The Best Gifts For Nerds & Geeks Online – 2021

With the gift-giving season almost upon us, it’s time to start seeking out that special gift for the geek or nerd in your life. However, that presents its own challenge, as your average geek or nerd likely has all the hottest new toys and electronics already.

If you’re going to find a gift, you’re going to need to think outside of the box. Below, we’ve compiled 26 of the hottest gifts for the geek or nerd in your life. These gifts combine practical items with a dash of pop culture and are sure to have the other geeks and nerds quivering with jealousy. No matter what your budget is, we’ve got something to fit into it so you can buy the best nerd gift.

Here’s my complete Best Geek Gift list for 2021

Top Choice Nerd Gift

Alexa & Google Assistant Enabled Star & Galaxy Projector

This is an awesome geek gift! As a gadget nerd myself, I know this will appeal to all geeks around the world. The Encalife Star Projector is the only Alexa and Google enabled star projector on the market. This means you can control what stars & colors you see from this amazing galaxy projector with just your voice.

It’s stressful being a geek. Coming home from work and having a product like this will help ease those tensions built up during the day. Simply lie down in a dark room and active the Encalife Star Projector to show some soothing cosmic clouds and stars around your room.

With 16.7 million colors and endless star projections, the Encalife will have you de-stressed and chilled in no time!


🌟 A range of stars that omits up to 16.7m different colors of the nebula cloud. You will never run out of new galaxies to explore!
🌟 Multiple Star Projector Modes: Start/stop rotations modes to cycle through colors of nebula clouds and stars
🌟 Alexa & Google Assistant-Enabled – WiFi
🌟 Shutdown Timer & Schedule Modes – So you don’t need to worry about it running all night.
🌟 Controllable with a Smart App – Voice control through WiFi / Bluetooth for a fun bedtime story
🌟 4 Position Base – So you can adjust the positioning and keep it stable according to your room surface.


Best Geek Gifts For Under $10

1. The Official BS Button by Gemmy

This giant red button will make a hilarious statement to whoever needs to be confronted on their BS. You’ll be able to call out BS without having to say a word yourself. Simply press the red button and make it light up and then the button will buzz loudly and announce it to the world, “That was BS!” or “BS detected, take precautions!” over a wailing siren. No person will ever want to try and BS you ever again, knowing that you’ve got the BS button! This is a really great gag gift for those who have office parties or if you just want to play a joke on one of your friends.


2. Paladone Super Mario Bros. Pixel Craft

Who doesn’t love Super Mario Brothers? That was probably most everyone’s first video game that they’ve ever played! You can remember all the fun memories of Mario with this super crafty paladrone set. Using different colored magnetic pixel pieces, you can re-create Mario and other characters just as they were in the original video game. This is a great gift for anyone whether they are 5 or 95. Paladrones are a great activity for bringing people together and an interactive way to bring Mario back to life from the past.

There are 720 magnetic pixels that are included and they follow design patterns to re-create not just Mario, but other characters, too, like the coins, mushrooms, flower, star, and the famous question mark blocks from the video games. This is a great gift for the Mario lover in your life and could be a great stocking stuffer for the Christmas holiday. This is an officially licensed Super Mario Brothers pixel craft by Nintendo. This product should not be given to children under three due to choking hazards.


3. QMx Firefly Playing Cards

QMx and artist Ben Mund and playing card company Bicycle have teamed up in order to bring you the first – ever officially licensed Firefly Playing Cards. The deck consists of the standard four suits of 13 cards each plus two jokers and features designs that are relevant to the show. These cards are printed on Bicycle-grade paper with a satin embossed finish. The deck is the standard 54-card poker deck and is clearly designed with FireFly in mind. Any FireFly fans will love these cards that revolve around their favorite show!


4. Pop Stranger Things Eleven with Eggos Vinyl Figure, Styles May Vary – With/Without Blonde Wig (Limited edition)

All things Stranger Things are taking off right now with the popularity of the hit show! Your Stranger Things fan will love this Funko Pop of Eleven, complete with Eggos. The collectible is stylized and stands about 3.75 inches tall, and is the perfect edition to any Funko Pop collector or to any Stranger Things fan. Eleven comes packaged with a display window box, so you will never have to take it out of the box if you don’t want to. This is sure to be an awesome edition to any Stranger Things Fan collection!


5. Moslion Decorative Pac Man Icon Throw Pillows

These pillows are the perfect gift for anyone who loves Pac Man. The pillow covers are made from quality satin fabric, super silky, soft and smooth which will feel very comfortable to your skin. The one-piece square pillow is new and has no insert or filler. The print is actually two-sided, with the front pattern being the same as the back pattern. This novelty characters will bring a new look to your home décor. The pillows are completely finished, with an invisible or hidden zipper closure on the one size. The pillows are machine washable. This is perfect for the Pac Man lover in your life.


