What is Conversion Rate?

When you belong to an affiliate program, you may have thousands of opportunities to promote different products on your blog. For new affiliate marketers, choosing the right one can be daunting. It’s a fine balance between promoting a product that sells well and one that provides a good commission.

The conversion rate is often used by affiliates to get a general idea of how successful their efforts will be. This figure, often referred to as CR, is displayed as a percentage. It represents how often affiliate links have led to conversion compared to how many impressions it got.

Essentially, it shows how popular the product is with the general public and how successful it has been with other affiliates. In addition to showing you how much interest a product or service has, a CR can be used to determine how successful your own affiliate marketing efforts are.

You can determine a particular blog post’s CR by doing a bit of math. Say, for example, that a post about a specific product received 100 views. Of those 100 views, 10 resulted in a conversion. To figure out the CR, simply divide the number of successful conversions by the number of impressions. Then, multiply that answer by 100. For this example, the conversion rate is 10 percent.

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