How to Fix “Checkpoint Required” on Instagram

Like millions of people around the world, you probably log onto Instagram every day.

It’s a great way to stay in touch with others, follow the latest trends, and spend a few minutes viewing gorgeous photos and stories.

Usually, logging off goes off without a hitch.

But what if it suddenly doesn’t?

One common issue that many people is the dreaded “Checkpoint Required” error. This somewhat alarming notice appears as a banner on top of the screen whenever you attempt to log in.

It may even appear in the middle of a browsing session or after you try to post a new snap. It’s a bright red banner, so it’s one that you can’t ignore. Not only that, but it usually logs you out and prevents you from trying to get back in.

What gives?

In this blog, we’ll go over this mysterious error and show you how to fix it once and for all!

What is the “Checkpoint Required” Error, and Why Does it Happen?

This error occurs for one reason: Account security. It’s a frustrating thing to see, but consider it a good thing.

Instagram takes account security pretty seriously, and this is just one feature that prevents cybercriminals from gaining unauthorized access. Think of it as a form of protection against hacking.

The “Checkpoint Required” error typically occurs whenever the platform believes you’re getting hacked. However, there are a few other reasons that trigger the protocol.

One is that you’re using a third-party app to access the Instagram servers. There are many legitimate reasons why you might use another service. Perhaps you’re trying to connect a post-scheduling app to maximize your use of the platform. That may be good and innocent, but the behavior might lead Instagram’s built-in security technology to think otherwise.

The platform actively works to prevent third-party automation services that provide likes and follows. It’s a way for Instagram to prevent users from gaining followers through nefarious means. Those services are against Instagram’s community guidelines, so they often trigger the “Checkpoint Required” error to occur.

Finally, you may see the error when you log in from a completely different location. When you spend months and years logging in from a specific city in a particular country, Instagram knows to expect that information.

So sudden changes while you’re traveling or using a VPN lead the system to believe that your information was stolen and your account is getting hacked!

How to Fix the “Checkpoint Required” Error

No matter the reason for seeing the “Checkpoint Required” error, it’s relatively easy to fix. As long as you’re not using third-party services against the platform’s rules, these tips should help you get back in without a hitch.

Fix #1: Try Again and Confirm Your Identity

Sometimes, fixing the error is as simple as logging out and trying again. The whole reason this issue happens is that Instagram thinks that your login attempt is not authentic. So, you may have to try again and confirm your identity.

To do that, log out and close the app. Make sure to close the app entirely. That means going into your phone’s app switcher and ensuring it doesn’t just run in the background. You can even reset your phone to make sure.

Once you close the app, you can reopen it and attempt to log in. You should see a brand-new screen after providing your username and password. This one has the title “Was This You?”

The window informs you that someone has tried to log in. But of course, the “Checkpoint Required” error happened, and it was unsuccessful. The window then presents two options. Hit the “It Was Me” box, and you should regain access immediately.

If you try to log in the second time and still get the “Checkpoint Required” error, you may need to use a different device. Log onto Instagram’s website on your computer instead.

You’ll see the same “Was This You” page with a little more information about the login attempt. Click on “It Was Me,” and the issue should be no more.

Fix #2: Request an Access Code

Sometimes, Instagram requires a little more reassurance that it genuinely is you trying to log into your account. After tapping “It Was Me,” Instagram may bring you to yet another page. This one is for utilizing an access code.

When requested, the platform will send a unique access code to your email or phone via SMS text. Instagram will send that code to whatever number or email account you have on file for your account.

The code is temporary, so quickly find it and input it into the form. If successful, that should be enough to get through the security check and eliminate the “Checkpoint Required” error.

Fix #3: Update and Reinstall the App

If you’re still having issues, try updating the app.

Instagram implements new security checks all the time. Updates are more frequent than you think, but many people have those set to download automatically. You may accidentally have turned off automatic updates, leaving you a few versions behind.

Older software is known to trigger the “Checkpoint Required” error, so updating is a quick and easy fix.

Another option is to delete the app entirely and reinstall it. Doing so will remove any data from your phone, allowing you to have a fresh start with zero cache data. After installing the app, log in as usual.

Fix #4: Disable Your Account (Temporarily)

This one sounds drastic, but hear us out!

Temporarily disabling your account can do wonders to reset any security errors. Why? People can’t hack into your account if it doesn’t exist!

It’s a great way to fix the “Checkpoint Required” error. However, it will leave you without Instagram for a few hours.

Not only that but your friends and followers won’t be able to see your account either.

Fortunately, this is a temporary measure. It will only work if you can access your account through a different device. This solution may work if you can log on through the Instagram website but not on your phone.

To disable your account, visit your profile on the Instagram website. View your profile and click on the “Edit Profile” button. After the next page loads up, scroll down to the bottom and click the “Temporarily Disable My Account” option.

When you click that, Instagram will ask you why you’re doing this. There are a handful of prewritten reasons. Choose one, and you’ll be prompted to provide your password. After that, you can hit the “Disable My Account” button.

Just like that, your account disappears into the ether! Wait for about three hours, and you can log back into your account to reactivate it. That should end the “Checkpoint Required” debacle.


You’re not alone worrying about that dreaded “Checkpoint Required” banner. It makes the platform virtually inaccessible and prevents you from viewing the content you love.

Fortunately, it’s an easy fix. Use one of the tips above, and that error will be a thing of the past.

In the future, be mindful of how you use Instagram. Avoid using third-party services with your Instagram account, and consider resetting your password. Even if this error didn’t occur due to a legitimate security risk, it’s better to be safe than sorry!

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