Best Geek Gifts For Under $25

Rubik’s Cube Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Add a subtle “nerdy” twist to your next jam session. This wireless speaker is modeled after the iconic Rubik’s cube puzzle. The lights recreate the signature colors. However, they do so much more than confuse you! The lights flash with the rhythm of the music, providing a nice interactive element that will liven up the party.

The speaker has a rechargeable battery. It only provides about four hours of runtime on a full charge. But, you can also run it using the included USB cable. There’s also the option to use an AUX cord instead of wireless Bluetooth.

Key Features:

  • About 2.5 inches wide
  • Bright flashing LED lights
  • Up to four hours of battery life
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • It comes with an AUX cable and USB charge cable


7. Academy da Vinci Clock

The Academy da Vinci Clock is based on the works of the great Leonardo Da Vinci. You’ll find the essence of Da Vinci throughout every piece of this device. For example, the weight of the pendulum also doubles as the clock’s power source. If the geek or nerd in your life isn’t a pro at building furniture, you’re in luck as this clock requires no batteries, paint or glue. The pieces of the Academy da Vinci Clock snap together easily in either a wall-mounted or standing position.


8. TrackR Bravo

Is the geek or nerd in your life always forgetting their wallet or car keys? With the TrackR Bravo, you can ensure they never lose their essential items again. You can place this IR device on the back of any item. For example, you can put it on the back of your car keys and, when you can’t find your keys, you can use the TrackR App to make the device ring. You can even set the device up to alert you by phone when you’re leaving something behind. For example, place the device on a wallet and, if you try to exit the house without it, your phone will alert you.


9. Set of 8 Star Wars Silicone Ice Trays

Give any party a geeky overhaul with the Set of 8 Star Wars Silicone Ice Trays. These silicone ice trays make the perfect ice cubes for your Star Wars movie marathon. You can also use them to make candy and chocolates as well. With iconic shapes like the Millennium Falcon and R2-D2, fans of all ages will love these shapes. Not only are these trays safe for both the refrigerator and freezer but they are also safe for the both the oven and dishwasher.


10. 2019 Bubble Wrap Calendar

One of the best parts of getting a new package is popping the bubble wrap found inside. With the 2019 Bubble Wrap Calendar, you can get that feeling every single day. This calendar is over four feet tall and perfect to hang on the back of a door or a wall. Each day presents a new bubble to pop. The 2019 Bubble Wrap Calendar uses a heavy and clear wrap to provide a satisfying “pop” noise after you press in a bubble.


11. Silicone Coasters with Floppy Disk Design

Floppy disks are a relic of a past age, but their memory lives on with the Silicone Coasters with Floppy Disk Design. These silicone coasters resemble original 1.44-inch disks in both look and size. The high-quality silicone used on these coasters make them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use alike. Little touches such as notes written on the index field will give you a nostalgic rush. You’ll get six different coasters in this pack with colors ranging from black and blue to hot pink and neon green.


12. LED Name Badge

If you know a nerd or geek who is in business for themselves, then this LED Name Badge is the perfect gift. This LED name badge lets them stand out in a crowded room thanks to the scrolling message. While everyone else is sporting just a piece of paper with a name written on it, you can customize this name badge with both a name and a graphic design. This LED name badge supports 15 different languages and over five file types.


13. My Arcade Retro Machine Handheld Gaming System

The My Arcade Retro Machine Handheld Gaming System lets you relive the era of retro gaming at any time or place. The small portable device holds over 200 games on it, including classics like Galaga, 1942, and Defender. The small 2.5-inch screen provides crisp and colorful visuals while the 4-way joystick is just how you remembered it in the arcade. The high-quality plastic used on this device will ensure that it remains safe when transporting it to a new location.


DJI Mavic Pro 4k Quadcopter Drone

DJI is one of the most well-known drone brands in the world. The Mavic Pro 4K Quadcopter is the perfect example of why it rose to the upper echelons of videography. This drone is a masterpiece of technology. Not only does it have premium 4K video recording, but the flight experience is top-notch.

This small drone can fly as fast as 40 MPH! Plus, it has an ultra-long range. The OcuSync transmission feature provides low-latency streaming. View the feed as you zip through the skies! The integrated Gimbel keeps the image stable no matter what kinds of tricks you’re doing. As always, the Mavic Pro is also compatible with many of the existing DJI accessories. The sky is the only limit!

Key Features:

  • 4K video capture
  • 12-megapixel stills
  • Integrated camera Gimbel
  • Flies up to 40 MPH
  • Up to 27 minutes of flight time
  • Long-range OcuSync transmission technology
  • Robust smartphone features
  • Intuitive remote


15. Blockhead Side-Facing Plug for Apple Adapters and Chargers


Apple lovers know the heartache of trying to connect your charger to a port and finding out that it just won’t fit. With the Blockhead Side-Facing Plug for Apple Adapters and Chargers, you’ll never have this problem again. By allowing Apple users to turn their chargers sideways, this device guarantees that your charger will fit into any opening. The Blockhead is compatible with all Apple chargers, including those for the iPhone and iPad devices.


