What is: Profile?

In WordPress, a profile is a dedicated location where users and administrators can display biographical information about themselves. The minimum information required for a profile in WordPress is an email address and a nickname, but any user with a registered WordPress account can also add other information like an image, their full name, a brief biography (called “About Me”), and links to their websites and/or social media accounts.


Note: The profile is also where you can change your password.


On a WordPress site, you can access your own profile by clicking on “Users” in the left-hand column and then “Your Profile.” For administrators, you also have the option to change someone else’s user role. On your profile, you will also see information about any WordPress sites that you manage, and you can choose to include some or all of this information on your public profile.


Anyone who is a Subscriber, Editor, Contributor, or Author on a WordPress website can modify their profile by clicking on “Profile” in the left-hand column of the administration area of your website.


Note: Some WordPress sites are designed not to allow users to access the administration area and thus modify and view their profiles. In these cases, you can use a plugin that allows registered users to modify and view their profile directly from the front page of your website.


Keep in mind that profiles are tied to email accounts. Your profile will stay with you whenever you visit a WordPress website, whether it is one you administer or not. You can set up multiple profiles by registering a new account with a different email address.