80+ Easy Ways To Build Your Email List

If you’re in business, then you’re probably always looking for new customers, right? The best way to do just that is to come up with creative ways to get them into your store or onto your website. A known customer is more apt to make a purchase than someone who is just browsing.

Here’s the deal:

Targeted email to qualified buyers is the very best form to promote the goods and services that you have to offer. However, before you can send out targeted emails, you have to have someone to send those emails to.

Building an email list for your business should be a top priority and one that should be done daily. In fact, getting new email addresses should be of equal importance to you as closing a sale. Today’s sale is one sale, but a new email is tomorrow’s sale, a sale next week, or a sale when it seems that the well is going to run dry.

A decent email list can be a license to print money. It’s as simple as that!

If you’re just starting a blog, then make sure you have email capture high on your to do list, as this is a great way to build up a loyal audience. Products like aweber and constant contact will help you when it comes to managing your email lists and capturing that all important email from your blog visitors.

If you’re serious about growing your business and making more sales, then you will benefit from the following list of 80 ways to build up an email list.

80+ Ways to Build Up an Email List

# 1. Host a Giveaway

Everyone loves a giveaway, so you might as well use the excitement and momentum of a giveaway to help build up your email list. Besides requiring participants to sign up with their own emails, you can add another incentive by rewarding those who share your giveaway on various social media platforms additional entries.

Keep in mind: The bigger the prize, the greater the participation and be certain that you are receiving valid email addresses with each entry.

# 2. Free Content Page

Most of us don’t use up all of the space that we are allowed from our domain carrier, so there is the potential to expand into publishing an additional web page or two. Load up the extra web page with tons of free content that can only be accessed by those who opt-in with their valid email address.

Keep in mind: The content on these extra pages needs to be closely related to your lead magnet in order to boost the overall search engine rank of your site with relevant keywords

# 3. Mobile App Signup

With the prevalence of smartphones in today’s world, mobile apps have become one of the best tools for driving traffic to your website. You can utilize this major avenue to grow your email list as well by requiring a valid email when signing up or signing into your mobile app.

Keep in mind: Your mobile app needs to actually be useful and it is best if it is directly related to the type of goods and services you provide.

# 4. Offer a Challenge

Just like issuing a dare, offering a challenge motivates people to step up and do things they might not do otherwise; like pour a bucket of ice water over their head. The challenge can include some sort of giveaway or reward for showing up logging in or commenting on posts for a certain number of days or some other type of challenge, but should certainly require an email address to enter.

Keep in mind: The more creative and fun you make the challenge the higher participation you will attract.

# 5. Email Only Offers

When you ship package, send out postcards or correspond through various types of mailings, be sure to add special offers to the printed materials. Just attach a single condition to receiving the special offer; a valid email address.

Keep in mind: The offer needs to have significant value attached to it and needs to be very prominent so that people don’t toss it in the trash without even seeing it.

# 6. Rewards for Referrals

A great way to grow you email list is to have other people doing it for you. How do you get them to do it? You offer rewards, even cash, for referring their friends to you and opting in to a subscription using their email address.

Keep in mind: You will need some sort of a system to keep track of which new email addresses were referred to you by which participants.

# 7. Birthday or Anniversary Club

Birthdays and anniversaries are milestones that everyone celebrates. Everybody likes to be recognized on their birthday or anniversary. Starting a birthday and/or anniversary club, which allows customers to receive a special reward, gift or discount on their birthday or anniversary, if they signup using their email is one more method you can use.

Keep in mind: Be reasonable, but not cheap if you want solid participation.

# 8. Loyalty Rewards

Why should credit cards, airlines and grocery stores have all the fun? You can develop you own type of loyalty rewards program for regular, loyal customers to encourage regular purchases. Of course, they’ll have to sign up for the program using a valid email address.

Keep in mind: Offer about 10 times the points typically awarded for a purchase whenever the individual signs up.

# 9. Speaking Engagements

Speaking engagements are a great way to promote yourself and what you do. Whenever you do them, be certain to have some sort of printed material, like an outline of your talk to hand out as you speak. Of course, you will want to include a link to your opt-in page, QR code or written opt-in to get those emails.

Keep in mind: Be sure to mention the value of being on your mailing list to receive further updates related to the topic you are speaking about.

# 10. Event Signup

In a similar vein, whenever you go out on the road to promote your product or service at various events, make absolutely certain that you have a system in place to collect emails from anyone and everyone who visits your booth or attends your seminar.

