What is Attribution?

Attribution is a form of in-depth analysis that can show how a customer came to making their final purchase. It can provide websites and advertisers more insight into the online buying process. Attribution is very detailed, showing information about every step of how customers came to their purchasing decision.

There are a couple of different types of attribution models. However, all of them examine three different touch points. The first is how the website visitor first came to learn about the product. Called the Introducer, it could be a Google search or the something they see on your blog. It’s the first impression they have of the product.

The next touch point is called the Assist. It creates interest in the product while providing more information that could influence a sale. In affiliate marketing, this would be your blog content. Finally, there’s the Closer. It’s that final push that gets people to make a sale.

In attribution, all of these touch points are assigned a value. You can use the data values to determine how you approach your marketing methods. By understanding what your visitors see and what they click on to learn more about a particular product or service, you can cater your affiliate marketing techniques to generate more sales.

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