How to Make Money on Twitter

Twitter is a versatile platform.

You can either use it to argue with random strangers or leverage it to become:

  • smarter
  • healthier
  • wealthier

This guide will teach you how to make money on Twitter.

Recommended Twitter Tools

  • Tweethunter

10 Ways to Make Money on Twitter

With consistency and commitment to building your account, you can make serious money on Twitter.

Here are 10 proven ways to do so:

  • Become a Ghostwriter
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Build Your Email List
  • Promote Your Business
  • Post Sponsored Tweets
  • Super Follows
  • Use Ticketed Spaces
  • Start a Community
  • Sell Your Products/Services
  • Get Clients

1. Become a Ghostwriter

A Twitter ghostwriter creates tweets and threads for another person or company, earning money for their writing services.

This idea can quickly become a 6-figure per year business…

To become a Twitter ghostwriter, follow these steps:

  1. Keep writing, learning, and building your Twitter brand
  2. Reach out to people looking to sell products or services
  3. Book a call/interview with potential clients
  4. Pitch them your services

Pro Tip: Reach out to agency owners, coaches, and one-man businesses selling high ticket services ($1,000+) who need more clients.

Once your prospect shows interest in your ghostwriting, request a call and ask questions like:

  • What do you teach?
  • What are your goals?
  • Who is in your network?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are your expectations?
  • What’s a fun fact about you?
  • What are your beliefs and opinions?
  • Which Twitter accounts do you look up to?
  • What are some commonly asked questions you get?

After gathering this information, you can start crafting your tweets and Twitter threads.

Note: To make money as a Twitter ghostwriter, you must first prove yourself as a successful Twitter writer. Building your brand on Twitter takes time and requires hard work and long hours to show that your tweets drive traffic and engagement.

You wouldn’t hire an out of shape personal trainer so make sure you understand how to grow Twitter accounts before you offer this.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an excellent way to make money on Twitter. As an affiliate, you earn commissions by promoting products or services through affiliate links.

Here’s the strategy breakdown:

  1. Create a high-engagement tweet
  2. Wait for a reasonable engagement rate
  3. Reply to your tweet with a second tweet containing your affiliate link

Pro Tip: Your goal in affiliate marketing is to maximize the number of clicks on your links.

Consistency is key to seeing results.

How to do it

Affiliate marketing can generate substantial income over time. Here’s the process:

  1. Purchase a product or service in your niche
  2. Use the product or service
  3. Learn about the product/service and document your results
  4. Request an affiliate link from the creator
  5. Continue building your Twitter audience
  6. Subtly promote affiliated products/services
  7. Maintain authenticity when selling

If you’re serious about making money through affiliate marketing, consider getting a coach or investing in a training course.

Pro Tip: Mention the immediate benefit or result your audience can expect from the purchase.

Understanding the product/service most important benefits requires firsthand experience.

3. Build Your Email List

Twitter is an ideal platform for collecting email subscribers. Building an email list is crucial because it can become your most valuable asset. With every email sent, your readers receive your content in their inbox, allowing you to promote your own or others’ products/services.

How to do it

To build your email list and generate income, follow these steps:

  1. Read my guide to building an email list
  2. Subscribe to an email service provider (e.g. ConvertKit or Aweber)
  3. Design an email landing page
  4. Incorporate your email landing page on your Twitter profile
  5. Use my email strategies to get your first 100 subscribers
  6. Continue building your email list

You don’t need to be an expert to excel at email marketing—just long-term vision, consistency, and commitment.

4. Promote Your Business

Twitter provides an excellent platform for promoting your business to millions of people at no cost. Instead of starting from scratch, you can learn from successful influencers who share their proven strategies, tactics, and frameworks for growing a network, accelerating income, and building social media accounts.

How to do it

To promote your business and increase your income, follow these steps:

  1. Create engaging and valuable content
  2. Participate in Twitter communities
  3. Engage in Twitter Spaces programs
  4. Engage with your audience through tweets and direct messages

Remember to promote your business appropriately and avoid sounding spammy.

5. Post Sponsored Tweets

Posting sponsored tweets is a common way to make money on Twitter. By promoting products/services in sponsored tweets, you can earn income even if you have fewer than 1,000 followers. However, it’s often better to wait until you have 5,000 to 10,000+ followers before promoting sponsored tweets.

How to do it

To promote sponsored tweets, follow these steps:

  1. Create a professional Twitter profile
  2. Engage with and grow your follower base
  3. Find companies seeking Twitter influencers to promote their products/services

Keep in mind that having more legitimate followers will increase your chances of finding companies willing to pay for sponsored content.

6. Earn Monthly Revenue with Super Follows

Twitter Super Follows is a feature that enables content creators with 10,000+ followers to charge a monthly subscription fee (up to $9.99) for exclusive content.

