What is: Administration Screens?

The phrase “Administration Screens” is just another way to reference different sections of the Admin Area of WordPress. Some people refer to the Admin Area as the “administration screen” while other people like to refer to different sections collectively as the “Administration Screens.” Whichever way you want to refer to it, the terms refer to the special web page that allows you to administer a WordPress website.


The admin area of WordPress has a toolbar at the top called the “Admin Bar” or sometimes the “Admin toolbar.” On the left side, there is a column called the “Admin Sidebar” or just the “Sidebar.” There is also a clickable option at the top right-hand side called “Screen Options” that lets you quickly activate or deactivate certain features. At the bottom are links to the official WordPress site as well as to WordPress help files.


The toolbar is designed to give an administrator quick access to the most commonly used functions. The sidebar is a more comprehensive menu, with many choices opening up new sub-menus when clicked.


The most common way to access the Administration Screens is by adding “/wp-admin” to your root domain. If your website is hosted at “www.MyAwesomeBlog.com” then you can most likely access the Administration Screens by going to “www.MyAwesomeBlog.com/wp-admin”.


If you’re a WordPress site administrator, then you should definitely bookmark this URL!


Note: Every registered user of your site with a defined user role (i.e. Subscriber, Contributor, etc.) will have access to the Administration Screens, but what they can see and do is limited by their privileges. Only an Administrator or Super Admin has the power to make system-wide changes, including deleting WordPress entirely and deactivating the site.


Pretty much everything you need to administer, manage, and run a WordPress site is done via the Administration Screens.

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