Blogger vs WordPress Comparison – Which is Right for You?

Starting a blog can be a time consuming and daunting task.

Not only do you need to worry about promoting your blogs by learning SEO techniques and reaching out to new readers, you need to discover the ins and outs of the blogging platform you’ve chosen. But first, they need to choose a blogging platform.

Two of the major platforms for heavy text-based blogs are Blogger and WordPress, both offer a plethora of designs and features, which can be kind of confusing for newbie bloggers. Though they both offer eye-catching features, the best blogging platform for the novice blogger might not be the best for the advanced blogger. Another deciding factor you should keep in mind is the purpose of the blog. If you want to reach out to a large fan base and keep track of your visitors and statistics, you might not use the same interface as the blogger who simply wants to keep in touch with friends and family and set up an online presence as a way to create a virtual scrapbook or online journal.

The following is a comparison of Blogger’s and WordPress’s services as well as a list of each platform’s features, divided into the website’s pros and cons.




Since Google now owns Blogger, the company offers plenty of Google built-in features, like Adwords, Adsense and Analytics, making the site extremely useful for novice bloggers.Originally started in 1999, Blogger was one of the first user-friendly interfaces for bloggers. Pyra Labs, Blogger’s original creators, started this small company in San Francisco in the middle of the rise of the dot com. After a few years, the company started generating more users and traffic. By 2002, they were pulling in several hundred thousand users. After they were purchased by Google, the site didn’t change much, and they specialize in an interface that is easy to use for bloggers who do not need a ton of bells and whistles.



Blogger’s most attractive feature to first-time and novice bloggers is its cost: free. Newer bloggers should opt for a free platform that is easy to use and has step-by-step instructions. Blogger definitely delivers a user friendly interface with widgets that are easy for users to master. The site hosts a plethora of free templates, so bloggers can customize their viewers’ experience and create a visual presence that keeps their brand consistent. The site is also extremely reliable. Blogger’s upgrades are seamless, and the site is rarely down for maintenance or due to other issues, such as hackers. Many users also love that they can connect their Blogger account to their Google Adsense and Analytics accounts for seamless tracking.



While Blogger offers many basic features and a user friendly interface for novice users, they do not offer a lot of options for more advanced bloggers. Many bloggers complain (both novice and advanced) about losing their template customizations. While the simple interface is attractive to novice bloggers, many professional and advanced bloggers complain about the lack of high-end features and more advanced options. The features are also limited, and many bloggers complain about the post editing options and minimal comments options.




Created only a year before Google purchased Blogger, WordPress was created to give bloggers a more complex blogging platform. Its simplistic style was welcoming for users who wanted their photos and written content to shine instead of the blog widget’s bells and whistles.Wordpress was created on PHP and MySQL & originally called b2/cafelog

The blogging platform markets itself to both novice and advanced users, as it offers an easy-to-use interface with simple features for new users but can be easily upgraded for advanced users.



A self-hosted WordPress blog will give you a lot more control over the look, feel and content you can publish on your blog, as well as giving you the autonomy to make money from blogging via various advertising and affiliate marketing platforms schemes.  You will also have your own domain name which will look more professional than a sub-domain which you can get from blogger.



The technical requirements required to run a self-hosted WordPress blog are a little more advanced than those required for a platform such as Blogger. You will also need to pay for hosting but this can be as cheap as $3 per month.

If you want to dive straight in and start your own blog, then I always recommend that you use BlueHost With an extremely easy WordPress installation process, plus a free domain name, you can’t go wrong!




Determining Your Needs


Depending on your blogging experience and the type of blog you want to start, both Blogger and WordPress are good options for novice and experienced users.While Blogger has been around longer than WordPress, as it stands, the site has not changed much over the years since it was purchased by Google. It is popular among bloggers who want to create an online diary or journal, highlighting big moments, such as family vacations, overseas travel and weddings. The easy-to-use analytics help users understand where their traffic originates, and users can easily link their sites to their other Google accounts.