Keep in mind: Make it easy on the person signing up. The more hoops they have to jump through the less likely they are to complete the opt-in process.

# 11. Business Cards

QR codes are a bit of technology that make it extremely easy for users to opt-in to your email system. QR codes allow the user to scan the code and automatically transfer certain data without any further effort. Place them on your business cards and have them set up to opt-in with an email address.

Keep in mind: You will need a code generator and the code will have to be a clear printed copy in order to work right.

# 12. Brochures

Brochures have not disappeared completely and people still like to use them to get a quick rundown of the goods and services your business offers. Just be sure to include your opt-in link and/or a QR code so you can get the emails of those who read it.

Keep in mind: The best brochures are simple, easy to read and have a great deal of eye appeal.

# 13. Text Message Signup

Getting someone to call in and give out their email to sign up for your email list is much less likely to happen than… well, just about anything else. Consequently, if you are making use of a podcast or television interview as a means of promoting your business, be sure to provide a means for potential customers to opt-in to your email list via text messaging.

Keep in mind: You will want to set up an automated confirmation system that will sort out all of those new email addresses you receive.

# 14. Email Signature

More and more people are figuring out that the email signature at the bottom of every email you send out is a great way to subtly promote your business. This tactic works best when you use your own professional business email address. That same email signature can also drive individuals toward your opt-in landing page where you can get them to sign up using their email address.

Keep in mind: Your email signature needs to be simple, easy to read and attractive enough to attention for this to work.

# 15. Encourage Forwarding

Having other duplicate your work is one of the best ways to leverage yourself. One way to accomplish this when it comes to obtaining emails is to provide forwarding buttons at the bottom of your newsletters and other email correspondence. Include the phrase “Forward to a Friend,” on the button to get the best results.

Keep in mind: Do not be tempted to add the forwarded email to your list, because that is spamming, but do be sure to always include an opt-in link in all of your emails and newsletters, even if the recipient is already on your list.

# 16. Social Media Sharing

Social media is the largest platform to reach the most people. If you occasionally share your email archives with friends and followers on social media, you can allow them a look into what they may be missing by not being a subscriber and encourage them to sign up to your email list.

Keep in mind: You want to give away enough to draw attention, but not give it all away without the person leaving social media and coming to your opt-in or magnet page.

Resources: Guide To The Best Social Media Management Tools

# 17. Podcast Signups

We mentioned using text messaging as a means of opting into your email list earlier. Even if you do not have the capability to handle text message signups, be sure to provide links to your lead magnet or opt-in landing page during your podcast.

Keep in mind: It is good to mention signups casually throughout the podcast, but be sure to make a formal call to action as well.

Resources: How To Start A Podcast

# 18. Business Listings Link

People make use of business listing when they aren’t sure where to go. This is a great time to seize and opportunity to provide them with the very best possible long-term service. When you include your business in various local and regional business listings, be certain to direct potential customers to your opt-in landing page of your lead magnet.

Keep in mind: Cleaner business listings with the most basic information work best for drawing attention.

# 19. Optimize Your Call to Action

There is not much point in a call to action or offers that do not draw or drive people to sign up. Optimizing your call to action to get a handle on the best offers and wording which will provide you with the best conversions is a strategy to keep in mind as you work with this extremely important aspect of your business.

Keep in mind: A/B testing is one of the best ways to accomplish optimization.

# 20. Comment on Blog Posts

Commenting on blog posts helps to establish your expertise in areas related to the goods and services you provide. To comment on blog posts, most users are directed to add a website along with their signup to join the discussion. Be sure that you place your opt-in landing page as your website in this field.

Keep in mind: Hard selling your business is not a good idea when commenting on blog posts. Let your respectful and informative approach draw people to want to check you out.

# 21. Add Opt-in to Your Bios

Inviting people to get to know you better is one of the reasons you are inviting individuals to join your email list. There are a broad number of platforms that ask for a biography in your profile page, especially social media sites. Be certain to add your opt-in landing page link to all of your various bios.

Keep in mind: Invite people to get to know you better through an email subscription.

# 22. Teachable Moments

A great way to put your expertise on display is to provide short, teachable moments through video or text. You should have an archive of these teachable moments that can only be accessed through signing up as a subscriber, which will also allow your subscribers to have these same tidbits of knowledge delivered to them daily.

Keep in mind: Keep it short and focused on a single aspect of a specific subject which you know very well.

