Yellow Hex Color Codes

Searching for the ideal shade of yellow? Look no further than our hex color code and RGB value charts in this article.

With 33 unique shades of yellow, choosing the perfect hue to evoke your desired emotion has never been easier.

In this table you’ll find color swatches that allow you to visualize each shade and are supplemented with the corresponding name, hex code, and RGB color codes so that you can be sure your selection will perfectly align with its intended purpose.

Pure Yellow

Stand out with the dazzling hue of Pure Yellow.

Whether you’re crafting a logo or designing an eye-catching website, this vibrant color is sure to captivate your audience and add life to any project! For easy reference, its Hex Code is #FFFF00.

RGB color models combine red, green, and blue light to create any shade our eyes can observe.

Yellow is a secondary color in this model since it necessitates the addition of both red and green light with no trace of blue for yellow1 hues.

Proven by every computer monitor, television screen or smartphone out there – the additive RGB system yields true yellow through complete activation of red and green light while keeping blue completely off!

Bright yellow is represented by the #FFFF00 color hex code, which implies that its antithesis hue would be pristine blue.

With RGB values of 255 for red and green, but none for blue, this vivid yellow definitely belongs in web-safe colors since it can likewise be displayed using only the code #FF0.

If you are converting to CMYK for printing, the ideal colors are 0% cyan, 0% magenta, 100% yellow and 0%, written as C:0 M:0 Y:100 K:0.

Yellow pigment is a primary color in subtractive color theory, meaning no other hues or tints can be mixed to create it — it must be used as-is.

Shades of Yellow

When it comes to yellow shades, the range begins with a light hue and progresses through several layers of increasing darkness.

Starting from pure yellow1 hexadecimal number up until black, there are nine distinctive stages in between—although you may not be able to recognize the latter few as still being part of the yellow spectrum!

Fear not though; after these tints come another 20 unique hues that make up this captivating color family.


Tints of Yellow

Let’s take a look at the different shades of yellow, from maximum yellow (#FFFF00) to pure white! Yellow tints include canary, pastel and very pale yellows.

From there we will explore every hue on its way to becoming entirely whitewashed.


Yellow Color Codes

Step outside of the ordinary and explore a spectrum of vibrant yellows! From sunny yellow-orange to velvety golden yellow, as well as delicate cream or even sepia hues – there’s something perfect for any project.

Be sure to take note of the exact shades with included swatches and assigned hexadecimal numbers so that you can quickly copy it directly into your web page or design projects without hassle.

ColorColor NameHex(RGB)
Bright Yellow#FFF200(255, 242, 0)
Mellow Yellow#F8DE7E(248, 222, 126)
Cyber Yellow#FFD300(255, 211, 0)
Royal Yellow#FADA5E(250, 218, 94)
Banana Yellow#FCF4A3(252, 244, 163)
Tuscany Yellow#FCD12A(252, 209, 42)
Lemon Yellow#EFFD5F(239, 253, 95)
Bumblebee#FCE205(252, 226, 5)
Cream#FFFDD0(255, 253, 208)
Peach#FFE5B4(255, 229, 180)
Laguna Yellow#F8E473(248, 228, 115)
Mustard Yellow#FEDC56(254, 220, 86)
Corn#E4CD05(228, 205, 5)
Pineapple Yellow#FEE12B(254, 225, 43)
Flaxen#D5B85A(213, 184, 90)
Egg Nog#F9E29C(249, 226, 156)
Trombone#D2B55B(210, 181, 91)
Flax#EEDC82(238, 220, 130)
Ecru#CEB180(206, 177, 128)
Sepia#E3B778(227, 183, 120)

Color conversion

The hexadecimal color #FFFF00 has RGB values of R: 100, G: 100, B: 0 and CMYK values of C: 0, M: 0, Y: 1, K:0.

RGB DECIMAL255, 255, 0rgb(255,255,0)
RGB PERCENTAGE100, 100, 0rgb(100%, 100%, 0%)
CMYK0, 0, 100, 0
HSL60°, 100, 50hsl(60°, 100%, 50%)
HSV (OR HSB)60°, 100, 100
WEB SAFEffff00#ffff00
CIE-LAB97.139, -21.554, 94.478
XYZ77.003, 92.783, 13.853
XYY0.419, 0.505, 92.783
CIE-LCH97.139, 96.905, 102.851
CIE-LUV97.139, 7.706, 106.787
HUNTER-LAB96.324, -21.054, 55.72
BINARY11111111, 11111111, 00000000
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