What is Web Hosting?

Even though the Internet has become a commonplace and available for all, a lot of its features remain a mystery to many. A lot of people are just familiar with the front end functioning of websites- appearance and navigation- but have no idea how these are driven. Even some people who would be considered online … Read more

Best Free Website Builders 2018

Getting on social media to increase exposure has always been quick and easy, but true online presence can only come from a website that glues it all together.Having a nice website boosts credibility, establishes authority, and allows any business to display what it brings over the competition. Having access to a customized website gives the … Read more

How to Host a Website from Your Computer

how to host a website from your own computer

Web hosting is a service that enables companies and people to make their website accessible via the World Wide Web. A web host provides the infrastructure and services that a website needs to operate on the web. If you are planning on starting a website, you will need to invest in your own domain name … Read more

27 Handy SQL Query Hacks for WordPress

If you have been managing a WordPress website for a while then you probably know that this content management platform uses a MySQL database to store every bit of information it needs to display your pages and apply your chosen settings. WordPress and MySQL make a great partnership; both are free, and using WordPress means a constant … Read more

How to Become a Web Developer

It may come as no surprise to you, but the internet is kind of a big deal. I mean, without it, you would not be reading this now. However, the internet does not just spring out fully formed from some primordial goo. No, instead it is the hard work of thousands of dedicated and talented … Read more

Etsy Alternatives: How to sell your items beyond Etsy

With the rise in popularity of online shopping, many small businesses have been able to find success selling their products online. Online shopping and selling has been especially helpful for businesses selling crafts or other handmade goods, as well as allowing bloggers to make money from their own blogs. Etsy is currently the most popular … Read more

How to Build an eCommerce Website with Shopify

The idea of starting a business from scratch can be enough to stop the toughest among us in their tracks. When you’re making the decision to start your very own online business it can be difficult to discern where you should begin.After all, there are dozens of online business types you could jump into, even today. … Read more

Best Ergonomic Office Chairs 2018

best ergonomic office chairs

Web Designers, Graphic Designers, Affiliate Marketers, Creatives, Writers and SEOs – Get More Comfortable And Productive In Your Work Day With This Buyers Guide To The Best Ergonomic Office Chairs! Its crazy to think that just a few minor adjustments in your life can make a massive difference to your overall well being and productivity … Read more