16. ThinkGeek Star Wars R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set

This is definitely a gift for those who love all things Star Wars. The Star Wars collector in your life will love having their kitchen decked out with R2-D2 measuring cups. R2-D2’s body is made out of four measuring cups of ¼, 1/3, ½, and 1 cup. His arms are detachable and turn into nested measuring spoons as well of ¼, ½, one teaspoon, and 1/3 tablespoon. The dome is both ½ cup and 1 Tablespoon. The measuring cups and spoons are made of food-grade AB5 plastic that is BPA-free and are built from other quality materials. These measuring cups and spoons do not need to go in the microwave or the dishwasher, as doing so may damage them. This is an Officially-Licensed LucasFilm merchandise and is a ThinkGeek creation and exclusive. The geek collector in your life will love it!


17. ThinkGeek Star Trek Enterprise Pizza Cutter

The Star Trek lover in your family is sure to appreciate this! And who doesn’t love pizza? Now you can have your pizza with a little Star Trek on it as well. This Star Trek pizza cutter is in the shape of the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701 from Star Trek: The Original Series. The pizza cutter is made from laser-etched stainless steel and has a zinc-alloy chrome plated body. This is definitely not dishwasher safe – you’ll have to wash the Enterprise by hand. The Star Trek lover in your circle will love being able to either use it for cutting delicious pizzas for the next Star Trek marathon that they are hosting or just to put it away as a collector’s item, since this cutter is officially licensed Star Trek Collectible and a ThinkGeek Creation and exclusive.


Retro Nerd Geek Oversized Black Framed Glasses

Get a classic “nerd” look with these fashion-forward glasses from Moda. The specs are super simple. They feature plastic frames and a plastic lens. The frames have that signature shape that complements just about anyone.

You can use these glasses whether you have a prescription or not. The lenses that come with them aren’t powered. But, they do have a UV coating to provide protection from harmful rays. If you do need prescription lenses, you can easily pop out the ones included and replace them with your own at the eye doctor.

Key Features:

  • Plastic frame and lens
  • Spring-loaded hinge
  • UV coating
  • Non-polarized
  • Non-prescription lenses
  • Iconic retro design


Star Trek Baby Bodysuit Romper Infant Shirt Clothes

Rep your Star Trek pride and start your young one’s appreciation for sci-fi stories early! This baby romper is unmistakable. While simple in design, it has that iconic Starfleet insignia that no fan will overlook.

Overall, the one-piece garment is made exceptionally well. It features folds on the shoulders to make putting it on a lot easier. Three snaps on the bottom provide quick access to a dirty diaper without having to remove the entire romper. Thanks to its 100 percent cotton construction, it’s soft to the touch, too. Your child should have no problem staying comfortable as they live long and prosper.

Key Features:

  • 100 percent cotton fabric
  • Simple snap closure system
  • For babies between 12 and 18 months old
  • Bright red color
  • Gold Starfleet insignia


LEGO Minifigures Series 19: Fox Suit Mascot Minifigure 71025

The LEGO Minifigures series is a collection of limited-edition models. They’re compatible with all LEGO sets and add some new versatility in how you can play.

The series is typically sold in opaque mystery bags, so you never knew what you’re getting. This Fox Suit Mascot figure is one of the rarer options. It comes pre-opened in a clear polybag. While that might eliminate the mystery, it does ensure that you’re getting the correct figure for your collection.

The Minifigure is just another one of LEGO’s many whimsical pieces. The LEGO character is clad in a fox suit and is holding a chicken!

Key Features:

  • Two-piece set
  • Standard Minifigure size
  • Collectible


#21 – Premium PS4 PlayStation 4 Wood Effect Vinyl Wrap

What a great way to personalize your PS4. This premium quality vinyl wrap comes with two free matching stickers for your controllers. The precision cut to the exact dimensions. The panel comes as a separate piece for an easy application and a better way to show off your gaming console to all of your friends. The vinyl will ship within three days and is made from the highest quality in Oxford in the United Kingdom. The wrap skin does not have any residue upon removal. There are several video tutorials on applying the vinyl on your console or controllers, sure to help you get everything on in the correct place each and every time.


#22- Buy Your Geek A Domain Name

An unusual gift, but one that might inspire them to start their own blog or online business. Domains cost less than $10 a year or free if you buy your nerd hosting with BlueHost. Use this handy domain checker to see if the domain name is available.

We’ve also written a pretty darn good guide on the best domain registrars.

Best Geek Gifts From $25 – $50

23. Useless Box Kit

If you can’t think of something useful to get the geek or nerd in your life, why not something useless? The Useless Box Kit is a box that serves no purpose whatsoever. Flick a switch and a mechanical hand will appear to flip the switch back off. In addition to two AA batteries, you’ll also need a soldering iron to build this box.


