.Tech Domain Name Extension

I’ve been working in this industry for well over a decade now, and in that time I’ve witnessed the rise of lots of new domain extensions. One that I believe had lots of potential at the outset, was the .tech domain extension.

In this post I’ll explore the origins of the .tech domain, how it might be used successfully and if it has lived up to it’s potential.

What is a .tech domain?

The .tech domain is a TLD whose origins can be traced back to a public auction for ICANN’s New gTLD Program. While Dot Tech LLC won the highest bid ($6,760,000), the money that firm bid toward getting to name a new gTLD went toward a non-profit, overseen by ICANN, rather than go directly into the coffers of ICANN.

As the name implies, the .tech domain’s main purpose is intended to be used toward technology-focused websites. It first became available to the public in 2015.

To date in 2023, utilization of the .tech domain extension is on par with many of the new TLDs – responsible for less than 0.1% of all websites. It is registered less than average, and tends to be associated to sites with average levels of traffic. This doesn’t necessarily suggest a bad thing, but signifies the niche nature of the extension and it’s intended target.

Why choose a .tech domain extension?

.tech is the perfect domain for anyone with even the most remote of interests or involvement in the technology sector. It immediately signals to visitors that your website is related to technology. This could be particularly beneficial for tech startups, tech blogs, tech product reviews, or any business associated with the technology industry.

Businesses that deal with IOT, “internet of things,” devices, technology startups, programmers, engineers, 3D printing houses, just about any person or venture with a vested interest in technology and the need to have a website dedicated to their works would be well served by picking up a .tech domain.

A .tech domain might also indicate that you’re up-to-date and innovative. It can differentiate you from competitors and make your website seem more cutting-edge. At the same time, as it is a newer domain extension compared to traditional .com or .net domains, there’s a higher chance that your desired domain name is available.

Domain ideas for a .tech domain.

The list below is just a sample of suggestions for websites featuring the .tech extension. It is not intended as an endorsement of any sites mentioned within and only invokes them as a means of fostering creativity by example.

“pathe.tech.” Taken from a joke in “Dilbert” concerning name changes that can occur after multiple corporate buyouts, such a site could be used to highlight commercial failures in business and software coding or errors that became problematic long after all parties had already signed off on the venture.

“cosme.tech.” As the name “cosmetic” implies, this site could be dedicated to the technology side of the makeup industry. Maybe this site sells equipment necessary to create makeup, maybe its an online store with a very tech-focused approach to product naming or it might just be a site dedicated to providing PC gamers with a variety of cosmetic mods like skins to change the look of characters and equipment.

“eide.tech” A person is said to be eidetic if they have an above-average ability to retain and recall information. By that same token, eide.tech, could be a site dedicated to improving memory, a research firm dedicating to stopping and preventing mental disorders like dementia and Alzheimer’s or even a calendar and note-keeping service.

“holis.tech.” This site might exist to taunt the “Star Trek V” quote “What does God need with a starship?” and be dedicated to highlighting success stories that result from marrying Christian philanthropy with the tech sector. Alternatively, holis.tech could be the base of operations for a comprehensive virus scanner, one that takes a holistic approach to PC maintenance.

“kine.tech.” The word “kinetic” refers to motion and momentum. By that very same token, the site kine.tech could serve as the web space for a prosthetics company. Alternatively, the domain could be used by a company that sells supplies and equipment needed to help people whom are undergoing physical therapy, offering equipment that ranges from exoskeleton-like powered leg and back braces to analog crutches and weights. Another possibility for a site like kine.tech is that it might belong to a vendor who sells exercise equipment that has been scientifically proven to improve athletic performance and even cites how.

A .tech domain can help build a strong brand identity. It’s memorable, which can aid in brand recall, and when used correctly, it immediately communicates what your business is about.

Where can you buy a .tech domain name?

The .tech domain has been available for sale to the general public since August 5th 2015. Anyone with even the most remote of interests in acquiring one can do so at the websites of popular domain registrars like GoDaddy, Domain.com, NameCheap and the fittingly names Get.Tech.

Here’s a breakdown of  are a few that you might want to check out..

Namecheap.com – .tech domain name price:
1 year $9.99 – Special Price  (Normally $45.98)
2 years $18.98 – Special Price  (Normally $91.96)
3 years $85.95 – Special Price  (Normally $137.94)

Domain.com – .tech domain name price:
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1 year $6.99
2 years $29.98
3 years $52.97

Godaddy.com – .tech domain name price:
1 year $15.17

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