Coupon Code – 25% Off All Domains and Hosting Plans

We have managed to negotiate a great coupon code deal, exclusively for readers.

Simply go to and at checkout use the coupon code…SITEHUB to get a massive 25% OFF your domain name purchase. is a one stop shop for new web owners. They offer a number of services that are essential for new bloggers, new website owners and online businesses. These service include domain name buying, email and web hosting and web builders.

Using our exclusive coupon code, SITEHUB, enjoy a 25% discount on domains, as well as extras and addons such as domain privacy and protection. This brings the cost of a .com domain down to only $8.99/year from the regular price of $11.99!

How to use the Coupon Code.

With my exclusive promo codes all you have to do is enter the code: SiteHub at the checkout. Your total due will be updated to take in the 25% Discount. 

See screenshot below of the checkout coupon code window.

Note: When you do add your domain name to the basket, by default will add your domain to the cart for a 2 year term. I suppose this is a decent tactic for them to make more money initially. You can easily change this to 1 year if you want to.

If you were to buy a .com domain name from for the regular price of $11.99 and use my exclusive coupon, you will pay just $8.99, that’s a saving of $3.

If you purchase a domain name and the basic hosting package, normally it would cost you $53.99.

With the SITEHUB coupon it brings down the cost of hosting + domain name to just $40.49 for the year!

Activate DOMAIN.COM Discount

Discount Coupon Price Examples

Here’s a list of domain name extensions prices with the SITEHUB coupon code applied.

.com: $11.99 (without coupon: $9.99)
.org: $9.99 (without coupon: $9.99)
.net: $14.99 (without coupon: $11.24)
.website: $1.99 (without coupon: $1.49)
.space: $0.99 (without coupon: $0.74)
.co: $27.99 (without coupon: $20.99)
.io: $47.99 (without coupon: $35.99)
.tech: $6.99 (without coupon: $5.24)
.club: $14.99 (without coupon: $11.24)

Can I Pay Monthly with

Unfortunately you can’t pay monthly for your domain name or hosting with

Some web hosts and domain name service providers do offer monthly payment plans, but these tend to be extremely expensive. Be prepared to pay as much as 60% more for your hosting when you pay monthly. Domain Names has a number of different domain name extensions – TLDs (Top level domains)such as .co, .biz, .us, .info .net .com .ai .mobi .space .online .tech and many many more.

With the domain name purchase, they offer URL and email forwarding. You can also manage the domain name’s DNS settings as well as locking in your domain to prevent domain name theft.

Web Hosting Discounts with coupon code SITEHUB – from offers three types of web hosting packages, should you wish to purchase with your domain name.

They are Basic, Deluxe and Ultra
All their web hosting packages come with unlimited bandwidth, disk space and subdomains.

Basic Plan – $3.75 per month – (Billed @ $45 for 12 months)
Basic plan costs $3.75 per month and is billed annually – with coupon code SITEHUB, this will cost just $2.81 per month

Deluxe Plan – $6.75 per month – (Billed @ $81 for 12 months)
Deluxe plan costs $6.75 per month and is billed annually. It comes with unlimited domain hosting as well as unlimited subdomains. Ideal for those who have more than one domain name to host – with coupon code SITEHUB, this will cost just $5.06 per month

Ultra Plan – $13.75 per month – (Billed @ $165 for 12 months)
Ultra web hosting plan comes with unlimited FTP logins and MySQL databases. The two previous plans have limitations in these features. With coupon code SITEHUB, this will cost just $10.31 per month

With each hosting account from, you get a certain amount of email addresses and cloud storage space.

More Frequently Asked Questions About / Domains and Hosting

If you’ve still got a headful of questions, then here are some more FAQs (frequently asked questions) on the subject of coupon codes, domain names and web hosting. Hopefully you’ll find the information you’re looking for!

What is a domain name?

Imagine you live in a big city, and you want to visit your friend’s house. To get there, you need your friend’s address.

Without it, you’d be lost, right?

Similarly, on the internet, every website is like a house, and the address to that house is what we call a domain name.

A domain name is a friendly web address that people type into a browser to visit a website. For example, “” or “” are domain names.

How Do Domain Names does it work?

Human-Friendly Address: Computers use a series of numbers, known as IP addresses (like “”), to identify each other on the internet. Remembering such numbers for every website would be tough for humans. So, domain names were created as an easy-to-recall alternative.

Domain Name System (DNS): When you type a domain name into your browser, the Domain Name System (DNS) translates it into its associated IP address. This system acts like an “internet phonebook.” Once the IP address is found, your browser can then load the website you’re looking for.

Registration: To get your own domain name, you need to register it through a domain registrar. This is like “claiming” your unique spot on the internet. Once registered, that specific domain name is yours (as long as you renew the registration), and no one else can use it.

Why are Domain Names so important?

A domain name:

1 – Gives your website a professional look.
2 – Makes it easy for people to find and share your site.
3 – Can be a brand representation, helping visitors remember how to find you online.