In this section you will find all my articles related to running and starting a blog. If you are looking for some examples of successful blogs, need to learn more about different blogging sites, or simply ask “What is a Blog?” you have found the right place.


I have also written lots of articles on getting more traffic to your blog, such as growing your following on different social networks or getting more blog subscribers. If you are looking for more information on WordPress then check out my WordPress guides.

examples of blogs

27 Mar Examples of Blogs – 2018 Edition

If you're thinking of starting your very own blog, but just don't have a clue on what to blog about, then fear not! In this article, I have included a whole load of blog examples from a wide variety of different niches. Since the beginning of the...

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Growing Your Website Tasks

23 Jun Must Do Tasks For Growing Your Website

Creating a website for your business is an important step in your marketing campaign. A website serves as a platform that creates awareness, encourages interaction, educates the reader and doubles as a platform where services can be ordered and products bought. Whether you are running...

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17 Jun The 8 Best Blog and Domain Name Generators

Finding the perfect name for your new blog can be a tricky task. You will want something that is memorable, unique to you and your business and also something that might relate to your main keywords for SEO purposes. There are literally thousands of articles on...

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