While WordPress tends to be more popular with slightly more advanced users, the CMS has also targeted novice users with their easy-to-use publication tool and step-by-step set up instructions; however, the site’s functions exceed Blogger’s when it comes to advanced options and add-ons for more experienced bloggers.


Both platforms require little investment (a bonus for new users who don’t want to invest too much time or money), though WordPress offers you the option of upgrading to more advanced plugins and sophisticated themes.


If you are interested in setting up your own WordPress blog then check out my tutorial.


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All the best!


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My name is Jamie Spencer and I have spent the past 5 years building money making blogs. After growing tired of the 9-5, commuting and never seeing my family I decided that I wanted to make some changes and launched my first blog. Since then I have launched lots of successful niche blogs and after selling my survivalist blog I decided to teach other people how to do the same.
  • Jacob Koshy
    Posted at 08:02h, 22 January Reply

    Really useful post, I am actually planning to take my blog to the next level now and confused if I have to upgrade to wordpress. I have been doing a lot more than what you can typically do with blogger. So it’s actually a very confusing decision for me. This post helped clear some of my doubts. Thanks!

  • Nikki Hoskin
    Posted at 16:33h, 19 April Reply

    This was a good article. I like Blogger myself because of the simplicity of it. I have both Blogger and domain hosted WP in which I post on both platforms. You can get a domain via blogger or have your domain hosted on blogger as well (I don’t think that was mentioned in the article). I’m still torn on which blog platform I want to use for I blog in order to get myself out there as a freelance writer.

    • Myra Larsen
      Posted at 16:45h, 04 November Reply

      Did you figure out which blogging site is best for your purpose? I’ve had the same concern as I am in the middle of a co-authored book.

    • Elina Jacob
      Posted at 01:01h, 30 April Reply

      Dear NIKKI

      I am also confused about what to do, how to start my blog with spending as low as possible. If you check out the world wide usage of the ‘hosting’, you will get to see that WordPress in the first position and Blogger is at the second position with quite a number of people using ‘Blogger’.

      If you try to understand the actual scenario…. WordPress has so many person to tout for them, because they would get commission from both WordPress and Blue Host. But, nobody has any personal benefit when people use blogger, despite the fact Blogger is being by a good number of people, who just buy a domain name.

      Anyway I am also confused about making a choice. If you get any justified solution, you may please contact me.

      Elina Jacob

      • Jamie
        Posted at 12:26h, 10 May

        Hi Elina

        There’s nothing wrong with using Blogger. It’s a great platform for blogging with a vibrant and friendly community of bloggers using it.
        The problem with it is the inability to earn money from your content. Actually, the content belongs to Google, as it’s on their servers.

        Bottom line is, if you want to have the chance to make money from your blog via adsense, other display networks or affiliate programs, then you will need to self host your own website. To do this you will have to pay for hosting as well as a domain name. Depending on what hosting you choose, you can easily run your own website for just less than $35 per year which is 9 cents a day.

        You’re right Elina when you say about people touting WordPress and Bluehost because they get commission. I get commission from recommending Bluehost and WordPress, but that’s not the reason why I set this site up. It’s purely to help people who are in the same situation as I was back in 2008. Not knowing what to do with my blog, but knowing that I wanted a better life for my family. I promote WordPress because its the best and easiest platform to build a blog on. Period!

        Good luck with your journey.


  • Ishtiak
    Posted at 01:35h, 03 May Reply

    This is an excellent article for novice bloggers. It must help them a lot to choose the best blogging platform suitable for them.
    I personally prefer wordpress for its features and functionality. But blogger is the best free service available in the web.
    Thanks Jamie.

  • Jona
    Posted at 01:04h, 30 May Reply

    WordPress has two options, one is the blog that can be used online just like Blogger, no need for downloads or web hosting, just sign up for an account and you are ready to go. The second option is the CMS that can be downloaded and installed on a private hosting account, this one has many advanced features for online shops, personal websites, companies, etc. But it can also be used just as a simple blog.

