administration settings for your site.

What a Subscriber can do, however, is create and modify their profile. Each Subscriber gets their own WordPress dashboard in order to create or modify their profile, including choosing a Gravatar to represent them.

Purpose Of Subscriber Role

For individuals who regularly visit your site, they may want to create a profile and become a Subscriber in order to automatically identify themselves every time they access your website. Subscribers are usually people who like to comment on your website., but Subscribers can also choose to sign up for additional content like a newsletter or any posts/pages that require a visitor to have a registered WordPress profile before accessing the content.

Note: As an administrator of a WordPress website, you can choose whether or not people leaving a comment on your site must be a Subscriber. It is possible to allow comments on your site without requiring the person to be a Subscriber.

Note: In general terms, the word “subscriber” with a lowercase “s” can refer to anyone who has signed up to receive email updates from your website, your newsletter, and/or updates from your website’s RSS feed. The term “Subscriber” with a capital “S” specifically refers to the WordPress user role.

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