How to Write an Effective Blog Posts That Get You Traffic

Blogs are a hugely important part of the online atmosphere. While they might have originally started as simple personal journals, they’ve become something more. They’re a great way to establish a personal brand and to make a business seem more relevant to consumers. Blogs are still, however, difficult for many to write. When presented with …

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5 Best FTP Clients

In this post we will show you our Top 5 best FTP client software for bloggers. The products we have listed have been tested by myself over the years, and I truly do recommend them. A file transfer protocol (FTP) client is a must for anyone who works on websites or runs a server. An …

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The jQuery Mega Cheat Sheet

jQuery Mega Cheat Sheet

As part of our huge series of cheat sheets to help creatives and web developers speed up their daily tasks and spend more time doing other things, we have created a jQuery Mega Cheet Sheet. Feel free to share this graphic with work colleagues and anyone you think may find this cheat sheet useful. Download …

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