What is Application Programming Interface (API)?

An Application Programming Interface, also known as an API, is a set of communication protocols that are used in programming. To put it simply, it’s how programs communicate with one another. Without APIs, programmers would have to find ways to get around certain website functions and applications just to gain access to information that’s on a completely different piece of software of server.

In the affiliate marketing world, APIs play a very important role. Before APIs, programmers had to perform a lot of manual work to ensure that affiliate links and tracking codes were accurate. Due to all the work required, affiliate marketing was a very costly endeavor.

Today, APIs make it possible for affiliate networks to work directly with companies. They also make it much easier for website owners to earn their commission. APIs create accurate action links that have integrated tracking codes and affiliate IDs, ensuring that website owners get credit for sales. Because APIs make cross-communication with websites, servers, and programs possible, all the information stays accurate as well.

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