5 Best FTP Clients

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A Guide To The Best Favicon Generators

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The jQuery Mega Cheat Sheet

jQuery Mega Cheat Sheet

As part of our huge series of cheat sheets to help creatives and web developers speed up their daily tasks and spend more time doing other things, we have created a jQuery Mega Cheet Sheet. Feel free to share this graphic with work colleagues and anyone you think may find this cheat sheet useful. Download … Read more

Best Managed WordPress Hosting – 2018

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The Perfect Twitter Profile Cheat Sheet

Twitter has over 300 million users who are engaging with brands every single day. This huge adoption of Twitter is a great marketing opportunity since it is now part of your customers’ native behaviour. If you are a small or large business who can tell your story in an engaging way then you need to … Read more

47 Blog & Content Ideas For When You Have A Mental Block

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How to Register a Domain Name

If you want to build a website, one of the very first things you will want to do is to register a domain name for it. If you’re not sure what a domain name is, think of it like your web address. If you think of your website like a storefront, you have to secure … Read more

The Best CDN Services For WordPress 2018

Having a CDN for my site has done wonders for my load speed and rankings on Google. The same can work for your website or blog. There are millions of websites online today. The competition is fierce. Websites with the top content and fastest delivery get the most traffic. FACT! So how can your WordPress … Read more

History of Women in Computing

From programming languages to robotics to interaction designs, women have been pioneers in the evolution of computing. But what’s surprising is that only a few women enter computing as a career today. Before the 1980s, many women undertook computer science degrees, but with the advent of the home computer (early 1980s), this number steadily dropped. … Read more