    Check the difference: vs
    Learn How to use WordPress

  • josechukkiri
    Posted at 14:05h, 02 June Reply

    Excellent post Jamie! I think you’ve done an amazing job comparing the pros and cones of different blogging platforms. Personally I’m using WordPress (self hosting) as it’s simple to set up and you actually own that bit of web real estate with your own domain name.

  • Mazino
    Posted at 16:11h, 27 June Reply

    First I started with wordpress hosted, it was complicated to me so I decided to try blogger and since then I have stick to blogger cos it very simple. Nonetheless I know wordpress makes blogging more professional

  • AmonRootica
    Posted at 10:47h, 16 August Reply

    Wow! This comparison is very educational and now I’m well clued up!! …I hope to make the right choice!!
    Blogging is the next step to tipping some cash…..Hurray!! Thanks Jamie

  • Ray Kennedy
    Posted at 14:08h, 23 September Reply

    from what I can see WordPress is NOT user friendly as compared to the ease of use of Blogger… for an example.. go to the WordPress Blog and try to sign in.. have to jump thru hoops.. same to try to find any of the options .. a nitemare.. I have both WordPress and Blogger for a long while .. Blogger is my primary and I import all from Blogger into my WordPress basically as a ‘backup’.. same to try to find the the Import option in WordPress .. jumping thru more hoops to try to find the Tools OPTION and Import.. so how can anyone say WordPress is better than Blogger .. Blogger may not give you the extended options but Blogger is a lot more ‘user-friendly’

    • simple steve
      Posted at 21:22h, 26 September Reply

      I agree. Blogger is way simple. I always seem to have problems with WordPress. My only concern with Blogger that I’m trying to understand is why some say you can’t monetise with it or use affiliate links just because you don’t own the domain name.? Also see that you can use your domain at blogger if you want to as well but I use the sub domain for security and ease.

  • Harpreet Kumar
    Posted at 10:16h, 28 September Reply

    Wow! This comparison is very educational and now I’m well clued up!! …I hope to make the right choice!!

  • Sara
    Posted at 12:28h, 18 October Reply

    which one would be better to get a good profit as a blogger?

    • Jamie
      Posted at 08:32h, 19 October Reply as the domain / hosting belongs to you, so you are free to do what you want. No limitations, no restrictions.

      • Ellen
        Posted at 04:15h, 22 October

        Hi Jamie,

        Apparently, Google AdSense is no longer supporting

        If I upgrade Blogger to have my own URL, they still own the content? Where does it say that? I didn’t see it on their privacy policy on their site.

        Thank you, Ellen

      • Jamie
        Posted at 08:02h, 24 October

        Hi Ellen

        The Google plugin was rubbish anyway. There’s much better solutions already built into most themes like MyThemeShop themes.

        As for Blogger, if you have your content on their servers, then you are at their mercy. You don’t pay for those servers, so essentially you have no control over what they do with that content and you can’t monetise that content outside of Adsense.

        For the sake of $50 a year, you’d much rather build an audience on someone else’s server / platform ????

  • Dani G
    Posted at 15:58h, 26 November Reply

    Hi I have a question – I am a long time user but want to launch a new blog and make the switch to wordpress. I now have the option of keeping my free account or upgrading to the $3 a month upgrade – what is bluehost for? I have an offer for the same ($3) amount for blue host but would i be able to use that with the free wordpress account or should that still be upgraded to the $3 account? I own my domain name already, and the blog will be about travel and will be pic heavy so I am worried that the 3 gig of storage on the $3 wordpress upgrade wont be enough over time – please help and thank you! :)

    • Jamie
      Posted at 18:10h, 26 November Reply

      Bluehost is web hosting & comes with WP (.org) for free & you can use more than 3gb. is what you’re talking about & is not going to give you anywhere near the same level of service.

  • Tawnya Sherman
    Posted at 18:43h, 09 January Reply

    Hi Jamie!

    I have read a few of your articles, but I would love additional advice because I see conflict between my desired platform qualifications – while blogger may be easiest, Tumblr is hip with the cool kids…. Here is my context:

    I am a beginner
    My audience is college students, many who prefer devices over computers
    I want videos to be my main form of communication

    Any suggestions?