# 23. Twitter Chats

A great way to promote a live discussion that is related to products and services you provide is through Twitter chat. If you make use of your lead magnet to create the Twitter chat subject, you can draw participants into subscribing to your email list.

Keep in mind: You will need a solid understanding of Twitter chatting to be successful.

# 24. Google+ Communities

Another way to engage other into the goods and services you provide is through creating Google+ communities that revolve around or are related to your area of expertise. Make certain that your opt-in form is made available to all who participate in your communities as well.

Keep in mind: Knowing and understanding the ins and outs of Google+ Communities is essential to make this work.

# 25. Foursquare

The Foursquare app is another avenue to obtain additional email subscribers. This search and discovery service not only directs people to the location of your physical business, if you have one, but you can post alerts about your business to potential customers in your area and include a link to your opt-in form as well.

Keep in mind: Navigating through Foursquare will require an understanding of this app, how it works and whether it is used in your area.

# 26. YouTube Channel

If you regularly communicate with customers and potential customers via YouTube, you want to make certain that your opt-in landing page is clearly displayed on your YouTube channel as well as in the information section of each video you upload.

Keep in mind: Your YouTube videos need to be relevant to you business and well-produced for this avenue to work.

# 27. Facebook Cover

Facebook provides you with two places to make sure that your opt-in logging page link is seen by everyone who comes to visit your page. Place your opt-in link on both your cover photo and your background photo.

Keep in mind: You need solid contrast in colors that draws the eyes to the link.

# 28. Sandwich Boards

When you have a brick and mortar location as well as a web presence one way of encouraging email signups is by using sandwich boards out on the sidewalk or in front of your store in a mall or shopping center. Provide the link to your opt-in page there and you might even offer a discount or bonus of some kind for subscribing.

Keep in mind: You can even print a QR code and place it on the sandwich board for quicker access.

# 29. Fishbowl Approach

Another physical location based approach to use is to ask customers to place their email address in the fishbowl in order to win a prize. A great way to do this is to have them write their email address on the back of their receipt.

Keep in mind: You made need to have the capacity to provide a second receipt if you use the receipt approach.

# 30. Newsletter Previews

At physical locations, you can also distribute several printed copies of your newsletter around your place of business in order for your customers to get a preview of what they’re missing when they don’t sign up. Of course, you will also include a link to your opt-in page or a QR code.

Keep in mind: If your current newsletter is always available, then there will not be a need to subscribe. In addition, what is included in the newsletter will need to be valuable information as well.

# 31. Target with Lead Magnets

If your business offers a wide variety of goods and services, but can be divided into segments of interest, you might want to use lead magnet targeting. Essentially, the popup for email subscription provides the customer or potential customer with a variety of choices concerning which information they want to receive.

Keep in mind: The options will need to be clearly distinct and you will want to send out specialized information to match each segment.

# 32. Anti-Spam Policy

One reason that individuals fail to sign up for email subscriptions is because they don’t want to have their email spread around or sold to other who might send them spam. Encouraging your customers and potential customers that their email is 100% secure on your site will help eliminate this common objection.

Keep in mind: Your anti-spam policy should be easy to see and located immediately adjacent to the space where the users’ email address is submitted.

# 33. Opt-in Checkbox

If you utilize various services and apps for checkout, you are often allowed to add an opt-in checkbox at final checkout. Often times, you have already requested the customer’s email address in order to send them a receipt, but it is important that you also ask them to opt-in rather than just assume that you have the green light to send them email.

Keep in mind: This checkbox works best at checkout, but it can also be included in the receipt email, just be sure it is very clearly displayed and the customer knows they are subscribing.

# 34. Simplify the Form

People are busy and rarely have time to sort through a drawn out signup process. You might have a lot of things you want to share with your customer but your opt-in form is not the place to do it. Keep the for short and simple.

Keep in mind: Three lines (what it is, provide email box, spam policy) and a button are plenty for an opt-in form. You can add information to the confirmation email if necessary.

# 35. Relatable Opt-in Copy

Any copy that you use to drive customers and potential customers toward your opt-in button needs to be clearly relatable and easily understood. Using a lot of technical jargon or corporate speak is going to work against you when it comes to opt-in objectives.

Keep in mind: If you have too much jargon in your opt-in copy, people are going to assume that they’ll get more of the same in email updates.

# 36. Credibility

You have to be a credible source for the information you intend to share. When it comes to email signups, users must be convinced that you really are legitimate and not just trying to build up an email list to send out spam.