24. Omegon Universe2go Planetarium

If you can’t wait until the nighttime to view the stars, you’ll love the Omegon Universe2go Planetarium. Hold this device up to your eyes to fill your vision full of stars. The device supports eight different visual modes with three total hours of audio explanations about the constellations and objects in the sky. The Omegon Universe2Go Planetarium also tracks over 150 celestial objects. Astronomy novices and experts alike will love this device.


USB Floppy Disk I Am Your Father T-shirt

Whether you’re looking to spoil yourself, a coworker, or a loved one, this shirt is a fantastic choice. It’s a simple cotton tee that’s adorned with colorful screen printing. The design depicts an old-school floppy disk and a modern flash drive. Humorous and dripping with cultural references, the tee highlights the huge technological jump we’ve experienced in the last few decades.

It’s a quirky shirt that infuses some fun and whimsy into the day of whoever wears it. The shirt is well-made, easy to maintain, and has a design that’ll bring a smile to any tech nerd’s face!

Key Features:

  • 100 percent cotton
  • Machine-washable
  • High-quality screen print
  • Lightweight
  • Durable hems
  • Available in several sizes


Ubikort SStar Wars Lamp 3D Night Light

Fans of Star Wars rejoice! This unique sci-fi lamp puts the Millenium Falcon right in your room! See a detailed diagram of the famed spaceship in all its intricate glory.

The light is not like others you might be used to. It’s made up of two parts. You have the base, which shines several color-changing LED lights upwards. Then, you have the laser-etched acrylic panel. The colors shine on the etched markings, creating a stunning light show you don’t want to miss.

The lamp has seven color modes, allowing you to get the look that matches your room best. It’s powered by either a USB connection or replaceable batteries.

Key Features:

  • Acrylic
  • Laser-etched Millenium Falcon
  • Color-changing LED lights
  • Seven color modes
  • Utilizes AA batteries or Micro USB connection


27. getDigital Doormat You shall not pass

Keep the Balrogs out with this awesome doormat. You can be like Gandalf in Lord of the Rings and keep your unwanted guests away from your home. This mat is made from durable, think coir fibres that will thoroughly clean your shoes and suck up any moisture at the same time. No dirt shall pass, either! The print is deeply dyed for a long lasting crisp image and will be able to stand up to anything that is wiped on it or any kind of harsh elements that it comes up against. The size of the mat is larger than some others on the market, measuring 23.7 inches by 15.7 inches. It comes with a rubber back to make sure it stays in place even during the windiest of situations. The fibres are made of 100 percent all natural coconut husks, meaning that they are environmentally friendly and they are biodegradable. Coconut husks are 100 percent renewable, so you can recycle this mat if you ever get tired of it…which is most likely not possible! This is the perfect gift for the Lord of the Rings geek in your life.


28. Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Cooperative Deck Building Card Game

This card game gives you the opportunity to play as your favorite Harry Potter character to help defend the wizarding world from evil forces. Help the characters gain influence to master powerful spells, recruit Allies, and uncover magical items with this 140 card game set. There are seven different adventures for you to advance through. You will gain more skills as you reveal progressively and more challenging adventures to unlock new secrets and save Hogwarts from the Dark Lord. The set includes 252 cards, four dice, seven game boxes, four player boards, eight villain control tokens and 70 chip pieces. The Harry Potter fan in your life will love this game and will probably play it Hogwarts themed parties all of the time!


29. Dungeons & Dragons Starter Set || With Bonus Viking RPG 7 Piece Dice Set || Bonus Black Velveteen Drawstring Storage Pouch ||

For the younger geek in your life, this set is perfect for someone who is just learning how to play Dungeons and Dragons. This set includes all of the pieces necessary to play as well as other bundled items. The Dungeon Master’s 64 page adventure book and the 32 pages rulebook for playing characters level one through five are all included in this set, which will help the younger players understand exactly how the game is played and mastered. This game provides a wholesome, adventure type style great for shaping a young child’s imagination and is usually suggested for ages 10 and older. The game should also consist of one to five players. The characters in this game are five pre-generated characters and each character has a sheet complete with supporting reference material. There is also a bonus of seven Viking themed, RPG, and gorgeous, multi-sided dice from Q-Worksho. All of this also includes a black velveteen drawstring storage pouch as well.


30. Cuff-Daddy Working Silver USB Flash Drive Cufflinks 32GB Total with Presentation Box

These are really high quality cuff links just for the special man in your life. They also are equipped with a working silver USB Flash Drive as well that holds 32GB of memory. The cufflinks come in a really classy presentation box. This is really great for the guy who has to wear a lot of classy clothes to work or to go out for business. These cufflinks are really great gifts for all the men in your life – your dad, your husband or fiancé, his groomsmen, etc. They would truly appreciate the thought and the memory storage. The cufflink box is a sleek clamshell box that snaps shut – it’s already ready to be gifted. If you are not happy, the company will give you a refund within the first 24 hours of returning the cufflinks back to the store.


