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The .space domain was initially requested as a top-level domain, or TLD, name by Radix Registry in May of 2014. Radix sought to expand the number of TLDs in circulation so that anyone could have a broader range of options for their dream website or blog. Unlike some domains, which have been chiefly purchased by a single sector of industry or interest, .space has never evolved beyond its intention of being a blank canvas for the site operator to do with what he will.

Why choose a .space domain extension?

The chief reason why a person would choose to acquire a .space domain is because it stands out. The internet is home to countless .coms, .orgs and .nets, but considerably fewer .spaces. Another reason, keeping somewhat on theme with Radix’s initial pitch for approval as a TLD, is that you have a particularly creative pursuit in mind.

While there are countless things a person could do with a .space domain, here are just a few site ideas that come to mind and may or may not already exist.

  • “my.space,” a social media site that seeks to take advantage of the “ancient history” of the internet by invoking the name of one of the first such sites.
  • “sub.space,” a site with a very open-ended name.
  • “weneedsome.space,” An advice site for separating couples with children.
  • A “Scott Pilgrim” franchise fan site; its acknowledged within that universe that Scott has the ability to tap into a subspace world and use it to bend space.
  • An advice column for submissives within the lifestyle of BDSM.
  • A site dedicated to explaining everything to do with “Super Mario Brothers 2,” a video game set within the dream world of “Subcon” instead of the Mushroom Kingdom.
  • A site for substitute teachers to network and for potential substitute teachers to get information on the profession.
  • “back.space,” a site for proofreading and editing texts.
  • “crawl.space,” a site dedicated to the buying and selling of “anything that might be found hiding in the crawlspace of a home.”
  • “cyber.space,” dedicated to rudimentary explanations of the internet. Its primary audience would be preschoolers, grade school students and the elderly.
  • “head.space,” a mental health site.

While that lengthy list of suggestions mostly covers various words that involve the word “space,” that does not mean that a person cannot show a bit more creativity with a .space domain.

Stake Your Claim with Your Name.

One of the simplest ideas, especially in cases where a person is running a small home-based business, is to buy a domain with the business owner’s name in the title. For example, there is plenty of room for Paul’s friend to purchase or gift the site “pauls.space” for Paul.

The Words Within the Word.

Another source of creativity when it comes to sites with the .space domain would be to pick a name that doesn’t incorporate the word “space,” but plays with words found within space. For example, the hypothetical site “www.cri.space,” might mean “Crisp Ace,” and could either be a site about winning games of chance with the first game played with a new deck of cards or just a vendor of variant decks of playing cards. By that same token, “www.snail.space” could be occupied by a site that checks computer lag and warn concerned users when server issues are plaguing connected services like cloud storage or online games.

Acronym Acknowledgement.

Yet another creative idea for the .space domain would be using it to signify or extend an acronym. A cursory glance into the matter reveals that there are over a dozen different acronyms for SPACE. This means that the middle portion between the implied “www.” and “.space” could be dedicated to something closely associated with the client’s acronym. For example, “www.exemplary.space” could be the landing page for the “Stewards of Personal Accomplishment and Champions of Excellence.”

Where can you buy a .space domain name?

The .space domain has been available to the general public by way of Radix Registry since January 28, 2015. Since then, consumers have the options of purchasing a website bearing the .space domain from domain name registrars like Domain.com, Hover, Bluehost and Namecheap.

Namecheap.com – .space domain name price:
Normally $9.98 per year
Renews at $17.88 per year

Special Deals
$1.49 for one year
$11.37 for two years
$21.25 for three years
$31.13 for four years
$40.01 for five years

Domain.com – .space domain name price:
$9.99 per year. – ( Use Domain.com coupon code “sitehub” to get 25% off your .space domain name )

Bluehost.com – .space domain name price:
$1.99 one year

Hover.com – .space domain name price:
$11.99 per year.

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