Adobe Bridge Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet 2015 For Creative Suite

After many emails requesting an Adobe Bridge Keyboard ShortCuts Cheat Sheet for Creative Suite, I have finally managed to find some time in my busy schedule to get it done for you guys!

Adobe Bridge is an awesome tool and is much loved by designers, photographers and creatives a like. It helps to organise a wide range of media files that can be easy found, utilised and used in creative projects. There’s loads more cool features like batch edits and the ability to see a range of different files easily and efficiently.

Below I have gathered up all of the quick and easy keyboard shortCuts to help you whizz through Adobe Bridge like a pro and get more stuff done in less time! Now that’s what I call a “Digital LifeHack”!

Be sure to check my Photoshop and Lightroom shortcuts too!

Download A4 PDF Print Ready File
Download High Res PDF of Bridge Cheat Sheet



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  1. If anyone is interested, here is a cleaned up version of the above to make printing (and reading) easier. Grayscale version: no claims are made on the material, all rights belong to the original publisher.


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