WeChat Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet – 2017 Edition

WeChat is a beast of a messaging app. With over 889 million active users, WeChat ( called Weixin in China ) is China’s equivalent to WhatsApp or Line and is the fastest growing ChatApp in the World.

Below I have created a little cheat sheet to help users improve the look of their WeChat (Weixin) profile page and posts by uploading the correct sized images for this Chinese social network giant.

There’s not a huge amount to cover in terms of optimal image sizes, but it’s important to be able to upload the correct file size, image resolution and pixel sizes when using WeChat.

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WeChat (Weixin) Image Sizes Cheat Sheet

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  1. Hi Jamie, do you have more details on this matter… such as the maximum width size for a sticker, and the maximum size/ratio of the preview/thumbnail of an image if it was a JPG image instead if GIF (as i want the image to be opened fullscreen on a user’s phone. Thanks in advance.

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