What is: Admin Area?

The Admin Area or administration screen is a special webpage that allows you to make modifications to your WordPress site as well as activate features and install plugins, et cetera. The Admin Area is what makes WordPress such a powerful piece of CMS software because it allows you to administer your website without having to learn or implement any coding.


Usually, the way to access your Admin Area is to use your browser to go to the “wp-admin” page of your website. For example, if your website’s URL is “www.MyAwesomeBlog.com”, then the Admin Area would be accessed at “www.MyAwesomeBlog.com/wp-admin/”. If you’re the administrator of a WordPress site, it’s a really good idea to bookmark this URL because you’ll be accessing it quite often.


Note: Everyone with a defined user role on your website can access the Admin Area, however, the available options depend on the privileges granted to their user role. For example, a Subscriber’s Admin Area will only let them modify their profile.


At the top of the Admin Screen is a toolbar that lets you quickly access some of the most commonly used functions. Immediately underneath the toolbar on the righthand side are the Screen Options.


On the left side of the Admin Area is a black column that functions as the main navigation menu. Hovering your mouse over each option usually brings up more information about the option. Clicking on an option often opens a submenu with additional choices.


The middle of the Admin Area is called the work area. You can do many things directly from this work area, including writing and editing posts and pages.


At the bottom of the Admin Area is a footer section that contains links to WordPress’s main website and WordPress help documents.

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