How to do it

To earn monthly revenue through Super Follows, follow these steps:

  1. Create a professional Twitter profile
  2. Build your Twitter following to over 10,000+ legitimate followers
  3. Meet requirements such as being 18+ years old, living in the US, and tweeting 25+ times in the past 30 days
  4. Navigate to your Twitter main menu
  5. Click on the Monetization button
  6. Click on the Super Follows button
  7. Complete the Super Follows application

Note that the Super Follows feature is still in the testing phase and may not be accessible to everyone.

7. Use Ticketed Spaces

Twitter Spaces allows users to have live audio conversations, and Ticketed Spaces is an upgrade that enables you to charge listeners for access to your content.

How to do it

You can charge between $1 and $999 per listener per Ticketed Space. To get started, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Monetization tab of your Twitter account
  2. Click on the Ticketed Spaces icon
  3. Ensure you meet the minimum eligibility criteria (e.g., being 18+ years old, having a complete Twitter profile, and a verified email address)
  4. Submit the Ticketed Spaces application
  5. Agree to Ticketed Spaces terms and conditions
  6. Complete the onboarding process
  7. Open and link your Stripe account with your Twitter/Ticketed Spaces account

Ticketed Spaces is an excellent option for those who enjoy sharing information and engaging with other users.

8. Start a Community

Building a community around any topic and using Twitter to recruit new members can generate monthly recurring income from membership fees. Communities not only provide passive income but also help expand your network.

How to do it

Building an online community takes effort but can be highly rewarding. Follow these steps:

  1. Choose your online community platform (e.g., Telegram, Slack, Discord, etc.)
  2. Decide on your community’s niche (e.g., fitness, making money online, etc.)
  3. Determine your community’s monthly membership fee
  4. Build a landing page promoting your online community
  5. Promote your online community across your network

It may take some time to grow your community’s membership, but the effort will be well worth it in the long run.

As you continue to engage with your audience and provide value, your community will thrive and contribute to your overall success on Twitter.

9. Sell Your Own Products or Services

Twitter is a fantastic platform for selling your products and/or services.

Trust me, utilizing Twitter to sell your goods/services is effective.

How to do it

Selling your products or services on Twitter is easier and more affordable than you might think – it’s actually free.

Here’s how to start selling right away:

  1. Choose the platform to sell your product/service (e.g., Gumroad, Amazon, Etsy, etc.)
  2. Set your price
  3. Add a link to your products/services on your Twitter profile landing page
  4. Promote your products/services by plugging them into high-performing tweets & threads
  5. Engage with your audience by sending targeted, personalized, and high-quality direct messages
  6. Consider promoting your products/services in your emails

In reality, there are numerous ways to begin selling your products and services. If you’re serious about making money, consider getting a coach or joining a community.

10. Get More Clients

Finding and securing clients can be challenging. However, Twitter offers an excellent community for connecting and engaging with potential clients.

Before diving in further, ask yourself:

How committed are you to landing your first few clients?

If your answer is anything other than “I don’t care,” you need to become comfortable with the idea that making a lot of money might require some investment.

But, only spend money on proven strategies.

How to do it

Finding clients on Twitter can be hard work, especially if you don’t know where to begin.

Here’s the process to secure a client in the next 30 days:

  1. Develop valuable and engaging content ideas
  2. Consistently engage with your audience through tweets and direct messages (DMs are typically the best way to connect with prospects)
  3. Gain more exposure by regularly joining Twitter Spaces and offering a free gift (ebook, step-by-step guide, etc.) to attract prospects
  4. Consider offering free webinars to your Twitter audience to introduce yourself and your products/services

Securing clients on Twitter can be either hard or easy – the choice is yours.

How to Increase Your Chances of Making Money on Twitter

You can’t expect to make money on Twitter if you don’t consistently show up, have high-quality followers, and establish trust.

Here are 4 tips to increase your chances:

  1. Create a Professional Twitter Profile
    • High-quality profile picture
    • Website URL
    • Well-crafted BIO (160 character max)
    • Memorable Twitter handle & name
    • Clean and professional background picture
  2. Create Consistent Content that Adds Value
    • Aim for daily content
    • Add value to your audience
  3. Engage with Your Audience
    • Direct messages
    • Comment on others’ posts
    • Reply to comments on your posts
    • Ask genuine questions to get to know your audience
  4. Build Relationships with “Mentor” Accounts
    • Mentor accounts: more successful and helpful Twitter users
    • Classify accounts into small (1,000-5,000), medium (5,000-10,000), and large (10,000+) categories
    • Learn from mentor accounts by asking questions
    • Use direct messages to build relationships

Here’s my guide to creating a professional Twitter profile:

The Bottom Line

To make money on Twitter, focus on adding value, being authentic, engaging regularly, and posting consistently.

Avoid hard-selling products and services.

Consider different monetization strategies, such as ghostwriting or affiliate marketing, and let me know which one you’ll try first in the comments section below.

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