Udemy Review

Udemy is one of the larger private online course providers. They have managed to aggregate and educate 6 million students over the past several years, proving that their system and philosophy is worthwhile to their clients. With over 25 thousand courses available to site visitors, there is also no shortage of subject matter for those who want to learn.

What Does Udemy Offer?

The primary types of courses that Udemy provides are related to software and coding. If you are someone who is an engineer or on your way to becoming one, the site will give you solid leads on what types of courses to take to gain marketable skills. Currently, options like responsive web design and Hadoop development are gaining a lot of signups. There are also courses in business disciplines and general work types of courses. Each course has a sizable amount of video work that can be accessed via the site using any type of device.

The Benefits of Taking a Course

Learning the material is the number one reason that people sign up for coursework. On top of that, many courses at Udemy were designed with input from corporations that want specific types of education in order to better train their workers. People that notice this benefit because after they are finished their skills are that much more marketable. Another reason that people are compelled to take courses is that some of them are free and allow you to work with a discipline or work area that you haven’t worked with before without a lot of financial commitment. In that vein, most of the courses are very reasonably priced and they scale to match the number of hours that the instructor allows the course to be.

The makeup of each course differs, with most of them providing video plus a quiz or test component sequence that allows students to study and then show competency as they move forward through the syllabus. Some courses make extensive use of online tools and will guide you through processes in a hands-on fashion at times instead of relying solely on theory.

Strengths of Udemy

If you are thinking about learning online and you do not need university credit to prove that you have learned a competency, Udemy is one of the best places to study. There are thousands of courses. They are accepted by several large companies as a place to study- and the competencies are largely transferable to jobs within those companies.

Another positive is that Udemy allows its teachers to keep a great deal of the money that they make for each course. In dollars and sense terms, this means that you will likely attract a higher level of educator than you might if the pay was just average.

Of course, being able to take advantage of learning by using a smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer means that your learning site will travel with you where-ever you go, giving you a chance to work in some study whenever you have a free moment.

To do that, Udemy has created an environment where many courses can be taken whenever you have time to take them, erasing any problems with scheduling your courses around your work life.

Finally, Udemy offers realistic course rating feedback from students who have taken individual courses. This type of feedback can be invaluable in helping you to understand how effective other people felt that the experience was for them.

Areas Where There Could Be Improvement

Although Udemy’s system works well for over 6 million students who have taken over 20 million courses, there can sometimes be questions about individual courses and how they are designed. This is largely a format problem and has little to do with content- although if the content for a course needs to be upgraded, the students in the review sessions will indicate this. By format, what is meant is that there can sometimes be differences in platforms that snafus like not including the ability to enter accents for foreign languages from the keyboard on any other platform except for IOS exist.

Those types of problems tend to be caused by a lack of technical understanding by the instructor. Another area with room for improvement is the notion that Udemy tends to shy away from issuing their own certification. The coursework may allow you to be competent enough to take a test, but that test isn’t necessarily available through Udemy. Extending their services to a model like that might make it easier for them to issue their own certifications for technologies that do not have their own tests.


Udemy is a very sophisticated site that will allow you to learn almost any topic that affects a professional for a reasonable price. It would be nice to see them develop a system that allow for more formal certification as they move forward.

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