How To Remove a Page Title In WordPress

WordPress is one of the most well-known content management systems for blogging. With a massive database of plug-ins and open-source status, WordPress is a platform that can be used for almost any website. To get the most out of WordPress and force it to function like an entirely different system, you must take the necessary … Read more

How To Change Your Header Image In WordPress

While one of the major features of WordPress is its accessibility, it’s not uncommon to find new users to the platform struggling with the basics. For example, critical tasks such as changing your header image in WordPress hide behind layers of menus, which can lead to frustration when you just want to change your header … Read more

21 Best Responsive Shopify Themes for 2018

best responsive Shopify theme

I am a big fan of Shopify, I think it is one of the best site builders out there especially for people who are interested in setting up an eCommerce store. Shopify allows you to build a website from scratch by using ready-to-use templates or themes, without requiring you to write a single line of … Read more

How To Make Your WordPress Blog or Website Private

how to make your wordpress blog private

A Quick And Simple WordPress Guide On Making Your WordPress Blog Private and Hidden From Search Engines.In previous mini WordPress tutorials that I have written, I have shown you how to change the color of your text and how to move your free blog to self hosted This time it’s all about making your blog … Read more

How To Set Up Yoast SEO

How to set up yoast

Whenever you think about SEO Yoast is one of the first names to come to mind. Sure, there are other plugins to choose from, but none match the usefulness of this plugin. Plus, Yoast is very intuitive, so it doesn’t need to be intimidating for those who are wary when it comes to tweaking their … Read more

The Best WordPress Themes for Photographers In 2018

Best wordpress themes for photographers

Whether you’re a casual photographer who is learning the trade or an experienced photographer who snaps photos for a living, you know that presentation is everything. When it comes to creating a WordPress website to show off your photos, you want only the best; while the standard WordPress theme is more than suitable for showcasing … Read more

2016 Social Media Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

Save yourself loads of time every day by speeding up your social network browsing with some lightning fast keyboard shortcuts! Last year we put together a long list of keyboard shortcuts for all the major social media platforms. This year we have done the same and made it even bigger with the addition of Ello … Read more

Must Do Tasks For Growing Your Website

Growing Your Website Tasks

Creating a website for your business is an important step in your marketing campaign. A website serves as a platform that creates awareness, encourages interaction, educates the reader and doubles as a platform where services can be ordered and products bought. Whether you are running a blog site or e­commerce store; there are certain must­ … Read more

Best Related Posts Plugins for WordPress

best related content plugins for WordPress

You may have the best content on your website, but, if it does not reach readers, then you need to seriously think about ways to get people to read your site’s content. And, we are not talking about marketing your content or site to people who have not yet visited it. You also need to … Read more

Best Social Media Management Tools 2018

Latest update: 28th January 2018If you are on the internet, you are likely to have a social media account as well! That is how spectacular the rise has been with regard to the use of social networking platforms by users around the globe. Whether it is individuals, professionals or businesses, most have a significant presence … Read more

Cart2Cart Review – Making Shopping Cart Migration A Lot Simpler

e-Commerce platforms are like smartphones – they constantly add better features, implement new looks, higher performance speed and tempting pricing policies. Therefore, no matter how satisfied you are with your current cart – there will surely occur a new solution, within a month or so, that will tempt you to switch. And that’s a good … Read more

How to Create an Auction Site Like Ebay

A lot of online shoppers love the shopping experience that eBay offers. Being able to bid and find unique products for a bargain tends to draw a lot of people to actively use the site. In fact, eBay has been around since 1999, so they must be doing something right. However, the commissions you have … Read more

How To Change Text Color and Size in WordPress (2018)

how to change color and size of your text in wordpress

If you have a WordPress blog, you know that there aren’t many apparent options to change the look of your text. You may have wondered how to change the text color or size in your blog. It’s fairly simple, though it can include a bit of HTML code writing. Don’t worry, it’s a simple rewrite … Read more