Best Geek Gifts From $50 – $100

31. Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App Controlled Robot

While Star Wars: The Force Awakens focused on heroes like Rey and Finn, the real star of the show was the spherical droid known as BB-8. With the Sphero Star Wars BB-8 App Controlled Robot, you can have a BB-8 droid of your very own. By using a smartphone or tablet, you can guide BB-8 around any space imaginable. You can also use hand gestures and arm movements to have BB-8 follow you. You can use the included Force Band to play a variety of minigames with BB-8, such as helping the little droid collect Holocrons.


Josh Bach Men’s Periodic Table Necktie

Here’s another great gift for those smarties in your life. This one is best for science fanatics! The tie is made of soft silk. It’s the same stuff you’d find on premium neckties from big-name designers. However, this one is sporting a little more whimsy!

The design is a print of the periodic table. The table is blue and features white lettering for high visibility. It’s not some recreation, either. Look closely, and you’ll find that the table is as accurate as the one in your recipient’s lab!

Key Features:

  • 57.5 inches long
  • About 3 inches at widest point
  • Silk
  • It comes with a decorative gift tin can


33. Arc Star Floating Speaker | Bluetooth and NFC | Smartphone Charger | 360° Sound

Step into the future with the Arc Star Portable Wireless Floating Bluetooth Speaker. This speaker uses magnets to float high above the base. When in use, this circular speaker spins around to amplify its volume and take advantage of the built-in sound guide code. The built-in NFC function lets you pair this speaker with any smartphone or tablet that supports Bluetooth. It also doubles as a smartphone charger!


Decodyne Math Wall Clock – Unique Wall Clock

Have a math junkie in your life? This clock makes the perfect gift for arithmetic nerds everywhere!

Instead of your standard numbers, you have complex mathematical equations. These equations run the gamut from basic multiplication to complicated algebra.

Provide a fun challenge to onlookers! The clock is well-made and perfectly matches an educational theme. The equations are white and sit atop a black base. The design scheme mimics a blackboard. Plus, the colors offer up some nice contrast for good visibility across the room.

Key Features:

  • It measures about 11.5 inches in diameter
  • Black chalkboard-style design
  • It runs on AA batteries
  • Best for math buffs


35. Necronomicon Book Prop Horror Movie Wiccan Spellbook

This book prop would be an excellent gift for anyone who is a horror movie fan. This prop is sculpted by hand in very gruesome detail and casts out of high quality latex and hand-painted for a truly unique look. The exterior of the book features 3D latex on the front, sides and the back, give the prop a more horrifying look to the collector. The interior features original graphic art, runes, and spells that are inspired by the movie and the book is 150 pages. 36 of those page are filled with the spells that come from the movie, then the rest of the pages are blank, meaning that you can add your own words to the text too. The pages are thick, mulchy, paper in a deep natural woody tone to give it a more ancient look. This book is truly authentic and would be an awesome collector’s gift.


36. Avengers Marvel Legends Series Infinity Gauntlet Articulated Electronic Fist

The Avengers fan in your family will love this Articulated Electronic Fist. The articulated fingers with fist-lock display mode have movie-inspired sound effects. The fist has a pulsating stone that gives off different glow light effects. This would also be a great gift for the one in your family that enjoys role-playing games and events around your area. The Premium articulated electronic fist would be perfect for roleplay. This is collector-inspired attention to detail. The packaging includes the gauntlet and instructions. This requires three triple A batteries, but they are not included. If you have an Avengers fan in your household, this would be the perfect gift for them!


PicTek PS4 Wireless Controller

The PICTEK controller is an excellent alternative to the traditional DualShock controllers that come with the PS4. While the standard Sony-made devices are great, they aren’t that comfortable for many people. The PICTEK model addresses some of the original’s shortcomings.

It has beefier shoulders to hold onto. They fit nicely in the palm of the hand and provide an ergonomic grip as you play.

All of the usual features in the original controller are found here. You get dual-vibration motors, tons of sensors, and that large touchpad.

Key Features:

  • 1,300 mAh battery
  • Up to 16 hours of playtime
  • Transmits up to 26 feet away
  • Dual-vibration motor
  • Six-axis sensors
  • Compatible with PS4 and Windows
  • Larger ergonomic shoulders


38. Heng Balance LED Lamp

The Heng Bedroom Table Lamp is a great gift for the technology lover in your family. It has a Red Dot Award – winning design for 2016. The unique balance magnetic spheres suctions to turn the lamp when you tried of the standard switch. There are 48 LED light beads, 300 lumens, 50,000 hours of use and 3500K color temperature warm light for your eyes. The Ellipse design where the lighting element is fitted inside of the frame so the light can shine the way it’s meant too. This lamp is suitable for the study, bedroom, office, and the rooms not only benefit from the light but also the “art.”