Keep in mind: Credibility is built through content and does not always come overnight.

# 37. Testimonials

One way to help support #36 is through the use of testimonials from some of your current subscribers or customers. When potential subscribers see what others have to say about you, it is a boost of confidence for them to sign up.

Keep in mind: That the testimonials you use need to be real and you need to reward the people who agree to provide them.

# 38. Social Proof

We’ve all heard about how bad peer pressure can be, but you can use peer pressure to your advantage. Including a counter or regularly updating the number of people who have already subscribed to your list can be an effective way to get others to follow suit.

Keep in mind: This probably isn’t a good idea if you only have a handful of current subscribers as low numbers will make you look weak.

# 39. Add Opt-in for Comments Registration

If you include a blog on your website and it draws people to comment, you have another way of getting people to opt-in. When users register in order to make comments on your blog, be sure to include an opt-in checkbox along with the registration form.

Keep in mind: You will also want to include an opt-in option attached to the confirmation email you send out, just in case you missed them the first time around.

# 40. Page Specific Opt-in Form

Mixing things up a little bit can sometimes draw attention to your opt-in form. Repeating or using the same opt-in form design on every page can cause users to just skim right over it. By changing the design and making the opt-in form fit whatever page it is on, you have a better chance of avoiding this issue.

Keep in mind: Your lead magnet should be a perfect match to the content the visitor is currently reading on the page they are reading.

# 41. Prominent Header

If your call to action is lost inside the text of the content, then users will probably miss it. Be sure that your call to action is a prominent header which stands out on the page rather than gets lost in the rest of the text.

Keep in mind: Most people scan and skim through the content on a page and will miss an opt-in call to action if it is not prominently displayed in a way that breaks up their skimming.

# 42. Floating Bar

Floating bars are a very common way of halting users while they are on your web site and cause them to take a minute to subscribe. This floating bar can be related specifically to certain behaviors of the user, according to their referral source or how much time they’ve spent on your site.

Keep in mind: You will want to familiarize yourself with various types of floating bars and how to use them.

# 43. Sidebar Form Optimization

Web users do pay attention to side bars when it comes to scanning all of the information options available on your site. Sidebar forms can also work to your advantage if they are placed in the right location and properly optimized.

Keep in mind: You will need to familiarize yourself with the best ways of using sidebar forms in order to optimize them.

# 44. Embedded Forms

If individuals are making a regular appearance on your site to read blog posts, then take advantage of their presence and get them to sign up. Embedded forms above or below blog post content is one way to draw readers to opt-in

Keep in mind: You want your opt-in tags to match the specific content of the blog post to make this work best.

# 45. Timed Lightbox Popup

When you provide heavy content which tends to keep users engaged in reading your content for an extended period of time, you might consider a timed popup opt-in form. These forms appear after the reader has had a chance to really get into your content, which means that you are already providing them with valuable information.

Keep in mind: Interrupting someone who is concentrating can be irritating, so make certain your form is simple, to the point and can be easily gotten rid of so the reader can get back to the content.

# 46. Scroll Box

Long form content can also benefit from the use of scroll boxes when it comes to achieving opt-in objectives. A scroll box stays out of the readers way while they read, but follows them down the page so that they don’t have to search for an opt-in form when they finish reading.

Keep in mind: This approach is sometimes better than times lightbox approach because it does not interrupt the reader.

# 47. Exit Popup

We’ve all heard stories of the one that got away and a lot of us have told them as well. If you want one more opportunity to get a user to sign up before leaving your site, an exit popup is an approach you will want to consider.

Keep in mind: This has to provide the best possible approach you can deliver, because once the visitor is gone… well, they’re just gone.

# 48. Native Ads

Native advertising is advertising in other locations that directly relate to the same audience that enjoys your content. You can use native advertisement to draw individuals to opt-in on your site to obtain additional information concerning a topic they already have an interest.

Keep in mind: Your content should be complimentary and not in competition with the sites where you post your ads.

# 49. QR Codes on Shipping Invoices

When discussing printed materials, shipping invoices become a valuable place to put an opt-in call to action since you have already made a sale to the customer. Adding a QR code to a shipping invoice is a quick and easy way for customers to sign up for your email list.

Keep in mind: Shipping invoices usually only get a quick scan, so your opt-in message will need to be prominent and draw attention.

# 50. Paid Search Ads

If you already use paid search ads, then you will want to consider using them for opt-in purposes, if not, it’s time to take them into consideration. You can also drive qualified traffic to your opt-in landing page using paid search ads.