  • Rajnish Kumar
    Posted at 06:48h, 27 January Reply

    Hi Jamie,
    I think choosing a correct blogging platform is very important step for every newbie blogger, this is where they decided how far they are willing to going.
    Choosing a right platform makes things easier for them and more manageable, choosing the wrong one ruins everything and puts you on the ground in the last.
    I always prefer self hosted wordpress (even if it costs a little) over blogger as it provides the complete control over my blogs.

  • Mufeed VH
    Posted at 03:44h, 26 March Reply

    This post was really amazing and tought me the real comparison. But I think blogger is better than any of other website builders because, any one who knows html could do more on blogger. We can build a superb website with blogger by editing html and making the site more elegant with it. If we host it with any hosting sites, blogger can beat down WP. In WordPress we can’t edit html and thus only can use the inbuilt wordpress themes. Hence, I ran towards

    • Jamie
      Posted at 09:15h, 27 March Reply

      Thanks Mufeed for your comment.
      If you’re talking about, then you’re right about not being able to edit HTML. But if you were to self host on, then you would have a lot more freedom to edit your themes and play around with the HTML / CSS and PHP.

      I agree that Blogger has a lot more flexibility over when it comes to design, but I still think WP is the much better platform and one that has more longevity than Blogger. I truly believe that Blogger will be killed off at some point in the future by Google, which I think makes it a very insecure platform to base your content on.

  • Tecmobs
    Posted at 17:40h, 25 April Reply

    Please sir, I want to move my blogger site to WordPress, what do you advice.

    • Jamie
      Posted at 08:48h, 26 April Reply


      What you need to do is setup your WordPress website then go to Tools > Import from there you can import all your old posts, images & comments.



  • Wpallpress
    Posted at 05:42h, 02 June Reply

    Hi Jamie,
    Thanks for this valuable article. Actually, I have a blog on Blogger, so I want to move my Blogger blog to WordPress.
    Can You please tell me what should I do? I am new in this field, so don’t have any vast technical idea about it.

    Posted at 10:18h, 16 July Reply

    Excellent work Jamie.

  • Rebecca
    Posted at 17:45h, 03 August Reply

    I’ve been wanting to start a blog for a while. I’ve been going back and forth between WordPress and Blogger. I would like to eventually make money blogging. I realize this can take a while to achieve. I’m not sure I want to pay for domains and all those extras right away. What would you suggest for someone who wants to start slow and eventually start making money as a book and film blogger?



    • Jamie
      Posted at 11:44h, 04 August Reply

      Hi Rebecca

      If you want to make money with your blog then you will need your own domain name and hosting. Start up costs are very little. For example, with Bluehost you can get a domain name for free when you sign up to one of their hosting packages. If you sign up for a year, this will cost you no more than $60. Then whatever content you produce belongs to you and you’re free to monetize your blog.

      With the free blogging platforms like and Blogger, you will never own your content and monetiztion on these site is virtually impossible.

      • Rebecca
        Posted at 19:23h, 10 August

        Thank you so much, Jamie! I really appreciate the feedback! I will definitely check out Bluehost!

  • Vanessa Lingan
    Posted at 19:56h, 29 August Reply

    Hi Jamie,

    Can you suggest a web hosting site that will be cheap? because I got one in Go Daddy for a certain amount only but when I renewed it, it sucks because I paid higher :( Can you suggest any cheapest web hosting site?



    • Jamie
      Posted at 07:13h, 30 August Reply

      If you’re after cheap and cheerful the ipage is probably your best bet.

  • Alexandria
    Posted at 15:46h, 19 September Reply


    What are your thoughts on starting a free blog then upgrading to owning your own domain. I’m not necessarily looking to make money off my blog immediately as I am really writing for pleasure, but I also want to share my content with others. What would you suggest?


    • Jamie
      Posted at 09:21h, 20 September Reply

      Hi Alex

      If you are planning to do that at least pay for a custom domain – it’ll make things easier in the future if you do want to move blogs.

      You can read my domain registrar reviews to find out more.


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