Author: Jamie

19 Feb The Best Resources For Learning PHP

PHP is perhaps not one of the sexiest programming languages that someone might rush to learn, but it still has one big claim to fame. It is the programming language upon which the blogging software WordPress was constructed. WordPress powers 5% of the sites on the Internet,...

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01 Feb The Best Resources For Learning C++

C++ is rather a difficult language to learn, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it becomes a rather impressive qualification to boast about at job interviews. C++ is used for anything from search engines to operating systems to video games, and is compatible...

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11 Jan Where to find Free Node.js Hosting

As an application programmer, it is difficult not to love JavaScript, right? The reason for this is due its simplicity. Even if you are not a professional app developer, you can still understand JavaScript code. And, the Node.js open-source platform (for JavaScript) just makes it even...

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