Keep in mind: Your lead magnet will need to answer the search question directly for this to be effective.

# 51. Host Meetups

Meetups are another way to draw attention to your goods and services offerings. Just be sure to pitch your free opt-in message to those who attend your meetups.

Keep in mind: You might want to provide some sort of printed material to draw attention.

# 52. Do Joint Venture Signups

Do you have a friend or acquaintance who is attempting to do the same thing you are? A joint venture sign up can be an effective way of growing both email lists. Essentially, you send out an email to your list promoting their business and they do the same for you.

Keep in mind: Your joint ventures should be somewhat related or your partner should have something very valuable to offer your clients.

# 53. Use Your About Page

About pages are extremely important because everyone wants to know more about the company and who is running it before they get too involved. Make sure you use your about page as another place to opt-in users.

Keep in mind: If your about page is impressive enough to draw a client to you, it is the perfect place to get them to make a commitment.

# 54. Guest Blog

Guest blogging is another great way to let users know about your area of expertise. Most web masters will allow you to include your web site in your bio at the end of your blog. Be sure to attach your opt-in link to this bio.

Keep in mind: Your expertise needs to match the content on the blog where you are writing as a guest.

# 55. Use Your Google+ Page

Google+ is another means of making quick and easy contact with clients and potential clients. Be sure to make use of it and include a call to action for opting in to your email list as well.

Keep in mind: Skimming is extremely common on Google+, so be sure your call to action is prominent.

# 56. Use the Signup Button on Facebook

If you are like most people, you spend way too much time on Facebook. Take advantage of this by including a signup button at the top of your Facebook page.

Keep in mind: Find out how to do this with this guide.

# 57. Add Sharing Buttons

Having other help you spread the word is also very helpful. By adding share buttons to your email signature, you can allow current subscribers to spread the word and gain additional subscribers as well.

Keep in mind: Your thank you page email is an excellent place to promote this habit among your current customers.

# 58. Use SlideShare

SlideShare is another powerful tool that can be used to capture additional email subscribers. This platform allows you to make use of PowerPoint presentations to inform, educate or attract the attention of customers.

Keep in mind: You will want to become more familiar with SlideShare to do this.

# 59. Call to Action Cards

If you are already using YouTube to promote your business, then here is another tool to make use of.

Keep in mind: You will need to become familiar with YouTube call to action cards.

# 60. Twitter Lead Cards

Just like with YouTube, Twitter also provides you with a similar service.

Keep in mind: To familiarize yourself with this service, read more here..

# 61. Use LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn groups are another location to allow others to know about your expertise in certain areas. By joining groups and being regularly engaged, you can draw attention to yourself and gain subscribers.

Keep in mind: You will want to have your opt-in link prominent in biographical information for this to be effective.

# 62. Answer Question in Facebook Groups

Answering questions and establishing yourself as an expert in Facebook groups can also attract additional subscribers.

Keep in mind: You need to maintain a courteous and professional presence when commenting.

# 63. Answer Questions in Forums

Answering questions in forums is another way to draw others to opt-in in order to gain more information from someone who has established themselves as an expert.

Keep in mind: You can target search for questions directly related to your area of expertise.

# 64. Answer Questions in Quora

Being a Quora expert can also draw readers and potential customers to your web site as well as opt-in to your email.

Keep in mind: You can add a link to your opt-in page for further reference in your biographical information.

# 65. Pin Your Opt-in to Pinterest

Be sure to involve Pinterest in your email gathering efforts. You can do this by pinning your opt-in landing page to Pinterest.

Keep in mind: Pinterest is photo driven, so you might want your opt-in landing page to include an attractive photo.

# 66. Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are another way to draw potential subscribers to your opt-in landing page.

Keep in mind: You will want to become more familiar with Facebook ads and optimize them for the best results.

# 67. Offer Free Tools

Everybody loves getting free stuff. Offering free tools, apps and software with any and all subscriptions is a great way to help you grow your email list as well.

Keep in mind: You will want these to be items that people are really going to use for this to be effective.

# 68. Offer a Coupon

The next best thing to getting things for free is getting them with a discount. Offering coupons for certain items among your goods and services for those who subscribe to your email list is another effective method of growing your list.

Keep in mind: It is always best to use your own goods and services for something like this.

