50 Of The Best Web Design Books 2018

best web design books

In today’s world, the internet is a vital part of both our home and professional lives. Knowing the basics of web design will allow you to put together a fabulous looking page for showing off your collection of Funko POPs or it could mean the difference between getting that job you applied for and losing … Read more

50 Of The Best Photography Books – 2018 Edition

best photography books

While anyone can grab a camera or smartphone and take a picture, that doesn’t necessarily make them a photographer. What separates professional photographers from amateurs is knowing about concepts such as lighting, negative space and focus. The best way to improve your craft is to practice and learn from professionals. Photography experts agree that one … Read more

Best WordPress Themes For Fashion Bloggers 2018 Edition

29 Awesome Themes For Aspiring Fashion Bloggers If you’re a true fashionista, you know that fashion isn’t just about clothing; being the epitome of style applies to every choice you make in life, up to and including your website design. While anyone can take a simple WordPress theme and build a website around it, you’ll want … Read more

How To Find More Blog Subscribers – 2018 Edition

13 Simple Ways To Get More Blog Subscribers This WeekThere are few things as exciting and liberating as a writer than knowing the moment you hit ‘Publish’ on your next blog post, thousands of people will be looking forward to hearing what you have to say. Hundreds of comments flood in. Emails from excited readers … Read more

18+ Great Resources to Learn How to Use WordPress Like a Pro

WordPress is the content management of choice that many people use to build professional looking, highly customized blogs without having to spend years learning to code. WordPress is an open source platform which makes it easy for people at all skill levels to build a website from the ground up. Here are 18 of the … Read more

Best WordPress Themes For Travel Bloggers – 2018 Edition

Making the transition from a hobbyist travel blogger to a professional travel blogger is a difficult one; not only do you need to have excellent photography and writing skills, but you also need a captivating website that draws your audience in. While your average WordPress theme does a decent job of setting up newcomers with … Read more

Best WordPress Themes for Food Bloggers 2018

best wordpress food themes

The Best WordPress Themes To Help You Create Your Very Own Food Blog in 2017 With the Internet hosting thousands of food bloggers already, in order to make a name for yourself as a food blogger, you need to stand out. It’s not enough to have the critiquing skills of Gordon Ramsay and the photography … Read more

22 Places to Learn to Code for Free in 2018

[ last updated – 15th Aug 2017 – New addition: Codeeasy.net]Are you a computer geek who likes the technical part of web development? Do you like to take control of things, while converting your application idea or website idea into reality? Are you a blogger who likes to reach out to people through quality content … Read more

Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones for Creatives 2018

A Buyers Guide To The Best Noise-Cancelling Headphones for People In Creative IndustriesThere are two types of creative people in the world: those who get inspiration surrounding themselves with others and those who want to zone out when working. If you find yourself falling into the latter camp, noise-cancelling headphones can help save your sanity … Read more

The Best Laptops for Photo Editing 2018

A Complete Buyers Guide For Laptops That Are Ideal For Creative Photoshop Graphic Designers & PhotographersOver time, the software programs used to edit photos have undergone significant improvements, and photo editing has become an activity that anyone can do. As the software for editing photos becomes more advanced, it will require better hardware for smooth operation. … Read more