39. Glass Handmade Crystal Sphere – Galaxy – 3″ Wide. One-of-a-kind

This is another wonderful gift for the tech lover in your life. The laser etched sphere captures the brilliance of galaxies like our own Milky Way. The crystal sphere is paired with our base light to create an illusion of different movements and emulates the forces of gravity. The light base is not included, however, each sphere includes a crystal stand. These are well-crafted and you will be able to show your guests a really great light show.


Best Geek Gifts From $100 – $250

AKG Lyra C44-USB Ultra-HD Multimode USB Microphone Bundle

Great for podcasts, vlogs, and dialog projects, this microphone bundle has everything you need to get started. The star of the show is the C44-USB mic. Made by AKG, it’s a robust piece of gear that can record high-resolution audio. The best part is the multimode feature. With a turn of a knob, you can change the way the mic picks up audio. It puts even more control at your fingertips.

The bundle also includes a USB hub and some studio headphones. The USB hub lets you connect multiple devices to one source. Meanwhile, the headphones are perfect for monitoring yourself. They are closed-back and offer a flat frequency response, so you can hear yourself clearly as you talk.

Key Features:

  • Three-in-one kit
  • Plug-and-play design
  • Wide device compatibility
  • Integrated shock mount
  • 24-bit/192 kHz audio resolution
  • Closed-back headphones


41. Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset – 64GB by Oculus

This lightweight headset by Oculus is designed with innovation in mind. The breathable fabrics and injection foam molding are developed for professional athletes. The wide quad and fast-switch LCD which will dramatically improves the visual clarity and reduces screen-door effects completely. The next-generation Oculus lenses offer a wide field of view with significantly reduced glare. The Oculus headset has integrated spatial audio, which are speakers that are built into the headset. This transports you straight into virtual reality with no additional devices required while in virtual reality. The Oculus Go requires the Oculus Companion App, which can be downloaded on iOS and Android stores on your smartphone.


42. Jon Snow Longclaw Knights Watch Sword And Plaque – Collectible Sword – Game Of Thrones

This collectible sword comes complete with a wall mountable display plaque. The blade of the sword is heavier than most other swords and is wider than most as well. The sword comes complete with a Direwolf head on the handle, which just adds to the brilliance of this display piece. The sword also comes out of the display plaque easily when you want to show it off. You will need to assemble the plaque, however it is simple and easily accomplished. You can mount the plaque on a simple wall screw. This plaque and sword comes with a wooden wall plaque with the oath of the brotherhood overlayed onto the wood itself for a more complete look. The Game Of Thrones fan in your family will love this item for sure!


Musterbrand Destiny Men Knitted Cardigan

The men’s knitted cardigan from Musterbrand is perfect for Destiny fans. It’s modeled after the Stormcallers, a warlock subclass with some very distinct abilities. This garment calls back to its iconic design and features many elements that fans will notice. Most of the cardigan is the same gray color that gamers associate with the Stormcallers. There’s also the vibrant contrast stitching and logo.

As far as comfort goes, this cardigan is fantastic. It’s pure cotton, which is great for those cool days. One unique design element is the sleeves. They’re oversized and have thumb slots to keep your hands warm!

Key Features:

  • 100-percent cotton
  • Long sleeves with thumb slots
  • Metal buttons
  • Grey with yellow accents
  • Machine washable on gentle cycle


Lavley Nerd Socks

Check out these nerd-centric socks! Socks are one of the few places that you can go all out and let your personality shine. You can rock colorful socks under professional attire for a little touch of nerdiness wherever you go.

These socks from Lavely are a great way to put your love of technology on full display. Several designs are up for grabs. This one is a visual depiction of binary code. The bit numbers adorn the entire tube sock. Meanwhile, the toes, heel, and leg band are solid black.

Overall, the socks are well-made and ready for action!

Key Features:

  • It fits most shoe sizes
  • Unisex
  • Premium knit construction
  • 85 perfect cotton, 10 percent spandex, and 5 percent elastic
  • Available in several designs


45. Nest (T3007ES) Learning Thermostat (Third Generation), Works with Alexa

If you love technology and having all of your devices synced up to the same system, then the Nest Learning Thermostat is perfect for you! The Nest Learning Thermostat is compatible with Alexa for voice control and she can set the room exactly the way that you would like it to stay. This is the 3rd generation of Nest and now, it comes in four beautiful colors to choose from. The display is bright and easy to read. The thermostat helps make your home more energy efficient. After a few manual adjustments, then you are ready for the automatic adjusting to kick in.