# 69. Create a Quiz

Creating a quiz is a fun way to draw individuals to subscribe to your email list. By creating a quiz that requires them to submit their email address to get the results, you have an excellent opportunity to get them to check the opt-in box for a quick signup as well.

Keep in mind: The quiz should be relevant to the content of your business.

Resources: Qzzr is probably the best online quiz creation software. Easy to use and integrate into your site.

# 70. Webinar Hosting

Webinars are a popular and powerful way to add value to your image and establish yourself as an expert. Be sure that when you present a webinar that you encourage subscriptions to your email list.

Keep in mind: Google+ hangouts are a great place to host webinars for free.

Resources: Best Webinar Software Guide

# 71. Gated Content

Content that is gated is another way to help get visitors to signup for your email list. Gated content is only allowed to be viewed by those who have subscribed with a verified email address. Plugins such as Optinmonster make this easy.

Content lock by Optinmonster

Keep in mind: You can use a teaser that will draw subscribers to want to read more in order to accomplish your objective.

# 72. Upgrade Blog Posts Regularly

Keeping your blog up-to-date is one of the most effective means of turning readers into subscribers. If your blog content is keeping certain individuals engaged, then getting them to subscribe to your email list is much easier because the value has already been established.

Ways you can upgrade your content could be as simple as a PDF of the original post with additional, “bonus” information, which people can sign up to by giving their email address.

Keep in mind: Your content needs to be relevant and truly informative to make this effective.

# 73. One-up the Competition

A great way to draw additional subscribers to your email list is by posting content that does a one-up on the competition. Essentially, if your competition has some sort of 10 ways of doing something or 10 tips, create a post with 12 or 15 ways or tips.

Keep in mind: You don’t want to copy your competition’s post and then add to it, but provide a better post with added points.

# 74. Make Use of Receipts

Most credit card machines can be setup to request various bits of information from users along with the signature. This is a great place to add a space for jotting down their email address for you.

Keep in mind: You will want to ask them or remind them to write in their email address or most customers will skip right over this.

# 75. Try Telemarketing

It is a bit uncomfortable to do at times, but telemarketing is another way to grow your subscriber list. If you call and interact or check up on your current customers, a quick request toward the end of the call to obtain their email is another great way to get additional signups.

Keep in mind: That customers need to see the benefit of being on your email list in order to agree to being added.

# 76. Fix Bounceback

Getting bounceback in your email box is irritating. Rather than just eliminating that individual, make use of other forms of communication in an attempt to fix the bounceback with an updated email address.

Keep in mind: You will have needed to collect additional date from your customers at some point in order for this to be effective. You will also want to prevent it by asking subscribers to remember to update you if they move whenever you send out emails.

# 77. Include an Opt-in Form with Emails

Be sure to include an opt-in form on all of your emails. Yes, you already have that person’s email address, but if they should forward it to others, you have the potential to gain a new subscriber because your email was forwarded to them.

Keep in mind: What you send out in your emails must be valuable enough that your readers want to share it with others for this to be effective.

# 78. Employee Rewards Program

Rewarding your employees for collecting valid email addresses can help you drive home the importance of getting email addresses from your customers. Rewards or contests are a good way to reinforce to your employees that the email address is of equal importance to closing the sale.

Keep in mind: The value of getting an email address has to be continually established as being equal to closing a sale in the minds of your employees.

# 79. Add Opt-in to Billing Invoices

If your system of sales has payment plans, lay-away or some form of installment payments, you should make use of your billing invoices as another opportunity to obtain a new email subscriber as well.

Keep in mind: Many people look at the bottom line and don’t pay attention to other things on the page, so the opt-in form will need to be prominent. A QR code will also work well in this circumstance.

# 80. Provide Subscription Options

People tend to respond more favorably to questions which provide them with answer options more often than they do to simple yes or no questions. By providing subscription options to various different forms of contact or content allows you to signup customers according to their comfort level.

Keep in mind: You will need to honour their subscription choice and not cross-over with notices from other areas they did not select.


If you want to grow your business, especially your online business, you will need to send out targeted email to existing customers as well as potential ones. However, you can’t send out those emails if you don’t have a list of emails to send it out to.

Here is what you can do:

• Make collecting emails an exercise of equal importance to closing a sale.

• Include some sort of opt-in or email subscription option to every form of contact with your existing customers or potential customers.

• Make use of as many of the 80 ways we have just discussed in order to grow your list.

An old saying says, “dig your well before you are thirsty.” In the same way, build your email list before you run out of business.

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