What is: WordCamp

The term “WordCamp” refers to a local, national, or international in-person conference of developers and other people interested in WordPress. While many WordCamps are organized locally and not by the WordPress Foundation directly, all conferences must adhere to the WordPress Foundation’s guidelines.


You can find a list of these guidelines as well as information about upcoming WordCamps by visiting central.wordcamp.org. Please note that the older website address “Wordcamp.org” is no longer in use.


WordCamps are attended and organized by theme developers, plugin developers, bloggers, designers, entrepreneurs, non-profit organizations, businesses, marketers and anyone else interested in learning more about WordPress. Most WordCamps also have featured speakers and are a great way to learn more about new and exciting developments in the world of WordPress.


WordCamps are fun, festive events that allow people to meet in person in order to network, develop friendships, and take classes. Workshop topics often include things like how to develop plugins and themes or tips for beginners who want to learn more about what WordPress can do. There’s also usually a very fun afterparty held following the official WordCamp event.


If you’re brand-new to the world of WordPress, you should definitely consider attending a WordCamp near you. But even if you aren’t able to attend, you should consider becoming a sponsor to help other people in your area be able to attend the event.


Most WordCamps have an entrance fee and most draw 700 attendees or more. All attendees are asked to respect the open and welcoming spirit of the WordPress foundation in order to create a pleasant experience for everyone.


The very first WordCamp was held in 2006 in San Francisco. The popularity of that event led to more and more WordCamps. WordCamp have been held in hundreds of countries and on every continent (except Antarctica).

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