The Nest Thermostat was something called Farsight now, which means that it will light the thermostat up to show you the temperature, weather or the time. You can personalize the Nest Thermostat, like choosing between analog clock or digital. The Nest is a style that is really hard to beat. Nest devices communicate with each other but also with other smart devices around your home. All of the data that Nest gathers can help you decide when to do certain tasks during your cleaning schedules. Let Nest help you simplify your home and take care of the people inside of it and the world around it.


46. Nuvitron Vintage Nixie Tube Clock – Handcrafted

The Nuvirton Vintage Nixie Tube Clock has been updated for the 2018 model. It has an easy to program alarm function, as well LED’s that backlight in of the tubes are added decoration. The tubes are easily swappable if required due to its new copper socket pins. The Nixie Tube Clock is a handmade item, with a team of artisans spending at least 30 hours of building it. There is linseed oil used to nourish the wood while the building process was going on. This is really a great conversation piece and it would be a really great keepsake item to pass to the next generation.


47. Game of Thrones House Targaryen Stein – 22 Oz Ceramic Base with Pewter Baratheon Crown Top

This is a perfect gift for your Game of Thrones fan in your family. Join House Targaryen in a toast with this highly detailed ceramic stein. This holds approximately 22 ounces of Westeros’ finest mead and is a replica of the Royal Crown of Robert Baratheon. It is embossed with the House Targaryen’s dragon sigil and banner with the words “Fire and Blood” engraved. This is an officially licensed HBO Game of Thrones product and would be a great collector’s item!


Best Geek Gifts Under $1000


Sometimes, bigger is better, and the DELL 43 ULTRA HD 4K MULTI-CLIENT MONITOR is as big as they come. This massive 43-inch display offers visuals up to a stunning Ultra HD 4k resolution. You can connect four independent clients to this monitor, which will let you do four times as many tasks at once. With no bezels getting in the way, this monitor lets you switch between displays instantly. This monitor is a perfect gift if you know a nerd or a geek is ready to take their gaming experience to the next level.


49. Piper Computer Kit | Educational Toy that Teaches STEM and Coding through Minecraft

The young geek or nerd in your life will love the Piper Computer Kit. This kit teaches coding through a series of Minecraft challenges. This device is a fully-functioning computer that encourages tinkering and experimentation. The Piper Computer Kit features LED lights, sensors, buzzers and much more. After completing the built-in challenges, you can use the Wi-Fi functionality to download additional challenges.


50. HTC VIVE – Pro Virtual Reality System

The HTC Vive is one of the leading virtual reality headsets on the market today. HTC has partnered with Valve to provide the SteamVR service, a service that gives Vive owners hundreds of VR games to play. The adjustable headset and eye relief adjustments ensure that gamers of all ages can comfortably use this device. The wireless controllers let you freely move around and fully immerse yourself into the VR experience. However, you don’t have to stand to play, as the SteamVR Tracking software can provide just as good of an experience for gamers who are sitting down.


51. LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon 75192 Building Kit (7541 Pieces)

This is the ultimate gift for the ultimate Star Wars fan. The exterior features include detailed, removable hull panels and a lowering boarding ramp. The concealed blaster cannon and four-minifigure cockpit with a detachable canopy are some pretty cool features that were added to give this kit a more realistic feel. The interchangeable round and rectangular sensor dishes are added as well for a more completed vision. No detail was left unnoticed. This LEGO Star Wars kit is packed with awesome, authentic details, making the display even more impressive to the eye. The kit comes with two different sets of crew members, meaning you can reenact older or newer Episodes of Star Wars.

You can also remove the hull panels to be able to see totally inside and play your way. There is also an included booklet that provides information on the designers and behind-the-scene facts about the set itself.

This is really a great collector’s item, check this list of popular Lego kits for adults.


52. LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 76042 The SHIELD Helicarrier

Any Marvel fan will be drooling over this Helicarrier building kit. This SHIELD Helicarrier is gigantic and will make any Marvel fan feel proud to display in their home. This kit includes three microscale Quinjets, three fighter jets, gasoline truck, two forklift trucks, two runways, and four road blockades. The armored exterior comes with translucent elements and a detailed interior. The kit also includes 12 decorated minifigures and a collector’s information plaque. The minifigures are of Nick Fury, Black Widow, Captain America, Hawkeye, and Maria Hill, plus the iconic SHIELD Eagle display stand. The LEGO Marvel Super Heros building toys are compatible with all LEGO construction sets for creative building plus adding lights and spinning rotors to the Helicarrier to make it even more realisitic!


53. nuraphone — Wireless Bluetooth Over Ear Headphones with Earbuds, Creates Personalized Sound for You

Nuraphone Bluetooth headphones are the world’s first headphones that automatically learn to adapt to your hearing and brings you closer to the music that you love to listen to. The new Nuraphone model, the G2, now incorporates new features such as active noise cancellation, social mode, touch functionality, spoken battery level and audible charging signal. This model also adds the functions of offline mode and Bluetooth quick switch, along with improved voice calls. Not to mention, all of the original benefits of the nuraphone.

The in-ear buds provide crisp and clear melodies and over the ear cups deliver bass that you can feel deep in your soul. This would be an awesome gift to the techy that’s in your life. The Nuraphone has won the CES 2018 Best of Innovation, Red Dot 2018 Best of the Best Award, as well as the 2018 Good Design Award Winner. The headphones also have a 20 hour battery life and six internal microphones for clear voice calls. There is a companion app available on iOS and Android that will help you get the most use out of your headphones, too.


54. The Lord of the Rings Collector’s Chess Set

This collector’s item is sold by The Noble Collection. This chess set would be the perfect gift for the Lord of the Rings fan in your life and also for the avid chess player. The 32 playing pieces are precise miniature sculptures made of pewter. The pieces are the actual cast members and they are so realistic that they were personally approved by each actor. The ancient map of the Middle-earth is mounted below the chess surface and the base features the memorable characters from different scenes from the movie. The board measure 15 by 15 and is officially authorized by Warner Brothers. This would be a really great gift for a huge fan or collector of the Lord of the Rings memorabilia.


FancyG Retro Geek Nerd Style Round Shape Glass Frame

“Nerd culture” is all the rage these days. It seems like everyone is ditching the high-fashion accouterments for something a little more down-to-Earth. There’s no better way to cement the nerd look with a pair of thick-rimmed glasses!

These costume glasses fit the bill without any vision correction whatsoever. They don’t have a lens at all, so your vision is unaffected.

The frame is circular, which harkens back to the early days of prescription lenses. Use the accessory to add the finishing touch to your outfit. Whether you wear these as part of a costume or to add some fun to your everyday look, there’s no denying that they have some nerdy appeal.

Key Features:

  • Lens-free
  • Available in several colors
  • Made of durable plastic
  • Metal hinges
  • Classic retro design


56. Ghostbusters Mattel Exclusive Prop Replica Neutrino Wand

The Neutrino Wand would be perfect for the ghostbusters fan in your family. This is a replica, meaning that you cannot actually use the wand the same way that they used it in Ghostbusters, but you sure can pretend. This would be a great collector’s item and a really great addition to any Ghostbusters collection.


57. iRobot Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Wi-Fi Connectivity, Works with Alexa

The iRobot Roomba vacuum cleaner has power-lifting suction and delivers five times the suction for improved pick-up performance and a premium three-stage cleaning system. This system loosens, lifts, and suctions the dirt, dust, and pet hair right off of your floor. Dual Multi-Surface Rubber Brushes instantly adjust and flex to stay in constant contact with floors. The patented dirt detection sensors tell the Roomba that it needs to work harder on certain areas where there are high traffic zones of your home. Roomba is compatible with Alexa, meaning that you can run your Roomba with voice control or Google Assistant as well.


Best Geek Gifts Over $1000

58. Custom Designed Death Star Fire Pit

Burn your meats like the Empire burned the Rebels with the Custom Designed Death Star Fire Pit. This fire pit measures 30 inches across and safely encapsulates the roaring blaze inside of it. However, if you need a larger globe, it’s also available in a 37.5-inch size. The Custom Designed Death Star Fire Pit is made entirely of steel with the manufacturer basing it on the reconstructed Death Star seen in Episode VI.


59. Best HP Spectre – The World’s Thinnest Laptop

The Best HP Spectre holds the title of being the world’s thinnest laptop. However, just because it’s thin, doesn’t mean this laptop isn’t packing a punch. With an i7 2.5 GHz CPU, 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB hard drive, this device can play all of the hottest games. This laptop also comes with a preinstalled copy of Windows 10 Home 64-bit Edition. Lastly, the built-in HD webcam and microphone will allow you to keep in contact with the recipient of this gift.


Lightsaber Light up LED Chopsticks

Have the fight of your life against your favorite meal! The lightsaber chopsticks from Luxxis offer a fun spin on the classic sci-fi weapon. Made of clear acrylic, these chopsticks reflect light coming from LED lights in the base.

This particular set includes two pairs of chopsticks. One features blue lights while the other has red.

The chopsticks work like any old pair of eating utensils. You can easily pop off the battery compartment to wash the sticks after each use. As for battery life, you’re looking at somewhere between 12 and 15 hours. These cute little gift items use LR41 batteries, which are readily available at most stores.

Key Features:

  • About 10.25 inches long
  • It comes in a pair of two
  • Removable battery compartment
  • Utilizes three LR41 batteries each
  • It lasts up to 15 hours


Something for Everyone

While all of these gifts tap into a different area of geek and nerd culture, they all have one thing in common: Each gift is a ton of fun. Whichever gift you purchase for the geek or nerd in your life, you can rest assured knowing that the recipient will love it for years to come.

If you want some more ideas for geek gifts check out my best laptops for programming and laptops for graphic designers, if you have a bit more money to spend!

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